The vaginal candidiasis is an infection by fungi of the family of the leavening that appears in one of each three women throughout its life. In some cases it shows to episodes appellants which really can get to be a daily nightmare. In normal cases the vaginal infection by fungi is not serious and often their physical implications are limited the symptoms, but it does not treat properly can bring majors complications to the organism. A vaginal candidiasis is quite annoying because it produces infection, reddening and inflammation in the vagina, which makes that the weaves are debilitated easily and, when rascar itself or have sexual relations take place cut that if they are not handled of correct way can to turn into ulcerations. A vaginal infection by fungi that do not control themselves in time affects our daily life because it presents/displays pain when tinkling, walking or to have sexual relations.

When it is the first time that takes place, or certainty of what is not had it causes the infection, is necessary to resort to the gynecologist to obtain accurate diagnosis of the disease because the vaginal infections, some times are caused by other types of bacteria different from the candida. Initially the doctor will make a physical examination him to determine if it is an infection by fungi. In some cases he is realised to take a sample from vaginal secretion, to which a chemical reagent is added to him to examine in the microscope and to determine if there is an excessive growth of leavening. There are many antimicticos medecines, that can be bought in any pharmacy without medical prescription. These medecines can cure the infection when it is not appellant, everything depends on how the body assimilates the medicine. Nevertheless, he is advisable to try natural products like the aloe side The bush of sbila (aloe side) to be very used for a long time, in the treatment of acne, burns, blows, esquinces, (more than 80 diseases). It contains antimictico effect that prevents the reproduction of fungi, he is not therefore strange that if it is used by half of a method scientifically verified, the candidiasis cures and at the same time it allows the fast sanacin of the small ulcerations that the infection produces.