This task was to give an opinion on a topic and send you our opinion in writing, all through the platform. He then sent us corrections, one day before class, i.e. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. Fridays, and there we could see which errors could have committed and the recommendations of the teacher to correct them. These messages and comments were viewed by all students. One of the tasks that gave us the platform was the write a short script. For this reason the US formed in pairs, each of which should create and write a story. Naturally, in this case, with the exception of the Professor, no couple could see what was writing another. The story I did I had to write it with Adriana, who already had spent four years learning German at the Goethe and pronounced it so well and so fluid, that I believed that he had already been in Germany, but when asked about it he told me that not and that everything he had learned at the Institute.

Some of the other students had not reached even that good level of knowledge and noticed them, especially when they had to express themselves in German. The best story was chosen by the vote of the students and we deal with the second place. The first occupied Johanny, who came from Pozuzo, former colony of German in the middle of the Peruvian jungle immigrants, and Freddy. In the breaks we were going to the Cafeteria which had an outdoor terrace and where we sat in groups talking, while we drank coffee and ate snacks. The facilities of the Institute were comfortable. Much of the furniture had been brought directly from Germany. He also had an auditorium where you could watch movies in German, listen to conferences, see Theatre, and also artistic groups some of whom were Germans. Finally, at the end of the course, after receiving our certificate, I noticed that my German had improved and that he had gained in knowledge.