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How can Facebook help you grow your business? In our days, it is essential to see ourselves as a means of communication, i.e. For more information see this site: Larry Ellison. not auto confine ourselves to our website and stop counting. Lol In that sense Facebook, can be an essential tool for the distribution of your content and for establishing relationships with your potential customers, and of course being a source of generation of segmented and qualified traffic, which is what I’m going to talk mainly in this article. We talk a little bit before the predisposition and attitude of a visitor. As we all know, there are various forms of traffic generation then consider the following situation: A visitor of first arriving to your site through any search engine because he entered a keyword. It is likely that this person comes to your site with a not attitude, in the sense that gives him equals whom thou, art does not have no tendency to value yourself or anything like that. Already on your site, your work is to begin to encourage and motivate to that person, find a way of fidelizarla and thus finally establishing a relationship with the / the.

Now let’s look at a second situation: A visitor’s first time it reaches your site by recommendation from a friend. This case is different because the friend of this person has transferred you trust and credibility which enjoys before your friend (your visitors) and has told you that you’re good, or in this case that your site is it. What happens then is that the person arrives with another attitude, comes with more expectation, with more openness as to pay more attention to everything that happens on your site, as a result, your work on establishing relationships with this new person will be much easier, because now they have interceded for you. This concept is very powerful. .