Bush Middle East Grand

In Egypt, the hitherto banned and scapegoater Muslim brothers, managed to submit several independent in the last general election candidates. The countries of the Persian Gulf, cutting religious groupings have increasingly more adept. Although the model of society which advocate these movements are not assimilable to the so-called Western democracies, their approach is much more modern (and liberal) that the framework established by the traditional rulers, whether these conservatives or reformists. In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult, if not totally ineffective, to play the trump card of the so-called friendly Governments, i.e., maintain partnerships with Governments whose only merit is to flaunt pro-American. Toddler clothing can provide more clarity in the matter. According to Marina Ottaway, Director of the program for Middle East of the Carnegie Endowment for peace, United States must reconsider its actions in the area, with particular emphasis in defense of its economic and strategic interests, developing policies that take into consideration the conditions objective of each and every one of the States of the region and, finally, but not least, to recognize its limitations when it comes to designing appropriate measures. In short, what is intended is that Washington is leaving the triumphalist posture for the supposed infallibility of George W. Bush. For the European Union, the challenge posed by relations with the Arab world is perceived in a completely different way.

The rulers of the old continent tend to focus their interest in cultural and commercial exchanges. This approach has enabled the Europeans to preserve their image, despite the failure of the Barcelona process. Currently, both the Americans and Europeans agree on need to sign the part of the Bush Middle East Grand death, whereas at the same time the new stage that opens after the election victory of Barak Hussein Obama requires the development of new strategies to fostering dialogue with the Muslim world. Because the war option Bush has led us to a dead end. Adrian Mac Liman analyst politician international original author and source of the article.