Bremen Comkopie Group

“Notice Comkopie event on 10 & 11 March 2010 in the Bremen Weser Stadium: on 10 and 11 March 2010 is the VIP area of the Bremen Weser Stadium to a market of opportunities”: the Bremer Comkopie group is at a free event the latest trends and information about digital printing, copying, processing and efficiency solutions for the Office, including news from CeBit in Hannover, Germany. There are devices that can print, copy, scan and fax in many companies today. But the ways to become more efficient and to avoid paper, hardly anyone uses”, as Bernd flock, head of sales of Comkopie. For example, by the incoming mail is scanned and automatically distributed via E-Mail. New also exists for service providers such as printing and advertising agencies. About ready-made packaging, personalization can be printed. “Flock: This allows new products and incentives for the direct marketing”.

Added: colored print is always cheaper and more environmentally friendly. On the Marketplace of opportunities”a printer shows this with solid ink” (SolidInk) works and allows color prints from a cents per print. Who is in the marketplace of opportunities”wants to participate in the March, can register already now informally by E-Mail under. Details on the event are available on the Internet from mid February 2010 under in the news section”available. Company: the Bremen Comkopie Group sells waiting beneath other digital printing systems of from well-known manufacturers and complete output solutions designed for the SME sector, industry, associations and authorities. The company employs more than 30 people in the region and serves over 4,000 installed systems in North West Germany. For more information or images, can you contact: COMKOPIE – contact person: Bernd flock – Linzer Strasse 6 28395 Bremen phone (0421) 20 12 611 fax (0421) 20 12 630 E-Mail: