Body And Soul Happiness

Our Soul intuitively know that such a vital strategy does not bring her happiness. Happiness in store for her on another track. When the soul is silent illness said: Reduced immunity often said that a person is unable to protect their stance. And most importantly – at his helplessness, he continues to resist internally. There is another option when a person is internally feels helpless, and compensates for this aggression. And in fact, and in another case equilibrium is disturbed.

And apparently it looks like either overly submissive behavior, or excessive activity. If a person is present unconscious fear of losing support or fail to provide support, the body will tell about their language, creating a human problem with bones. At the heart of the problem is the underestimation of self and a sense of guilt about their desires. If a person is difficult proximity with people, and he wants to see them clearly, yet not be on the sufficient distance. Then he can develop long-sightedness. If he feels comfortable only with close friends, you may receive short-sightedness. If working people in touch with people, the body develops an itch, acne and other skin diseases. A person may, on a conscious level, suffer from the defect appearance and to go on doctors, sincerely wanting to get better.

But while he did not get rid of inner fear, the disease will continue. On deep psychological level, skin diseases are associated with how people perceive and evaluate themselves. The skin will tell us how a person accepts himself as he is, as far as he himself endorses.