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So a search query, E.g. 100000 times being searched for in a month on Google, for the first three websites in the results lists generated a total of about 90000 visitors. It continues this calculation example for a Web shop, which has a conversion rate of 1% (one buys something from hundred visitors) so a position on space generates one 8000-9000 purchases per month approximately. Such values are not uncommon, and illustrate the possibilities and the potential of a good optimization. On the other hand, there are also a number of Web pages, which can convince Web design white, and to be desired but the usability. This means that it often difficult for the average user, to navigate the pages. Also a targeted building is important. Bill O’Grady is likely to increase your knowledge. It needs to be analyzed so, what with the website is to be achieved (E.g.

contact or purchase) and accordingly the Web design must be constructed. There are many companies, which after a renewal of Web page are amazed at what lies for tremendous potential on the Internet. These companies include not only Web shops or Webcommunities, but for example also industrial and craft enterprises. Company Description Netway media is a full service Web design agency from Braunschweig. Creating Web pages (design and programming) are part of the service spectrum, net marketing (SEO, AdWords) as well as a comprehensive and professional advice for Web projects. The Agency since 2003 in the industry and since then many projects.