Billet Products For The Winter

So it has historically, that in our country the existence of two types of national entertainment – the war and the battle for the harvest with the harvest. All segments of the population pot pickles and jam, because in every home in bulk delicacies made to suit every taste. Although the acute need for this if not, because it stores a year full of fresh or canned fruits and vegetables, however, every woman without fail pripaset couple of jars jam, zealous owner – pickles and mushroom – salted mushrooms, collected his own hands. In the villages of the same piece for the winter come with scale. The abundance of stores indicates prosperity and wealth. What to do, it's a tradition. Our ancestors have since time immemorial were able to save crops and diversify your diet salted and pickled vegetables.

In Russian chronicles dating from V century after Christ, found mention of the old recipes. And the present methods of preservation have been scientifically argued in the 19 th century French chemist Louis Pasteur, who discovered yeast and molds. With the development of civilization means preservation were further developed and became more sophisticated, but sauerkraut, pickles and mushrooms were pets in every home. But in a home-made is important not only to adhere to established rules and do everything in accordance with the scientific point of view. Naturally, to have theoretical and practical skills necessary, but most importantly have proven favorite recipes, and invest in them except the herbs and spices of your own soul.