Big Bundesliga Tip Game

Excitement, fun and attractive prices are guaranteed the start of the Bundesliga is soon coming. Bayern successfully defended their title, qualified the HSV with JOL for the UefCup or must fear again relegation Cottbus? Questions about questions that are answered at the end of our pool. organizes a predictor of the extra class to the Bundesliga season for this reason for its community members. A participation is worthwhile. In addition to the excitement and fun especially attractive prizes with a total value of more than 3,000 euros waiting for the winner. The participation of the Predictor on Fussi24 is of course free of charge. The drain of the pool is very simple.

The entire Bundesliga season, the first half and the second half must be typed. This means that each student will have three chances to win. Our bonus tips, such as who will master, who secures the autumn Championship, which team will score the most goals, which team conceded the most goals, “sweeten the tap throughout the season and keep the tip game until the end Open. Our valuation mode is transparent and simple (the right winning a game brings 1 point, the right goal difference 2 points and the right result 3 points). Log on football anyone under can be fussistipp.php attractive prizes, such as a laptop or a gaming PC worth 1,000 euros, an Apple iPhone mobile phone, a Nintendo Wii, participants have the chance to win sports, a Sony PSP, jerseys, a Nintendo DS, an XBOX360, an iPod nano, various betting vouchers and much more.

In addition to the Predictor, Fussi24 offers more extensive highlights. Games are all Bundesliga by the Fussi24 team of experts”analysed and 3-4 days prior to the game predicted (result of tip, percentage probability of 1 X 2 and percentage likelihood for under / over bets). See more detailed opinions by reading what David Rogier offers on the topic.. In the forecast area, all predictions to the biggest European leagues are finding so that tip friends can pick up evidence of your own tips in this area. The Fussi24 Forum offers fabric”for hot discussions and records from the top poster with regular small prizes.