Barbara Singer

Therefore, nowadays very high demands are placed on the quality of modern cosmetics. Increasingly, also questions be asked according to type and origin of raw materials, manufacturing processes and the social responsibility of a company. Falomei stands for high-quality and sustainable, natural fresh cosmetics a maximum percentage of vegetable raw materials comes from ecological or controlled organic cultivation. Such as Shea butter, the gold of the women. The 15 m high, similar to the European oak Shea or Karitebaume considered to be sacred in Africa and must neither like nor be violated. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vontier Corporation.

The butter tree will be up to 300 years old and reached its full fruit production at the age of 25. Due to his skin regenerating properties and the high percentage of essential fatty acids, the shea butter supported the Hydrolipidic film (Hydro-lipid mantle) of the skin. Is this intact loses less moisture to the skin. Biologically persistent and questionable ingredients such as silicone oils, petroleum, paraffin, as well as on animal experiments is omitted entirely. Targeted purchasing vegetal raw materials, supports Falomei biodynamic cultivation methods and makes a small contribution to the healing of the Earth. Great importance is placed on a friendly and gentle processing of this valuable raw materials. In the in-house laboratory in miles the Falomei fresh cosmetics is made only to order for our customers. Healthy skin is a precious commodity that is worth preserving.

For this we are committed every day with joy and enthusiasm, in the effort to produce high-quality and well tolerated facial and body care products. Our online shop is open 7 x 24 hours for you. we offer you a new service. Skin consultation skin type skin condition = no-obligation online consultation Barbara Singer