Australians Refrigerators

In the age contemporary, it can be said that the primitive domestic refrigerators had appeared for the first time in the United States, in 1850. They nothing more were of what a lined wooden slate closet on the inside. In the winter, the ice blocks were cut of the rivers and frozen and stored lakes in these refrigerators. However, it was only in 1910 that refrigerators had started to take the form we know as them currently. At this time, the electricity started to play a basic role in the beginning of the conservation of the temperature in the interior of the refrigerator, as well as freon, a not toxic composition and fire resistant gift today in refrigerator and devices of conditional air.

Some, however, prefer the version of that the first refrigerator had its invention caused for the beer. Tired to take the hot product or in the maximum in ambient temperature, Australians, in 1856, had also contracted the Australian James Herrison to elaborate a system that cooled and kept the temperature of the product low, using the beginning of the vapor compression. But this version is not supported, when it takes yourself in account that the inventors would be Australian and not Brazilian, who are the consuming greaters of beer of the world, and with certainty they inventory any thing pra to keep the product in the ideal temperature, that is, pra to keep ' ' Blond Gelada' '! But this is not the case, Australians, Americans, English, Japanese, that is, who has invented the refrigerator, this there was of far the idea most shining of the millenium. The refrigerator fascinated the world and changed the routine in millions of modern homes. In 1927, ' ' General Eletric' ' , he launched a model that only vendeu of tacada, more than a million of refrigerators, becoming popular the product.