Steel angles. This it is the nominative case that of general way occurs to those Conformed of steel which they are constituted by two orthogonal plates forming an L. These elements have a very important utility in the manufacture of metallic carpentry like elements of bidimensional support, and because it has the same inertia in two axes, of such luck that can be determined on the one hand whereas the other fin contributes cross-sectional resistance. Essentially makes it of two ways: Lamination in the heat of the moment they are obtained through which one denominates processes of continuous casting and which they consist essentially of a device that distributes in different lines of manufacture Steel strained, this lines has matrices with it forms that are desired to make that they can to be channels profiles L, in T strap, section I standard profiles, etc, a very important element of this type of manufacture are the Alambrn de Acero which is not another thing that a metallic product that is obtained in the heat of the moment by a process of Lamination thanks to train especially designed for this effect, known like train of Lamination, another important product is the billet or Platina the same that is metal plates of lengths of 6m in Steel or another material their utility is very ample, usually usually makes in the definitive form from the Steel mill like a Steel product. molds of the continuous casting are cooled by water and allow the formation of long sections of steel Angles, the application of the same is essentially structural since due to the manufacture process it practically considers them isotropic and isothermal, and with a configuration of the constant material throughout its structure, the design techniques therefore can be applied without disadvantage (correction factors) to the structural design. Besides the conformed one previously described it is necessary to control the conditions of cooling so that the steel Angles it is ductile since a quenching can cause in an irregular hardening that is translated in fragility of steel product..