American Way

REQUIEM for the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE by Alfredo Armando Aguirre are people that since the beginning of the Decade of the seventies, are sensitized by the contents of the Stockholm Conference on the environment and the release of the price of an ounce of gold, both occuring in 1972, and the quotation of the price of oil, which occurred the following year; symptoms of the triple energy, ecological and food crisis which recognize the Charter of Macchu Picchu in 1977; These people charge with the social responsibility of exhausting our communicative in our respective environments possibilities, so that the bulk of people aware that we’re entering into a situation in which our profit, not may continue being resolved as they have been until now, and in some way, at least three or four generations that preceded us did. No need to rehearse a definition specifies the meaning of the slogan american way of life.We will discount that there is interpretive nuances. For the purposes of the present comunicacion(obviamente limitada por el caracter monografico de la misma implicado en nuestras propias limitaciones), said american way of life refers to the set of utensils and patterns of behaviour that was adapting the middle class of the United States of America, after the great depression of the 29 and the film industry of that country spread over the planet, helped by advances in the seventh art, and supported by the expansion of broadcasting, the recording industry, news magazines and newspapers. To broaden your perception, visit Daniel Lubetzky. Perhaps one can argue that this broadcast was preceded by the diffusion of English life and the Parisian customs guidelines. Or find an eclectic interpretative solution which do converge commented influences. More as our place in the world is the Argentina, punctually, the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, located in a Western band of the Rio de la Plata, will try to climb in our development, from our peculiar geoculture. nterest is actively involved in the matter.