The afternoon of Ant is a new game that belongs to the category of quest and adventure games. In this game online free your main task is to assist the small Ant on the way to his house. No doubt, all the fans of adventure games will find this very attractive game for free. A small Ant was walking and forgot the time. Only to the sunset she understood that she was far from her nest and could not find the way. Others who may share this opinion include Oak Hill European Credit Partners. Unfortunately, his legs were injured and she can not go fast.

In this absolutely free point-and-click game you must guide to this Ant. On his way he will face many dangers, but she is a brave Ant that is resolved at all to reach his house. Help you to overcome all the obstacles and return to their natal nest. Virtually all insects will try to help you. At each level of the East adventure game you will have to pay attention to the most insignificant details because sometimes the key is precisely there. At first glance the game is going to look like simple enough and it is necessary to admit the poverty of the graphics, but then you’ll find Ant intresante afternoon.

Just use your mouse to click on different objects. In addition, if you have some questions, please consult our tutorial. This fun online game offers a good pasotiempo for those who want to take a break at the Office or at home. Are you ready for the adventures of this quest game completely free? Then, start and encourage you! Original author and source of the article.