Aegean Sea

Arrival Greek aid, the emboldened Aristagoras was launched to attack achieving momentarily release the Persian presence zone. Darius, who at that time was in Persepolis, the Persian capital, flew into a rage and launched a separate offensive but long-range after six years of resistance, triumphed. Revenge of Darius was terrible. It burned the Greek cities, captured and killed its inhabitants and finally sold to the survivors as slaves. Dario not complied with that.

So he commissioned his nephew Artafernes start a wave of retaliation and boycotts to trade and how much Greek vessel is exacted to the Aegean Sea. The Persians had won the first game. It is here where they begin medical calls. The only ones alarmed with this situation seemed to be the Athenians. Themistocles, the remarkable Athenian general, wanted to convince his people on the need to build a powerful Navy because they were aware that at any given time, the course of action would be developed by sea. However, another great Greek man, MILTIADES, had a contrary view and believed that the fight should be by land, not by sea. While both are not ended agree, Darius, who wanted to punish Greece for their offenses, attacked. After destroying Eretria, embarked on the adventure of conquering Athens.

However, before he should rest his huge army in the Greek lands and did so near the current field of Marathon, where the fight ensued. The battle was uneven, but that does not amilano to the Greeks. Without unman, MILTIADES cleverly studied their enemy. He knew that his force rested in the cavalry and archers so that when both sides are sighted and Persian arrows covered the sky, the Greeks took advantage to break with their huge and heavy lances of combat the weak lines of Persian infantry. The attack managed to break the fence causing an impact so deep, that the Persians launched a crazed withdrawal towards their boats anchored in the nearby Aegean Sea.