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EUR followed in second place. For used semi detached property price averaged 47 offered objects EUR 450.000,-with each approximately 123 square feet of living space. Real estate agents in Munich-Aubing offered as 28 multi-family homes (MFH). The average values in real estate prices and the living area was 224 square meters and EUR 770.000,-. In addition, real estate agent in Munich-Aubing offered 59 plots with an average size of 987 square meters and a purchase price of approximately EUR 600.000,-. (2) the real estate prices for Munich-Aubing 2010 (the Expert Committee published the figures for 2011 expected in may 2012.): real estate agents and private individuals 101 used real estate, 253 newly built homes, 50 houses, 1 apartment and 2 commercial buildings conveyed In the Aubing district Munich. In assessing price, no specific prices for the Aubing district Munich Munich exist real estate agent Rainer Fischer, since different within the district There are qualities of the location.

The square meters for used homes in middle position cost about, for example, in the field of the year 1970-1989 EUR 2.375,-(average). The square meter price for condos in good residential areas in the year range from 1970-1989 cost about EUR 2.800,-. Real estate prices in Munich-Aubing for new objects were in medium-sized residential areas at about EUR 3.800,-per square meter and the price per square meter for new properties in good locations cost about EUR 4.350,-. (3) “Aubing is a district, which is popular due to its numerous residential areas especially for families. In the district’s Aubing an above average number of homes and condos offered”, says Rainer Fischer, owner of the eponymous real estate offices from the Red Cross square in Neuhausen.

Source: (1) Aubing from Wikipedia; (2) statistics programme of the IMV GmbH, evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate at the Red Cross, Munich; (3) values of real estate prices from the annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. The Information from this press article has been carefully researched, however, errors can happen. Therefore no liability is taken for the correctness of the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web: