Accounting Books

Upon such sense he is suitable ours to differentiate two different registries like they are the registry nico of contributors in charge of the Sunat and the other is the registry of jurdicas people in charge of the registry offices, slo consequently diferencindolos we can avoid confusions and as we can include/understand better the operation of the commerce. The retailers in some assumptions must take books of accounting as they are the registry of purchases, book of sales, greater book, daily book, box, among others, that is to say, obstructs the activity of the retailers, an in the case that this obligation is slo for the great companies, because an increases in price the activity of the same in the case that this information is important to make the financial statements.

The retailers who have workers must take books of lists of pays and wages, consequently are clear that as all the companies do not have workers it is clear that all does not have to take these books, thus is necessary to put record that must modify the Peruvian positive right to allow to major agility of the market that is where it is united the supply and the demand. Adems is necessary to put record that slo is in list the workers and not those that have celebrated a civil contract of locacin of services. Consequently it is suitable our propsitos to differentiate in form very clear these two concepts for as to be able to have a clear idea but of the subject study matter.