A Practical Guide To The Crisis

And once again return to the title. So: Title: 'Handbook of light' in capital letters below: A Practical Guide to the crisis Preface This handbook is not intended for electricians, he just does not contains information on the electrical circuits and similar components. Directory of Light is a manual for beginners businessmen, managers, executives. light word in the title implies a beam, and by whom, and solar light. The light of life.

The purpose of this handbook is to transfer the experience of a professional manager who has gone and knows it. By these words 'path' and 'knows' we'll come back, and while we wish you success in reading this book and application of acquired knowledge into practice. Why are all the same directory? After all, the text book. From the author: In the usual references specific data collected and arranged in order. Our task is to create a universal reference book on issue of concern to us. The text of the book each of you will find similar situation and will decide how to proceed.

Simply to say, we 'open door', and you decide which of them to enter. To tell you the total confidence that we have opened all possible door for us no obstacles exist. Please be advised that to go on the general path should not be. Each of you is a person unique. You build your own house and arranges his life. Know that you have Nobody can take away. Otherwise, we will talk to those ignorant that you put an obstacle. This book just is not an instrument of penetration of its path. This book can be a shield, but in no way an instrument.