Binding Process

Made of metal, plastic, cardboard, etc., for attaching to a product (eg, binding mechanisms and files); Applications of information and promotional material that is added to text part or finished product (pasted, taped). They vary greatly in shape and includes a graphical products (eg, pamphlets, , samples, etc.); jacket cover, which superimposed over the cover or covers of books and pamphlets. To date, dust jacket, used primarily for promotional purposes. To analyze the organization of treatment, it is useful to divide the process into separate operation. Each operation is different state of the material (blue) in accordance with the desired result of treatment. To name a single treatment is used in its own way, the terminology has its roots in past.

Rauzendorf proposed a classification Binding processes (Table 1). It can also be used for other finishing processes. It is based on such classification, so the content reflects mainly the production of hard binding and brochures. Table 1: Overall classification of the Binding Process At sites of processing produced the following operations: Cutting-rolled coils and sheets of paper rolls or sheets cut to size, which is needed for further processing. Folding sheets or a set of sheets rebate once or several times, the connection is folded sheets or sets of sheets produced by fold. Notebooks Notebooks Processing Processing includes all operations for processing them at the site compound sheets and workbooks. Preparation for further processing operations division or the formation produced at semi-finished products, to prepare the treatment processes: punching the punch line for separation, sizing, or bending of the edges, punching operations for the exact connection, scoring, grooving, fixing rounding the spine.


After all, managers within companies think about their products day and night. And consumers? Consumers in the best If only glanced. Second! Now imagine that you are at that moment want to bring … advertisement should have time to catch the view, to persuade or to provoke a reading go to the site, remember the url, or at least interested in your brand. In these circumstances, the company desperately needs someone who is not bound by corporate bonds and stereotypes, who can look at the product and advertising through the eyes of the consumer. For even more details, read what Nomura says on the issue. But the original ideas are not always needed, especially in my favorite small and medium businesses, as field there is not plowed! The creative idea – this is not always original. In most cases – a new combination of various previously known characteristics.

And also to understand that properly built pr, promo or advertising – it is not a one-time tactical tool, but the strategy is not a single point of impact, but a few. Low-cost marketing solution can bring a certain number of funds that are immediately necessary to include in the costs of its strategy and continue to "seek and to bomb" with small breaks in the digestion of the target audience. Find ideas and solutions are not always simple, but creative always pays off. Indeed, the difference between creative advertising from nekreativnoy? Ceteris paribus first gives you many times more effective. I agree with John Rose, all opposed to the idea. They are not judged by size, and rarity, purity and effect, and that good ideas were more of those sites need to share success and to participate in profit distribution brand. How effective marketing solution? I think the main aspects should be as follows: That which is engaged in dialogue with the audience on an equal footing, rather than vtyuhivaet and sells; The one that brings in a cost-effective product, commodity, service, idea, emotion or benefits into the hands of end users (in the ideal of hands close to him or become close to him man) And the one that will stand out from the standard gray mass obschepopulyarnyh strategies and tactics (creativity). In the opposite case – a meaningless expenditure budgets or will damage to the advertised goods, services, brands or companies.


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