Wellbeing bath Bulmare in Burglengenfeld extended massages / personalize BURGLENGENFELD possible, 08 January 2010. How about a short trip to Hawaii for just 85 euro? How about lots and lots of chocolate, without gaining weight even one gram? makes possible the massage team of the well-being feeling bath Bulmare in Burglengenfeld that now has significantly expanded its range of soothing and relaxing massages. Lomi Lomi Nui”sounds exotic and means 90 minutes of deep relaxation. The Bulmare has inspired by traditional massage techniques from Hawaiian temples. Much oil and recurrent, large-area massage techniques release blockages and activate the energy flow. As relaxing as a short trip to Hawaii. The sweet alternative for chocolate fans, some also say the sweetest temptation, since there are massages: the chocolate massage brings harmony for the stressed nerves and new strength for the cardio vascular system. A body warm mixture of chocolate and almond oil is massaged gently and so the skin stimulates the regeneration.

Also new in the Bulmare are various wellness facial treatments. They last between 60 to 120 minutes and are all performed with Aloe-Vera-natural cosmetic products. So this is cleansing, exfoliation and massage an intense relaxation treatment for the face at the same time as a whole. The massage team of the Bulmare accommodated individual requests. During a relaxing footbath, a personal recovery program is compiled from aroma, gem – and sound massage and Reiki and Angels energy work.

Gruber House Exhibition –

Building physicist Dipl. ing. Walter Leiler, TLB “comfortable living” in a wooden house is presenting the lecture for all interested free! While the essential addressed points around the energy performance certificate and related promotions! “Is linked to the themes of”slim components”,”Heating”and”Insulation”as a special guest is Mr. Dipl.-ing the 3.10.09 at 11 o’clock on Saturday. Lakra, TLB the professional lecture comfortable living” awaits! In this presentation addressed the following points: most important information of a certification for the homeowner development of the promotion of relevant indicators and their impact on the used components surfaces profit through the use of lean parts heating demand, heating energy requirement, components influencing factors? Insulation: How to achieve a perfect, comfortable ambiance? Analysis of important criteria such as temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and summer heat protection Zwtl: quality must remain affordable in the model home park in Purkersdorf seven houses and garden houses built on! Take the opportunity to look at in a relaxed atmosphere of dream homes! On the occasion of the in-house exhibition, we offer a complete solution for the allotment for the first time! The House of premium”with 50 m of built-up area including excavation, Foundation plate, sanitary and electrical installations costs only 149.900!. Detailed information under garden houses /… Zwtl: House trade fair weekend at Gruber Haus in-house exhibition will take place from 2.10 Friday 9 am 6 pm to 3.

New: Visitsection – The Search Engine For Care

Visitsection GmbH, In the sources went online a free Internet search engine for services 11, 25479 Ellerau with Visitum.de on 01 January around the old people’s and nursing. Among other things, the portal enables a simple search for free care places. Currently, detail information is already available from over 32,000 suppliers from throughout the country. Anyone looking for a free seat in a retirement or nursing home for yourself or a family member, need plenty of time and patience, and usually also a durable phone budget. Still a device is desired, that covers a specific clinical picture, the search often becomes the painstaking hard work. So far no help was to get himself on the Internet.

Now, this gap is filled with Visitum.de. In early January the new care information portal went online. It offers a structured search free for provider from the area of the old, sick and disabled care. The extensive database, which is stored with the portal already includes details about 32,000 companies from the entire Federal territory. Be searched can according to various criteria such as disease, away from the place of residence or type of institution. Of course also the possibility to combine individual search criteria, and so, for example, to search for all outpatient services within a certain radius or to all nursing homes with specialization on Dementenpflege “, Jurgen Bauer, says responsible for marketing & public work at Visitsection.

The complete range of maintenance services, as represented, for example, elderly and nursing, mobile services, assisted living, or respite care, is on Visitsection. The individual providers represented with the most important contact details that are free and unlimited can complement any company information to forms of care and disease patterns. About Google maps, a first look at the facility can be thrown also card Planner or satellite image. This basic data can also extend the care provider. The range of possibilities is large: photos of set up, link to your own Web site, presentation the internal contact, individually formulated texts, the appearance of quality marks and certificates, and much more can be set. These additional data are available for providers for a fee. Just and competent to represent the best possible care performance in its vicinity the Pflegesuchenden, Visitum.de will receive more functionality and information masks this year”, says Jurgen Bauer. As examples, he calls the shelf of interesting hits in my Visitsection”or a cost calculator. With this, the prices of accommodation in care or nursing homes can be determined transparent and understandable. The Visitsection calculator will bring clarity to the often somewhat confusing pricing”, Gabriele stresses Lenz, so that the consumer already before know what he must pay later.’ The care experts and case advised technical manager from the district Waiblingen Visitsection in the development of the portal. Press contact: Visitsection GmbH, Jurgen Bauer, marketing & public work, mobile 0170 5622655, E-Mail about Visitsection: the idea for was born in the year of 2006. Then a group of care specialists, relatives of nursing needy and entrepreneurs with the aim of uniting is to optimize the communication between care providers and care seeking. After about two years preparation and development time, succeeded in achieving the ambitious goals of the project. Since January 2010, is now online with a database of over 32,000 suppliers from all areas of care. As a company, the makers of the portal have founded the Visitsection GmbH in October 2008. Registered office of the company is Ellerau near Hamburg.

High Gasoline Prices

Thousands of people are enthusiastic customer and take advantage of this service! September 2009 was the start of the company money. Many have been the companies very critical. There were many challenges, many critical voices. The owner of the company Mr Stanislav Bergo has prevailed now through hard work. The critical voices are always less.

The number of satisfied customers is growing every day. Why go: Mr Bergo offers a way for many people. Vouchers to the value of 80,-to obtain 66,-. Gift vouchers are available for many gas stations and chain stores in Germany and Austria. It sounds incredible. Critical questions because the vouchers for gas station chains. The private leaseholders of gas stations must be a very low margin satisfied me. Whence comes this high “discount”.

This is Mr Bergos solely and exclusively to the company. These coupons are like cash. The tenants of the petrol station receives the full price. The customer receives just to up to 14,-more on be Money! A business model that is second to none.

Definition Of Fashion And Style Worlds

Stylight enables for the first time through many online stores across fashion items to search for it and browse Stylight.de – more than just a fashion Portal Stylight allows for the first time through many online stores across fashion items to search for it and browse. Thus, you can find also the fashion of the stars cheaper, compare articles, and discover matching accessories! Own technology creates automatically to recognize cut, color, and pattern of a fashion article, and to include in the search. All trademarks on a Web site – eliminates annoying browsing through different pages of the shop. Stylight is the Central fashion portal on the Internet! Visual search article appropriate articles with the same cut, color or pattern, and in addition to appear on the user. This allows it to process the information much faster and intuitive and rummage through the offer. The user can also for the first time images of stars or to enter itself as a template in the search and search this way after similar outfits, related articles. This allows a new and unique Shopping experience. The quality of search results is the Stylight more than 65,000 articles database already includes in the first place.

These were catalogued and offer the customers the option to find all of its brands on a portal now. By the definition of fashion and style worlds, as well as the personalization of search relevant results are available quickly and efficiently for him the user. The classic search by search term may result in a three ways of searching the user use. These are presented in the results visually prepared according to his search input. Another option provides the Visual search. After input of own photos, but photos of stars, the customer can discover similar products and matching accessories. But also the Browse, which belongs to a purchase, is possible.

Other articles the user presented according to his sex on the home page of Stylight The user will be redirected by clicking on an article and can now browse through similar articles, or on the home page new products but choose to follow up on this. Stylight.de starting in October will be the fashion Portal Stylight under the domain. Now user can register to obtain current information about Stylight and to be informed as first about the launch of Stylight. The four founders of Anselm Bauer (24), Max-Josef Meier (23), Sebastian Schuon (23), and Benjamin Gunther (24) put the team behind Stylight behind Stylight. You got to during the joint postgraduate studies technology management”in the elite network of Bavaria know. Consult technical (computer science, computer science, electrical engineering) as well as economic (business studies, Economics) courses, in the domestic (LMU Munich and TU Munich) as well as abroad (Stanford, UC Berkeley, Columbia).

Director Test

A website optimized for Netbooks provides the number of visitors. Therefore, software & friends GmbH the analysis and optimization of NetBook sites offered SF. Does your existing website on a NetBook? Visible is important at first glance? In this regard, the NetBook test gives accurate answers. Interested parties can use this at SF software & friends GmbH undergo to validate the suitability of their site for NetBook displays. The test provides transparency to identify and eliminate defects. The need for the optimization of websites for Netbooks stems from the development of the mini-notebooks to a mega-trend in the global PC market. According to Gartner a leading research and consulting firm is this device class currently the most important market driver at all, because the mobile computer by the compact size and the low price points.

Despite the economic crisis further increase sales compared to other mobile PCs. Share of sold Netbooks to mobile PCs in Germany (From July 2008 to July 2009) New to Netbooks is that they, in contrast to the Smartphones, not only the target group of business people, but also of the private individuals operate. According to SCHMIDT, Director of marketing at ASUS computer, Netbooks are directed by the pupils and students of the consumer to all users of the digital age to the top manager. Netbooks are the first choice for those who place high value on mobility and local use. The latest findings to present topics, such as E.g.

the current cinema program, timetable information, product and company information, stock quotes, or emails, always deliver to the mobile information society. These location based services (location based services – LBS) are of interest to each service provider. Netbooks offer many possibilities for the use of the online world. In addition to the wide range to form social networks, such as surfing, emails sent or chat, online-shopping, photo – and video-visit calls over Internet are very popular. At the Additional considerations, relating to technology, layout, and content are realizing a NetBook website. For the media industry and for providers of websites this means an adjustment to the small notebooks to meet the needs of their customers. The NetBook test is helpful by SF software & friends GmbH. It includes 30 test steps. When performing the test, three to four relevant pages of the website are examined to get a realistic end result. A very good NetBook compatibility is certified in full score. Lower scores indicate defects on request with professional measures of SF, software & friends GmbH can be resolved. On your way to the perfect NetBook Web site we offer you the test of the NetBook and a subsequent consultation. If you are interested, we will support you actively in implementing an optimized NetBook Web site technical and editorial.