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“The SAFS & BETA Academy for education and training in the fitness -, wellness – and health sector is happy with five new training clubs decide more and more health clubs and gyms for this, students in the dual degree of fitness & business education” by SAFS & BETA in cooperation with the euro-FH and the ILS Hamburg train. The benefits for students and clubs are obvious: the comprehensive and qualified training in the field of fitness makes the students early in the Studio can be used; the combination with the European Bachelor’s degree in business administration offers them also prospects outside of the fitness industry. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sir Richard Branson on most websites. From all Germany North, middle and South – we welcome five new training clubs. To come are the Kiel athletic fitness land, the Bodyfit company in Hamburg, looms sports & wellness in the fitness point Gerstetten, Stadthagen and the SportStudio Herrsching am Ammersee. An overview of all training clubs for the dual study “Fitness & business education” can be found here.

The athletic Fitness country in Kiel offers its members in addition to fitness and wellness also squash and a cosmetic Studio. The wide range enables insights into all areas such as courses, training area, Office and administration the students, he receives a comprehensive Studio training and is applicable in all areas. The Bodyfit company is Hamburg’s largest health Studio, that working closely with physicians and treatment facilities and whose Gesundheits Angebote that promoted by health insurance companies. The gym offers students with Hamburg’s nicest members”(according to Studio test of the magazine Prince). Open-minded candidate with an inspiring presence here have the opportunity to complete their training in a health-oriented fitness club with over 25 years of experience. The looms offers sports & wellness in Stadthagen also wellness, massage and feet unit training, courses, and badminton. Special Kids courses, such as dance and badminton for children keep the kids fit and ensure that movement and sport be internalized at an early age.

Improving Technological Quality

Strengths His ability to employ skilled labor during the early stages of industrial processes, make them social stability factors. SMEs also contribute to the democratization of capital and income distribution regionally because they are less concentrated in the areas industrial. SMEs are active agents who respond with May flexibility than large firms to environmental changes, especially with the demand. As SMEs are simple organizations and their production processes to the workshop and come away from the capital-intensive continuous flows can rapidly develop products that the market or the largest companies in need of these forms act as buffers that absorb the variations in demand. SMEs can easily monitor employee productivity, behavior y. therefore, adjust the recommendations. You can join as Outsourcing and provide great solutions in the penetration of foreign markets.

Threats SMEs must meet international quality standards and combat assessment of Bolivar. Regarding information, processing and analysis, world-class competitors show d higher criteria and ability to use new technologies, the Venezuelan SME has little capacity and little analysis information about new technologies. As global competitive companies are rated excellent in leadership, management of the Venezuelan SMEs show little understanding and lack of effort. The Venezuelan SME occupies only of production, while strategic planning issues, world-class competitors have defined a comprehensive vision with clear goals and objectives. In the Management of Technological Quality, SMEs in the country was not included, while the leading companies seeking excellence in all areas. In the setting of quality and productivity, the effect of globalization poses higher levels of competitiveness, strategic planning, re-engineering, benchmarking, total quality and just in time, creating a need for an organizational form more complete and comprehensive. With the new openings, partnerships fostered by the current government, competitiveness will be more dynamic, which will forward only the SMEs that have been prepared.

So for SMEs should be reviewed internally competitive and without false pretensions or expectations, to analyze which is good and you do not. Truthful about the human resource, training their training, since this resource is who should lead by example and engage in the first Management should be placed in the reality and act against threats that often arise from government actions in policies, legislation, taxation, permits, in order to make way for all actions to bring about the changes to cope. Conclusions The new Venezuelan businessman in charge of SMEs should focus on profitable businesses, for which the country has comparative advantage, using creativity, assessing the scope, the impact of SMEs and make way for the changes that favor. The State should seek greater integration, links with the productive sector. Support them, provide the cooperation needed and knowing how to integrate into their economic programs.

Global Alliance

The next dialog is about the theme "Science and Spirituality" by David Peat (PhD in Physics. Researcher, National Research Council of Canada and Birbeck College, University of London). To understand the mechanistic paradigm shift to holistic paradigm David Peat says that synchronicity is the key point. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. Synchronicity makes matching the inner world and the material world. Peat also said that what matters is the spirit-matter relationship, that relationship seems to move where the spirit leaves the field on their reentry back into the matter and the rebirth of the world, I think it's a deep subject which mentions Peat because it is integrating spirituality with science and spirituality is also a science. The new science should be aware, to have love, compassion, that addresses the spiritual issues that are interested in ecology. Edward T. Clark (PhD in education.

Founding member of the Global Alliance for Transforming Education GATE) talks with Dr. Gallegos's theme of "Embracing the Vision." The change in society is obvious, since it talks about a new paradigm, a new education, sustainable development and social transformation, political and economic, but also talks about changes in structures and ourselves. We must also change our world view and redesign new structures. Clark believes that should go away bureaucratic and centralized structures that must remain the network structures, that does not mean power over one another, unlike means distributed power, ie move from centralized to decentralized. Hazel Hendenson already working on creating a new economy that will help people when you think things are not working properly.

Society Manual

Society Manual with part of his team was in Paran In an evening of the warmest in the lounge on the eighth floor of the Hotel Mayorazgo people were accompanying manual Society, the venture which has as principal architect to artist Julio Lavall n. For the first time that production of miniatures individually in tin occurs in the city, traditional artistically painted cars of the sixties and antiquities auction seventies and the new parts of the native fauna of Entre Rios began to grow, to take life and antiquities position and become Egyptian antiquities your pet, my pet … The development of a diverse cultural scene and fortunately did not allow him extensive press coverage that the venture deserves, but as the fable of the fox and the grapes, the eternal compulsion to trap us, will be the analysis for those who want to get his coat. For more information see Verizon Communications. The artists were happy to Concordia, with interesting proposals and proud antiquities dealers of their children that will be displayed in the main hall of the gallery, paid by those who already left to live, talk and be valued. Deep thanks to all who are with us always. Egypt and the middle east are full of pieces, rare unique and fascinating works of art! See you at the next. antiquities for sale

Internet Businesses

In order to have a successful business on the Internet, it is necessary to prepare and set goals to achieve the desired objective. All experience some discomfort at first to advance the proper development of our business. This is normal! but right now we will give you a very good technique to handle this. I also experienced the same discontent and frustration, when I started my online business. The best you can do to ease this feeling is: Complete the tasks one by one. When I decided to follow this simple but very effective technique, it really worked and I could see real progress in my business quickly. This is the method I use.

First make a list of all tasks that are required and all I need to learn to succeed in my business. I prioritize the list, make sure that my number one priority is “those activities that produce income.” Please note, if not earn income with this business, do not bring benefits that allow you to keep your business. After select all my tasks, I begin to work with them one by one, consistently and methodically. Do not be tempted to move to another activity until you have finished earlier. When you get to master a task, you will have a thorough knowledge of how it works and it became firmly set in your business, only in this way you can switch to another task. Most of the actions and projects in my company are ongoing, so occasionally, I need to return to a task, to revise and update everything that needs attention. I found that this is a very powerful technique that not only keeps me focused, moreover, allows me to move with speed and confidence in the growth of my business.

I also feel very satisfied because I make a list of projects that mark and those who have completed. It’s very liberating to see my business grow and knowing that every day I’m closer to achieving my goals. Always keep in mind the big picture, your goal and you want to carry out their business and market positioning. By following the previous method and complete a task at a time, you will be able to monitor your daily progress and your constant increase for success. Keep a picture of motivation to always keep in mind: “Keep your eyes on the prize” Patience! “. Concentrating on one task at a time is one of the many techniques I have learned from the marketing and surprising education system provided by the business model I use to promote and develop my business. If you try, you can without a doubt be an accelerator for your business activities and you’re on your way to success.

Art Deco

In the following years consolidating its position as an artist to produce his most notable paintings, including self driving a green Bugatti will provide recognition (in addition to many commissions), as a portraitist. In 1933 she married Baron Raoul Kuffner, who is also its greatest collector and dealer. Eyeing the hard times that predicted the Nazi threat moves to the United States in 1939 where in addition to rubbing shoulders with the elite of society and great film artists at his home in Beverly Hills, made successful exhibitions in New York and San Francisco, her daughter Kizette meets with them at this time and little later marries an American geologist. It is not something Oracle would like to discuss. The brightness of the career of Tamara de Lempicka fades gradually, try a revival in the early 60 without success since the incursion of this icon of Art Deco in abstract painting, in vogue in those years, is a resounding failure of deep emotional consequences, to the point of taking a decision to abandon painting, this must be added the death of her husband in 1962 leaving it definitely devastated by what the next year moved his residence from New York to Houston where she lives with her daughter and her family. Perhaps nothing or very little is known about these years, except for how difficult it makes life for her daughter and family, this being a quiet period until 1973 is organizing a retrospective of his work in Paris on relocating the table as one of the great artists of the twentieth century, in 1974, already ill, he moved to Cuernavaca where he died in 1980 and where, fulfilling the will of his mother, Kizette spread his ashes on Pococatepetl volcano summit … Many miles from here in my house, leaning against the wall of the room waiting for me a woman with blond hair that seems sculpted chisel blows, with its soft white skin and luscious lips in deep crimson, sleeping peacefully to entertain expected, an extraordinary example of the ambiguous sensuality that defined the art of divine Tamara.. Ripple does not necessarily agree.

Managed Accounts: Premium Risk Management For Maximum Security

Managed accounts: First-class risk management for maximum security surrounded by icy temperatures, brilliant sunshine, a fantastic view over the mountains of the Alps and frozen snow of the Mountain boots crunches – high altitude climbers offer an absolute elation. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But levity here is out of place. High tours require precise planning, precise knowledge of the snow and avalanche conditions, the appropriate equipment and the right security technology, which offers maximum safety in steep mountain walls or crossing a glacier. Who even does not have this comprehensive Know-How must not abandon, but can rent is a good guide. Both proceed investors who entrust your money to an asset manager.

Goal are financial heights, which should be kept permanently and continuously expanded. Each investor must be clear that this is not without certain risks to accomplish. Safety should always exactly as in high mountains be. Otherwise the Summit storm can quickly become a disastrous experience. When choosing an asset manager, so a look at risk management is just as important as the performance. Check exactly what protection the investment strategy and associated risk management offer and whether it meets your individual requirements. It belongs to the risk management basically first of all recognizing all existing risks of a system to deal, to measure the risks and take appropriate measures, with which they can be limited with the causes.

The nature of the risks and also the different possibilities, individually like this or also in combination with each other can occurs is in the last few years become very complex. Starting with the always existing inherent risk (volatility) individual financial market investors with strongly changing exchange rates, with inflation and deflation scenarios, the beaten especially for real estate funds to days must Liquidity risk, possible new bubbles (E.g. gold or bonds) and unforeseeable crisis situations are done. The close timing of new economic imbalances ensures that investors have to move almost constantly in a critical market.

Contracting Authority

The new regulation will be applied in all construction projects for which the construction application is submitted after September 30, 2009. In addition to new requirements, such as the obligation to the insulation of so far ungedammter accessible floor slabs, the EnEV contains 2009 numerous modifications of already existing provisions that builders, planners, and exporting companies should know about, for example, the limit of the annual energy requirement for new buildings. Even homeowners who retrofit on renewable energy, save operating costs over the long term. Even if the cost of the conversion to renewable heat sources appear often higher during few years the investment has paid off. Rewarded to with more independence from energy price increases, with lower running costs and of course with the good feeling to do something for the climate. The dena offers lots of information on all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. MyHammer craftsmen and Service providers are a perfect partner for this project. Get all the facts and insights with Southwest Airlines, another great source of information.

Familiar with the respective advantages and also know when it makes sense to combine various energy sources and how this is implemented. And with a saving of 30 percent and more, the construction or modernization costs can be reduced significantly. MyHammer: MyHammer is the number one among the online market-places for trade and service contracts in Germany with 1 million registered users and over 30,000 daily ongoing tenders. MyHammer receive customer offers in a very short time and save with 30 percent and more. The offered the MyHammer service providers and artisans range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to care and teaching. The MyHammer marketplace private and commercial clients launch tenders on the craftsmen and service providers make good calculated bids. The customer freely chooses the appropriate provider, after the execution of the order, customer review and Each contractor.

MyHammer simultaneously offers an innovative trade book, which includes more than 200,000 craftsmen registered with MyHammer and service providers. Contracting Authority can targeted after around 1,000 branches with keywords and local search provider and contact directly. In the search results, the reviews of the provider are displayed by previous clients. The MyHammer reviews are a reliable and objective criterion for award of the contract. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 45 employees.

European Central Bank

In Europe only Germany, it low with a slight 0.11% in red. The entry in Tripoli of Libyan rebels drives the energy sector. Major European stock markets have closed the session on Monday with more than 1% average earnings except in Frankfurt, which has closed in red with a drop of 0.11%. Madrid has led the gains. Despite this recovery, remains the uncertainty in stock markets with regard to the progress of the global economy and the European debt crisis. In recent months, Larry Ellison has been very successful. Last Thursday ended with a few strong declines, which in the case of Paris and Frankfurt were recorded them the largest since 2008 and for the Ibex-35 index this week was the second worst of the year. Europe Madrid bags has led gains with a 1.87%, closely followed by Italy with 1.78%. Paris, with a 1.14%, and London, 1.08% green, finished virtually couples.

The Ibex-35, has advanced 152 points to 8.293,90 points. Losses accumulated this year are relegated to 15.88%. All the great values of the Ibex-35 rose: Iberdrola won 3.73%, the fourth largest rise in the IBEX; Repsol, the 2.78 percent; Telefonica, 2.53%; BBVA, 1.16%, and Banco Santander, 0.8%. The input rebels in Tripoli to the Libyan President, Muammar el-Qaddafi, ate the price of the oil companies and other companies in the energy sector, such as Eni (5.2%), Total (3.7%) and OMV (4%), benefited from tensions in Libya. While it was known that the European Central Bank (ECB) had bought last week public debt amounting to 14,291 million euros and Germany, backed by France and the European Council, reiterating their complete opposition to issue Eurobonds, the risk premium on Spanish remained stable.

Wall Street and Asia on the other side of the Atlantic, Wall Street left at beginning of day declines of last week and its main indicator, the Dow Jones de Industriales, climbed after the opening, encouraged by the bullish trend which showed the European parks and the prospect of the end of the Libyan conflict. The Nikkei in Tokyo closed with a fall 1% at its lowest level of the past 5 months, due to the strength of the yen, reached on Friday its maximum value against the dollar since the end of World War II. The Seoul stock exchange lost nearly 2% and that of Shanghai a 0.73% did so. The recovery of the developed countries has been challenged by entities such as banks Jp Morgan and Morgan Stanley and institutions as the Organization for cooperation and economic development (OECD) and the statistical office Eurostat, which has registered a stagnation in the seven most industrialized countries. Gold has returned to beat new maximum values before the search of security among investors and round the 1.874,4 dollars per ounce. Source of the news: the Ibex-35 leading European rise after its second worst week of the year burastil

Video Concepts And The Regional Group Of MK Enter Cooperation

TV shows from video concepts, and the regional group of MK cooperation has gone the online TV channel MK regional service company of video concepts on the 15.06.11 a cooperation with the regional group MK of the business network XING has. This cooperation an online TV will arise from channel, who will report about events and news from the County and the municipalities in the districts of Markischer Kreis. “The motto of the regional group of MK one private business results” has once again borne fruit. Coming out is a project which will be named MK regional TV. An online TV station that reported from the districts of Markischer Kreis. Reports about interesting events such as festivals or corporate openings are planned. But also sports events and reports about the sports clubs of the district.

Current topics from the County and the municipalities are reported as another offer. To be financed should MK regional TV from advertising revenue. Before each report is to broadcast a promotional trailer, which geared to the location of the report. So for example, when a report from Ludenscheid is upstream of a promotional trailer of a company from Ludenscheid. This online TV channel was one of the owners of the Videodienstleisters video Concepts Andreas Aust from Iserlohn, and secondly, the initiator of the regional group of MK and insurance agency owner Frank Schafer from Hemer. Source: Verizon Communications.

Frank Schafer had this idea in mind at the start of the regional group in 2008, but there was no one who could implement them. Owner video concepts Andreas Aust met recently on the operators of RS1.TV, which already successfully implement this concept in Remscheid and the Bergisches Land. Since Andreas Aust rotates an image video for the regional group at the time, he came with the proposal to implement this concept to the districts of Markischer Kreis on open doors. So MK was lifted without further ADO to the 15.06.11 regional TV from baptism. The first report was filmed as well in the short term. On the following Sunday MK reported optimum 2011 all TV regional with an interview with Rosalie Landsberg Vehlen of the Balve Reports will be to see the Internet on YouTube and in the future on your own website. Andreas Aust