Electronic Payment Services

Examples of sites created on the model Content?, You can call sites? Reliable information about the business on the Internet – Thematic catalog of the articles? rusarticles.com, etc. 2) MODEL? COMMUNITY? (Community). Internet attracts people not only as a source of information but also as unmatched by the possibilities environment for communication. Forums, chats, blogs, comments, etc. – Well-known and popular tools that can add interest to any site. Model? Community? involves the creation of online communities of people of similar interests, occupation, solving problems and etc. The man – a social being. Therefore, attraction to their fellows, the ability to communicate and assert themselves, acquire new knowledge and new friends – everything is always will attract visitors to the site.

Interestingly, the thematic forums and blogs are usually also the source of useful information. This is yet another factor in the high site traffic patterns? Community?. Some examples of sites that embody this model include: Forum search engine and search advertising, on-line journal on computer graphics and animation, etc. 3) MODEL? SERVICE?. The needs of people in the media and in communicating led to such massive services like search engine services (among the relatively new it may be noted – nigma.ru, webalta.ru); e-mail (mail.ru); e-mailing (smartresponder.ru, subscribe.ru) etc. Commercialization Internet led to a Electronic Payment Services (webmoney.ru, rupay.com).

A need for promoutinge sites – a variety of services for webmasters such as services buying and selling links, sharing articles, registration in catalogs and other Examples Internet resources, aimed at providing integrated services to commercial companies, can lead Construction site – rating catalog companies? MasterOK!?, Marketplace for oil (www.nge.ru) and other model? Service? for its successful implementation requires the creation of new and unusual services, which, of course, very, very difficult. At the same time this model has led to the largest and most commercially successful Internet projects. THE PURE Each of these models is not always USED. Most often one can observe a mixture of their properties. Thus, the site is still rusarticles.com and service publishing articles. A building portal MasterOK! That offers information and advertising services for companies – members of the directory contains within itself the? Content?, and? Community?. Despite this possible confusion, every developer or owner of an Internet project should be decide what his website will prevail.

Chinese Beach

I do not pretend to pontificate about the death or the shortness of life, only now I remembered my father. Let’s see, in fact I remember my father very often, I mean I remembered a scene that we live a long time. It was summer, we were on a beach in Rota, I have not been there ever since, so I imagine that this wild beach at the foot of a cliff, there is nothing that I recognized. I can not say why, but that day we walked along the beach early, very early, just him, my brother and I, we crawl the shore algae discovered strange, peculiar or shells. His lungs filled with sea air, we went back and forth asking my father for this or that.

The tide was low, so the bank was a veritable mine of treasures. Removed the sand to try to catch clams, husmeabamos in the holes that appeared to be collected to see if the wave pillabamos a knife … We looked at one side was the sea, which seemed endless, we looked at the other and a wall of stone and earth yellow by the roots sticking out, we had to tilt the neck backwards to see the tops of the trees that crowned. Suddenly, I remember, my father proposed to us what seemed like one of the best ideas I had heard. Something as simple as writing the year in the sand and fill the shape with small stones.

He wrote some numbers on the size of your foot and we were filling shells with small Chinese and the tide had left in the bank. When we were about to finish the job (my brother and I would start being a little tired of that), I realized that our work would disappear soon. “Dad, but as the tide, the Chinese will not be anything I said. “Sure, that’s what we do. I did not know why but when we left the beach I felt sad, unhappy, constantly turning his head to look at the number you never see, because in a short time would disintegrate, and it was safe. For the first time I met the certainty of final something, the impossibility of recovering something lost. 1979. That was the year that took the trip. A year and a half later my father died. To this day, today, I see how the years go and people, and learned the lesson that day I have only to apply the necessary time to remember that nothing will keep us here and that the work we do must be done with the greater delicacy, yet knowing that it will take the trip. That’s what we do.

So The Game Crafter

After these steps to comply with the site We printed our game and packed, remaining available to be played if there is a new purchase order. Of course it is not a board game made ena reality with all the materials, but you can play perfectly well if no problem. Create a game for our cuentaa investment can be quite high, adding the creation of the cards, cartridges for transforming juegosa ends in a rather cumbersome task. So The Game Crafter gives you the possibility to create games if any cost high and after you've sold one they will credit the purchase price and deduct your expenses paltry production. 9) Spoonflower All those who are involved in the design world know that a good impression influence good design.

Spoonflower So give us life and we can create our own designs fabrics then be printed at very reasonable prices. So if you're a lover of design spoonflower found the right place. Spoonflower performing impressions demand gives them the opportunity to make their own designs through their attractive options with prices ranging from $ 18 – $ 32. 10) Ponoko The first thing that you have to do is register and send the design which you want to do with the materials you need. Ponoko then sends the pieces so that your product has assembly and is ready for what you sell. Ponoko is offering you the opportunity to transform your 3D designs into products using a variety of materialesa, such as: bamboo, cardboard, leather, acrylic, felt, etc.

It allows you to create toys, jewelry, electronics mueblesa and then be sold on the site. 11) Shapeways Like Ponoko, shapeways allows you to upload your 3D designs and transform them into products using 3D technology. Once you finished your Podes product has to offer in the same website. Many users are enrolled in shapeways prodcutos selling jewelry, toys, electronics, allowing a wide choice variety of products. 12) Imagekind Imagekind is a site acquired by Caffepress that specializes in prints and cards can use a variety of materials, sizes and other options. For those photographers who use Flickr to go aa Imagekind of their work before being sold. 13) deviantART deviantART is one of the best sites on the Internet exsiten on art, with 81 million subscribers. All registrants will also have the chance to sell their art work with a variety of options. With respect to printing, are offered in different sizes and designs. 14) CafePress Everyone who ever thought of selling products online, CafePress is an option to not let go. With more than seven million registered users, we can create products cafepress online, designing our own way, to sell and printed on demand. We can find all kinds with product, such as: shirts, collar shirts, hats, caps, mugs, buttons, bottles, etc. To have an idea on CafePress are created around 50. 000 products per day. 15) Pikistore Pikistore created shirts and other editable items such as bags, cups, etc. If you are considering having their own site to offer their production Pikistore can be a great choice.

Physical Health And More

And that can prevent that in other stages of life, we can achieve goals and objectives, who once dreamed of achieving and internally we feel is essential to realize in this world. When we acquired some nasty dependency affects us in life at all levels, in the family, work, relationships with others and within ourselves suffer the foolishness and naivete of having fallen into it. He suffered physical health but also mental and moral health. Physical health suffers us, to the extent of the excesses we have made, yet inwardly we see ourselves up and dirty and we may even get into crime to satisfy the anxiety that causes addiction. Something that seemed unimportant, we thought we could control, has grown and has become our lord and master, and this, in the depths of our being, we are distressed, oppressing us and cut us. Although the company applauds certain habits and customs. In too deep soul angel is scheduled future we are all meant to be, and in the depths of our consciousness as we recorded, and she, if we listen, wisely gives us steps to free rise. When we do not hear and bad habits and behaviors, our inner being lamented, as if sick of the bad life you find here. Sooner or later it hurts the soul and appears apathy, lack of enthusiasm and a grim weariness grows within us, sometimes mistakenly tried to drown him even more drunk, trying to evade reality. It is therefore necessary to seek pleasure and entertainment sound and control our appetites and desires unchecked.

The Team Building Project

The microbusiness in internet, are generally made through mini-sites, idoneamente such sites do not demand many resources to put up, in effect with these pages web seeks to provide valuable solutions that a particular niche client is looking for. The model proposed for creation of microbusiness in internet of great commercial value (without having to spend a large amount of capital) is based in in controlling the price of what it sells or promotes and clients to pay before you get the product you purchased, as well as to find the right product that meets the interests of persons that we identified in the selected niche. A strategy to create profitable businesses with little investment, and that it is relatively easy to continue getting income online is to focus on micro niches spread over the Internet. For which it is necessary to understand what micro niche really means and know how to find the ideal own niches where the products which are sold or promoted make us earn money easily and fast without having to enter fully into a category more large and more contested which will require more effort on our part to genar money in this way. Many people tend to confuse the term micro niche easily online with a small site, however, the real meaning of this concept is the focus or theme of a business in particular addresses a very specific group of people with well-defined needs and interests. The secret to find micro niches or mini market niches that are profitable is to think about related things of certain hobbies that are missing or could be improved to become the product or ideal service. This type of ideas usually always belong to one or more specific niches.To identify the competitive niches can make use of the google keyword tool to get key phrases more important of a certain topic in which you have interest. An investigation of different words words must always be performed and key so that phrases to the utiizarlas to generate content on our web site as possible to obtain greater possible traffic from search engines. There are different effective ways as they may be promoted products and services. Here are some of them: create a free information product that helps our niche specific aim to solve a problem, use the payment per click, provided we have a moderate competition, at our fingertips with the selected specific keywords, perform electronic newsletters that are value people and inviting you to visit our product websiteperform webinars live in which concerned about an issue in specific. The model of micro with micro niches rentableses a way easy to begin to market and make money online without investing many resources, known more in micro with Micro niche profitable my Formula mathematics to choose tips profitable tips profitable, does really work? Profitable tips product: Micro profitable niches make money with niche the microbusiness model based on Micro niches of market work from home reliable, Micro Business Online profitable 3 business profitable with low investment PlanearNegocios as create business Rentablre with little investment The Team Building Project: work from home The century XXI Blog of the Freelance Business weblog archive work from Home Home Videos: work from home Videos caseros free work from home with Beruby money fast and easy

PSD Banks Boast

For the Association of the PSD Insignio, banks has developed an online game that playfully customers to prepare for the conversion of the account numbers. What is IBAN? Why are there upcoming new account numbers? Who has answered these and ten more questions, know soon everything important about the changeover to the new European payment system, in which there will be no difference between domestic and European transfers more. From the 1.2.2014 unifies all account numbers on 22 points. To its 1.23 million customers now already innovative conversion to prepare a fun educational game designed and programmed, tongue-in-cheek informing bank customers of the change. The game seems to pop up on the websites of the participating PSD banks.

Superficially, it queried the knowledge about the backgrounds and characteristics of the new account numbers. Three of the four answer choices for each question are however absurd or silly, that users inevitably encountered the only correct response and to internalize them. At the end of the game is linked to more businesslike and more detailed information on the subject. Christoph Elbern, Managing Director Insignio corporate publishing: about the change of account number is already extensively informed by all banks. The PSD banks but a step further and try to place on this innovative and playful manner the complex issue of SEPA on customers and prospects.”

Data Protection Rules

fideAS file enterprise on new regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act is coordinated with the current version 4.0 the file and folder encryption is adapted to the new regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) fide AS file enterprise applied security GmbH (apsec) closely. In September a recasting of the BDSG came into force, the company stronger than so far takes the responsibility. In the case of data security breaches a duty applies now. In other words: companies that lose personal data must inform the competent authority and all affected persons without being asked about it according to section 42a of the Act. It is also new that to the BDSG concrete proposals are spread, how to comply with the privacy policy. In the appendix to paragraph 9, it means that especially the use by a State of the art encryption process represents an appropriate hedge of vulnerable data. In other words: Who is a corresponding Encryption software uses, automatically meets the provisions for safe keeping of personal data. So equipped, companies no longer are then subject to in case of data loss of the duty provided for by the BDSG.

This only applies to negligence. With the new module for critical data the software developers of apsec voted strongly their encryption solution fideAS file enterprise on the requirements of the law. This function allows to regulate the disclosure of data defined as particularly worthy of protection. In such cases she can be done only, if a second authorised person’s approval. Thus, the software meets the obligation of disclosure control, as she required the BDSG.

Additional security-plus: higher hurdles than hitherto provided to be targeted data theft. Because now two authorized users must share intention same criminals, to steal the data. Through the module for critical data we make it easy especially companies, to meet the requirements of the BDSG, explains Dr. Volker Scheidemann, head of marketing and product management of the applied security GmbH. through a central security policy can be our software configured, to ensure compliance with the statutory provisions. So we put together an all around carefree package virtually. More information:. APSEC knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, the data leakage prevention or applying digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you. We offer a complete package from the software development process consulting to support with a single purpose of your satisfaction. Reference customers: Deutsche Bank AG, LBBW, oAMTC press contact: applied security Uwe Berndt GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt am main contact person: Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 fax: 0 69 / 40 56 30 92


In both expressed the impossibility of the individual against the absurdities of power mechanisms, their bureaucracies and their lies. In them the protagonists have to follow a circuitous route, mental and physical, to face a reality that surpasses them with a series of problems that are linked without ever finding an end, repeating in a legal maze that subjects the individual against the arbitrary power that governs and their representatives. The story mode is very similar to that established by the fractal dynamics, something that starts from a specific point to expand in space or in time, multiplying iteratively, such as, for Kafka, the problem and absurd that it generates, the elements that are repeated again and again over the plot, in an ideological struggle in which the parties multiplied, in turn, all the reasons that demonstrate the act of them to seek their own justification. The fractal progression of story elements in these two novels, the narrative makes a complex system that is determined as the most characteristic and important within the structure of the literary work itself. The figure of absurd plays by itself to expand, with all its connotative elements adjacent to a fractal logic as the primary component is the term that is known as "Kafkaesque." Regarding Jorge Luis Borges (declared admirer of Franz Kafka), in almost all his work is present, in greater or lesser degree, a fractal approach that is most significantly characterized as "thinking Borges' and his literary world. In their creations can be found immortal characters, reports exist that achieve over time and out of the first body that contained, buildings and impossible maze, cyclic books begin and end where forking in time, mazes and more mazes, grains sand that multiply in dreams, a field which concentrates the entire universe from its different configurations, the mirrors and their reflections, their games with time and space, the surprising turn of his stories, everything about him, and his understanding is touched by the precise order of the fractal.

Star Communications

In the following years, he held various management positions in the telecommunications industry. In mid-2005, Becker took over company Star communications of the Startec Global Communications Inc., Washington, United States, and whose shareholders of allied capital and GE Capital as Managing Director. He continues to successfully positioned Star Communications in the call-by-call-, preselection – and Carriergeschaft. The company developed since then by the general public almost unnoticed to one of the largest providers of telecommunications services for ethnic target groups in German-speaking countries. ETH was regarded as a pioneer in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany and is today one of the leading telecommunications provider in Turkey.

The company broke up now its fixed and MVNO activities in Germany, to focus on the Turkish telecommunications market. About Star Communications: Star Communications is the leading provider in ethnic telecommunications market in Germany. With the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) mobi, the company benefits from the enormous growth potential in the area of ethnic mobile market. Star Communications has currently less than 50 employees and has a total of 350 call shops in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The target groups, who speaks the company with its offers, include more than ten million people in Germany alone. Star Communications is headquartered in Frankfurt / Main, Managing Director Uwe Becker. Contact: Star Communications GmbH Michael Walshe Walker Walker 25 D-60314 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: + 49 (0) 69 420971 16 mobile + 49 (0) 163 510 5101 E-mail: mobi GmbH Natasha Bose Lahiri Berner Street 119 D-60437 Frankfurt am main phone +49(0)69/75 90 6452 fax +49(0)69/75 90 6001 mobile +49(0)176/1750 6452 E-mail: press contact: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 / 5707-10 E-mail:

Manage Your Debts With Care With Online Debt Management

Online debt management that suggests you go for debt consolidation loan, which helps you pay all the debts from loans to a single monthly payment rather than pay for each debt separately. Handling debt is very hard when large numbers and has the value of variable interest. This occurs when you take too many debts. At the end of the month, you pay interest on the loan installments. Now, online loan management can manage your debts in a far better way.

Online debt management is working to control the debt instead of debt control you. It will help you earn all the debt. Online debt management works to manage your debt, talking to the calendar for negotiations about interest Council and smaller repayments, credit counseling, and plug threats of calls from lenders and creditors. Online debt management that suggests you go for debt consolidation loan, which helps you pay all the debts from loans to a single monthly payment rather than pay for each debt separately. Debt consolidation loan is available with lower interest Council and easy payment terms. Online debt management, online debt management agencies charge a small amount and you have to pay for their services.

They have tie ups to the lender, which is why they ensure that you have to pay less than what you pay now. Online debt management helps you to pay all the debts more quickly. The online method of debt management is easily reachable. They understand your financial situation of the information provided through the online system, because they are highly professional. Angel Soffy check installment loans is of no credit finance advisor.For more information about bad credit installmentloans, no. credit check installment loans, unsecured no credit check installment loans visit