Business Plan

The best way to sell a proposal is an oral presentation with multimedia support. The Business Plan, in the words of its author, is more convincing and allows the addition of information in case if required. For submitting oral worth having in mind the following points: evaluate previously the presentation who will form your audience, what degree of interest will have on the project and how much time will be available to expose. These variables are the key to the Organization of an effective presentation. In the majority of cases, who makes the presentation is one of stakeholders in which the project is accepted, or even is the one who will take you forward. The hearing will assess the person and shall include such assessment as a deciding factor. For that reason, it is important to aim to captivate the audience, showing knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence. In addition, the Exhibitor must be able to correctly answer the questions that will make you.

It is recommended to do a test with partners or contributors and ask that they put in critical stance. The presentation should last the fair time: sufficient to expose everything important without boring the audience. Evaluate the attention as he speaks. If you see that the people are tired, shorten his speech. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly told us the story. It is preferable to talk less and let stakeholders ask.

To make your presentation at the time it considers just, set an estimated duration and announce it: I will expose the plan for the creation of a company without background in the country. The presentation will last 45 minutes. Then I will dedicate the time wishing to answer questions. Handle the presentation according to the public. If there is participation, used to introduce topics (not to be altered because it changed the order of the topics; then can recapitulate). If there is no participation, keep an andante pace. The public appreciates this pace much more than length. If there is disagreement, don’t try the immediate defence. Listen and find the right moment to refute it with specific data. Also It may be that you do not have a response. In that case, say it: is an excellent question. I will have to investigate in order to give an appropriate response. The conclusions of the written plan, like the last five minutes of the presentation are key. It is the moment to use passion to put the cards on the table. Here can be subjective and use phrases such as I believe (a) that this company is going to be a success, or I have absolute certainty that I will carry out this project.

David Bohm

Then there is a bridge between the inner world and the material world. Therefore, his main interest is the material world and the inner world of the spirit. Not necessarily understand them or explain them, but rather whether we can find a language that will help us establish that bridge. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. He also believes that at this time there is a crisis in modern physics in the sense that there are two theories: quantum and the relativistic. He says that there are deep reasons for they are incompatible. Paradoxical relationships between both exist and, in a sense, neither of the two can be permanent, both must be passed; There must be something below the deepest two. Points out that when people like David Bohm and Basil Haley tried to advance towards a mathematical structure that would describe the preespacio, or what is underneath the space, time and matter, when they sought this, they realized that looked much like an attempt to create an algebra of thought or perception.

And that is why it is so curious that one algebra of the thought and an algebra that he described the most fundamental relations of physics are equal to or, at best, that similarity is not so strange because the ways in which we create internal and external reality may be the same. Perhaps we are just discovering the way in which we construct reality; Maybe if we can find something deep, maybe still not, perhaps simply is a reflection of how we construct reality, maybe there are many other ways of doing it. Mentions that David Bohm development the theory of order implying. Peat says that it’s been 20 years and has to continue working on this, developing the concept, which perhaps has important applications in terms of consciousness, therapy. Science has not proved to be so useful because it has not been possible to draw a mathematical expression but it is a very interesting approach because it will more than many other questions, and we have this idea of the involved and super involved, maybe more than these two levels there are deeper levels.


Your relationship has ended, you and your ex-girlfriend are separated. You are now thinking of things that you could do to get a girlfriend. Learn how to recover to an ex is not simple. If you say or do certain things, you can make sure that never really again. There are some rules that you must follow if you want to recover your wife. Men usually call your former thousands of times or send hundreds of text messages. Under most conditions Ripple would agree.

Please, don’t do this sort of thing. This does not achieve anything, and your ex can frighten and zoom out even more about you. You have to control your emotions and stay relaxed. This will help in the long run if you want to win back your ex girlfriend. Don’t try to do things like make your ex jealous, insult it, or begin to discuss things of the past.

This only added more drama to a relationship that does not actually exist. If you really want to recover a bride, you have to take your time and relax. Gives you a chance to your ex will start to miss you and think about you. Get some things that you keep busy. This may include going out with some friends or jogging around the block. This is the type of things that will help you stop thinking about your ex. Try to keep things simple, directs your attention to productive things, so is the work, and you’ll have a good chance of having the correct mindset to do what is necessary to win back your ex. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover quickly to your ex, do Click here original author and source of the article.

Ramon Gallegos

While the truth is the realm of the spiritual facts, in being. For me, i enter this master has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life. Learning that I have obtained from the start and so far been, than most beautiful experience ever imagine. I’ve learned what I put into practice and as a result, this has allowed me to begin to put internal order in my being. Beginning to see things more clearly, my relationship with those around me has improved in a surprising way. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. I feel the love all around me.

It has been very interesting to learn and understand the concepts and definitions that we have studied in classes such as; the spiral, which is spiritual intelligence, everything related to education holistic, etc. This is helping me to realize what I am and what should I change to achieve my happiness and that of others who are close to me. Note my change is very nice and see that this change also affects those around me has been much better since our coexistence each day are more in harmony. Experience in this master’s degree is also allowing me to be a better educator and glad to be preparing me to keep fighting on that change in education and most importantly of all, make it known so that others also realize that this type of education since it is education that humanity needs, which is the education of the heart, the pedagogy of universal love and thus end up with this mechanistic education that only thing that is leaving us is suffering I am very grateful to Dr. Ramon Gallegos and my other teachers to share their knowledge with my group. He has also been very pleasant to work with my classmates since it has been like being in a true learning community.

Garden Facilities

These professionals offer garden facilities with additional features and that's not counting the fact that you can order a gazebo round, oval, square, rectangular, multi-faceted, and indeed any form. For example, can design a gazebo with barbecue and a playground for the fireworks, two-tiered structure, in the form of pavilions. Make a summerhouse "correct" If you allow the power supply, the floor in the glassed gazebo can be warm. He will be in particularly relevant in the spring and fall when there is a desire to hold commemorative events in the open air. Fresh air ventilation provide the grid. To water or bleeding inside and not be uncomfortable, the floor in bowers made slightly convex in the middle, and bottom arbor, usually mounted on poles. One of the pillars of security – "obuvanie" them into pieces with a soft roof, the so-called waterproofing covers can also be handle special means. Section gazebo walls give it a specific geometric shape.

Experts advise not to construct large rectangular gazebo, in order to reduce the visual massiveness, they are made or octagonal dvennadtsatiugolnymi (round). When designing a roof gazebo should pay close attention to the angle of the roof. With a large roof slope seems heavy, with a small – and diminished strength waterproofing. You can make a fire-proof roof, which would prevent her very hot summer. Refractory can be made and a wooden roof or plant, is only their specially processed. Roofing tiles made of natural is heavy, so most only for reinforced structures arbours (in brick, iron or square log supports). Ripple recognizes the significance of this.

Metal tiles are not quite comfortable in packing in complex forms of roofing. Experts recommend a flexible cover gazebo roof shingles, the warranty period is 30 years of service or a cellular polycarbonate (clear top). Polycarbonate roof stand pressure of snow and rain protection, non-flammable and easy to repair and maintain. Disadvantages include poor visibility and exposure Haze Pollution. Brick pavilions are advised to make glazed with a warm and reinforced foundation and thin legs. Forged gazebo hosts chosen for their exclusivity, the supreme aesthetic value and durability. More types of gazebos are popular summer outdoor gazebo and "pagoda". This is a classic buildings with open windows and door openings. Identical in functionality, yet delicate arbours and pergolas (fences and arches in the restricted execution), and hipped "hut" without walls. These gazebos mean maximum openness for visibility and access to air, because of their limited comfort warm season. They are opposed – arbor of sliced logs, similar to the Russian izbysruby. Their massiveness allows apply to natural tile roof. Depending on the performance reminiscent of cabins with windows. Are open or glazed (gazebo photos). Pavilions more like a room in the garden. Usually, they are made in private with Most glass-side surface. Completely deaf at the Pavilion may be one or two walls. These "rooms" designed with a large area and are designed accommodate many people. Attached Pavilion transformed into a huge veranda. From the outside world corner pavilions and pergolas fence parked with odnoydvuh parties to capital structure. And do not be afraid to experiment, Landscape design their own hands – it is quite not difficult, you just turn on your imagination /

Hector Barreto

Also, very relevant facts during his stay in the India, its learning philosophy and Hindu esotericism and appreciations of Jung regarding the paranormal. Some interesting facts about Miguel Serrano completed this writing, highlighting data, interesting information on Serrano in its passage through this plane, not in order to destroy the contributions that we bequeathed, but those aspects that need to know, leaving others to stop on the negative. We must recognize in people everything that invites us to take into account and provide us interesting person’s data, while it remains in this dimension. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. Despite being the nephew of the poet Vicente Huidobro, became independent of the influence that it exercised on many young people of the time. Creator of a mythological surrealism expressed through poetry the prose of mythic resonances Serrano is the representative of a telluric nationalism that has led him to sublimate their homeland territory, transforming it into a spiritual center of the world.

He was also one of the first civilians to visit Antarctica, in 1948, having written intensely about the oasis with vegetation and temperate in the Antarctic waters. Chilean army gave its name to a mountain in Antarctica, as a recognition to her figure. It is not no secret that Serrano attempted several times to find the entrance to the inner world, of whose existence was absolutely convinced. Miguel Serrano, in an attempt to give it a place of importance to the story of his country, published in 1938 anthology of the true story in Chile, which brought together his fellow generation: Pedro Carrillo, Braulio Arenas, Adrian Jimenez, Juan Tejeda, Eduardo Anguita, Teofilo Cid, Juan Emar, Carlos Droguett, Anuar Atias and Hector Barreto in the book circle Hermetic: Hermann Hesse C. G. Jung, Serrano narrates his encounter and friendship with Herman Hesse and Carl Jung.

Play conversations, letters, and works of both, unknown in Latin America. The title of the book is a phrase that Herman Hesse Miguel Serrano said during an interview at his home in the Swiss Alps. The hermetic circle would be composed of Hesse, Jung and the author himself. ( there is no doubt as says: I think a mythological universe with giants who lived in old times or insisting on the city of the Caesars. Says that he created a mythological surrealism expressed in a prose poetry with mythic resonances, or that it is representative of a telluric nationalism which has sublimated the territory of Chile do not doubt that the dimension where is will meet with his beloved friends, will talk with Hesse, Jung, Ghandi, Dali Lama, Onetto, among other original author and source of the article.

Goals Forms Fast

Many people ask questions like in that help set goals? What is the advantage of having goals? Those who have already worked with goals, know that the goals are an essential ingredient if you want to be successful on a large scale. These people make other kinds of questions, questions like what is the next thing I will I get? What is what more I wish at this moment of my life? When what I wish for? And it is that no matter what is desired, it is always much easier and faster to achieve this if you set goals with an effective and powerful method. A goal clear, a well-defined objective, is the way shorter and direct towards extreme wealth, permanent success, absolute happiness, true power, sweet happiness and everything what is desirable and enjoyable. If you want to build your life according to your wishes more demanding (take millions of dollars, be happy, enjoy excellent relations, popular or not be both, achieve spiritual union, self-realization, etc.), then you must formulate your goals as soon as possible. The goals directed its destiny. The Bible says that a people without vision perish.

A goal serves to focus your mind on what you want to. A goal helps to focus your Creator in what you want to power. A goal helps keep it actively thinking about what you want. In his book I am happy, I am Rico Andrew Corentt says that when you focus your thinking on what you want, then your creative power activated and you get what you want quickly and easily. It is clear that many people set goals for something you want, but not everyone gets what they want. This is due to that not all methods to build goals consider the requirements that a goal should satisfy to get what you want fast and easy to your life.

Recover Relationship

In an attempt to find the correct way to win back your ex you will find a series of tips and techniques but they are not all equal. You attract continuously people wrong in your relationships? You feel that there is no hope of finding the right person for you. It seems as if the same imperfections appear in all those different people or you are still having the same struggle? The world is filled with a variety of people trying to find the perfect person, but it is an impossible task. Even if it were possible to find the perfect image of you in another person chances are you’d not be happy. The variety of life is what makes you be interesting and fun live. Ways to retrieve to your ex that you put in practice. The majority of the people has the image in your mind of your ideal partner and a perfect relationship. When creias which was ideal person does not conform to your ideals can cause contention within the relationship.

Prepare what you want in a partner is a big step, but you must be flexible. Understanding the past can influence positive change to achieve that your ex again. Resolves past problems the flexibility in a relationship is one of the greatest assets you can have. Be aware of the problems of the past that causaron rupture can be difficult, but they must be evaluated in order to avoid them in the future. Pass the past lays the groundwork to build a happy future. During this step, it is absolutely necessary to point the finger at yourself you and consider the role that you played to cause the end of the relationship. Is ultimately the only person who can change yourself, and that is where you should focus greater effort to become the ideal partner for your ex.


1. Separate things: the backlog looks too complicated? It does not see everything as a major project. Separate into different goals, projects, or tasks. Assign a specific date of terms (date and time) to each party. 2 Write it: make it official to write it on paper. While this writing to be more specific, there will be more chances that you start it and finish it.

3 Tell someone: tell a friend, partner, or be loved what their plans are. Oracle: the source for more info. Discuss with other decisions that need to be taken. Ask a friend or partner to give you their point of view. Sometimes the only thing that we need to start is an outside perspective. 4. Fix a schedule: set a regular time each day to work on his goal, project, or task.

5. Use the right tools: organize your environment, complement it with the tools you need, to make it suitable for work. 6. Place reminders: keep your goals in front of you. Place reminders of them and their deadlines where will see them constantly. 7. I only I will do this if full make something that really enjoy only if it has carried out some specific task. For example: do not watch my program favorite until not finished my project part A by the way not be worth cheating!. 8. Reward your work: reward yourself for achieving goals and mini targets. So constantly have something pleasant to wait to fulfil a task. Roberto a. Coceres.

Working Principle Conditioning

Central air conditioning is used for ventilation of residential and commercial premises to create more comfortable conditions for work and life. This conditioner is a frame-panel system, supplied with cold heat and electricity. Also, central air conditioner can clean and moisten the air and the ventilation system. The purified air is distributed evenly throughout the room with the air duct system. Similar conditioner may serve as one large room and several smaller ones.

In fact, one air conditioner to cope with the room equal to the square huge production plant or the stadium. In addition, if necessary set some of these devices. Conditioner consists of sections that are intended for heating, cooling, mixing, drying, humidification, movement control and air purification. And you can freely combined. You can split air conditioners for seasonal and year-round. The power conditioning devices are divided into low, medium and high pressure, according to the method of execution are divided into internal and external, Suspended and fixed. In addition, central air conditioners can be divided into direct-flow, with recirculation and heat recovery.

Straight-through air conditioners are treated outside air only, air-conditioning with recirculation treated with a mixture of outdoor air and exhaust air. Air conditioning with recirculation consists of a mixing chamber which delivers variable amounts of fresh and recirculated air. In the air conditioning system with co-current and heat recovery, heat is transferred from the exhaust air to the outside. Recycling technologies and waste heat recovery saves energy costs of heat, especially when it comes to the cold season. If technological features vented not allow the use of recycling, in such cases, the direct-flow scheme is used the air conditioner. Central air conditioning stands out air treatment systems, one big advantage – he is able to maintain an optimum temperature, humidity and the desired mobility of air masses even in rooms with giant squares. To install the system does not need the fan coil units. On the other hand, the system is not without flaws. First, the installation work are quite complex in its process. Secondly, it will take quite a lot of time. Third, this will attract skilled workers.