Cologne Riehl

11 November at the 11.11 to 11.11, the new Carnival season is heralded, the Jackson number 11 is the symbol of the Narrerei. The ‘Elfer ‘Board, Comites emerged from the ends of the fixed mapping, consists of 11 Board members and the tradition of the Carnival season on November 11 Open dating back to the 19th century and the number 11 represents the equality of all fools and consequently equality of all person, the ELF is also the motto of the French Revolution: = egalite, L = Liberte and Fraternite (liberty, equality and fraternity) = F. The Monday the Shrove Monday is the culmination of the Carnival celebrations in Cologne: on this day it was allowed to interrupt lent for a day. Parade, or ‘d’ r Zoch’, which is the most important parade in Germany and is 7 kilometres long. It consists of 99 fixed -, State -, pastiche cars and carriages, 87 tractors, 78 baggage car, 10,200 participants, 124 bands and 440 horses.

You experience the unique show in Cologne, 2012 of the parade is the motto ‘ each Gav Pappnas’ sing be! Mardi Wieverfastelovend (16.02.2012) means the beginning of the Street Carnival: on this day the Mayor of Sradt passes the fools that begins the keys of the city and the Festival for the great days. Ash Wednesday am All’s over, on Ash Wednesday with the beginning of lent. State of emergency comes to an end and the Cologne return to your everyday life! The revellers stow away their costumes and drop the losers! But after the Carnival is Carnival! Hostels in Cologne Carnival for all who come to Cologne to the Carnival, are a cheap alternative to expensive hotels Koner hostels and youth hostels. In the Meininger hostel to watch the parade from the window. Youth Hostel in Cologne HI Cologne Riehl, however, lies in a quiet area on the Rhine and is also located close to beautiful parks, where one of the can escape the noise of the city.

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Brazilian Press Association

He wrote over 50 books the uninitiated written to read the assumptions in the Internet, how to create radio programs radio theater and Radioplay on radio national have been always a well known name in the introduction of psychoanalysis on the days of our urban population. Defender of press freedom and human rights, was a partner and head of ABI – Brazilian Press Association and member of the Brazilian society of Criminology (BSC). Their initiatives, Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva created in the year 1955, when a course was introduction to psychoanalysis with the post intended for the dissemination of the Freudian theory without medical or therapeutic nature. We used the post as a means for the dissemination of psychoanalysis answering countless letters of which the knowledge that Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva questions answer has to. He resumed private practice in psychoanalytic practice since the 1930s to the 1970s.

The flight path d Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva is the progress of the planned speech as woven a social practice and consists of a biography of the heritage of the enlightenment ideals (the inequality between men…) the emancipation of the subject of universal design knowledge, access to the progress of science under the auspices of liberty, equality and fraternity. This triad led him to take for the dissemination of psychoanalysis as a project to the libertarian ideals of modernity is based. As he has been the media, i.e. newspapers, radio and magazines at the Academy, one of the largest sponsors of psychoanalysis. To the Freudian doctrine explicitly for the average reader in 1931 the book published (to understand Freud). This first book by Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva, who in 1942 in its sixth edition is published at the expense of the author. The following books from several publishers, including the renowned Jose Olympio, which begins in 50 years publishing of his complete works published.

Red Town Hall

Work is still up to January 15, 2010 will be submitted under the future needs the motto roots “are citizens of Berlin and Brandenburg called to report on their social and voluntary activities. It comes us, to motivate people to worry about their lives in our society and to reflect how they so far for the community have committed”, explains Dr. Huffmann might report a voluntary work, it can be but also posts about neighborhood and the many other small everyday assistance to mostly not great after thought is. Of course you can participate also the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, is not volunteers, but has perhaps benefited from the involvement of other people. “‘ A special form to write about would be to say” thank you”, emphasizes Dr.

Huffmann. Also charitable institutions, religious or community groups can submit entries, where they their volunteers appreciate the work. A jury then selects the best articles, which will be awarded in May 2010 in the Red Town Hall of Berlin. Frieling-Verlag published these contributions together with another work in book form. It completely liberty participants to choose their experience and thus also the time of the event, they write about it.

It can be so fresh, just-made experiences reported, or even long past events you love remembers. The authenticity of the contributions is crucial. The competition will provide an insight into the diversity of volunteer activities and social commitment, which is available in Berlin and Brandenburg”, wishes Dr. Huffmann. He believes that many activities in the hidden flourish”. That’s why he want to contribute the time witnesses price, some of them in the light of the public to move. Learn more about the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, the already to the fifth time takes place, there is on the Internet at. An info-flyer can be requested free of charge at the Valdez-Verlag, Rheinstrasse 46, 12161 Berlin. Or by phone (030) 766 9990.

Redentor Land

Nobody will be able to escape of the responsibilities of its attitudes a time that all we receive d’ It right it of choice, the free will. In that day many will never desire to have had such right, front the so great horror the one that will be submitted (AP. 20, 11-15). Words of ConfortoPara the comfort of that cries of hunger and headquarters of justice, I want to also stand out that the Apocalypse demonstrates a multipolar action of the justice of God, therefore at the same time where it promotes the punishment of the mpios, also she restores the actual damages for them. All pain and suffering of that they had been stepped on, destroyed, humiliated, aborted, assassinated unjustly, the ones that had been made orphans and the ones who had been made widowers in this sedenta land of blood, will be awarded in such way that nor pains of the past will remember more than.

It personally will dry all the tears that roll of its eyes and will cure all the wounds of soul restoring completely each one of these to the one wealth and infinitely bigger largeness of what all the suffering lived in this world of pains..

The Land

Instead of this, with the heavy hand of peasant, assustandodois hidden fearful lambs in its thighs, I ran without haste its ventrehumoso, I overthrew the land, I traced seedbeds, I furrowed the soil, I sowed petnias noseu umbigo; I also thought about mine uretra loosened as one caule decrisntemo (p.113). Umdos reasons that can have the led one to make ‘ ‘ such profanation to corpo’ ‘ it would be isolated aconvivncia of the too much relatives and neighbors, since these only osvisitavam in sundays special, of party.

Everything this can have started, segundoFreud, for the not complete overcoming of the Complex of dipo. Such complex consisteem the son to desire the mother and to see the father as a rival, for occupying the paper deimpediz it to get the desire object. Later, from fear to lose oamor of father, leaves to love the mother, changing it for the wealth of the eculturais social worlds, and from the internalizao of the basic rules through its father, the individual this soon to participate of the social world. Andres, as all becomes childish desired the mother but as Iohna since early initiated the castraosentimental, Andres left of desires it but he did not change for the knowledge demundo to it and yes, for Ana, its new sister. Iohna provoked in Andres umsentimento of revolt, since in its Biblical parabolas, always it omitted dadosimportantes, as in the Parabola of the hungry one, Iohna does not count that the hungry one serebelou against its pordemais benefactor due this to have to it tested the patience the impatience also has its rights (p.88), Andres for does not aceitarbem the rules imposed for the father, did not internalizou them and therefore it kept a maurelacionamento with the social environment in which he was inserted.

Many Goals

Besides the secret of the power of the goals, corentt sets out in its book great errors when establishing goals, powerful methods to cause that the goals are something beneficial and positive and a tool to secure to success and but success in all the areas of its life. The effect collateral of the goals widely is treated by Corentt in these books, and when reading them, you will understand because many people do not achieve success in obtaining what they wish. The goals work, which has failed to them is the method. Perhaps the people were obtaining undesired things when they established his goals. Why it happens this? Because their words are associate to pre-established mental images and while those associations are not cleaned, the goals can, even, be producing things opposed to the wished thing.

In the secret of the power of the goals, Corentt teaches powerful tools to him to create positive mental associations and thus their goals will be powerful and they will give everything to him what you wish. Many books teach to construct goals. The secret of the power of the goals, shows like securing that its goals to him that were materialized automatically. If, automatically. Not only they will be pronounced automatically, but whenever you settle down a goal, following the instructions presented/displayed in the SECRET OF BEING ABLE OF the GOALS, you wrath improving its mental associations and its life will smoothly slide by the way of the success and the wealth in this wonderful universe.

If it has goals (care, its life could be in danger) or wishes to establish them, it must learn to handle to the effect collateral of the goals and turn it into support. You must control the associations of his subconscious mind. With the instructions presented/displayed by Corentt, its life will fill much more of all the success that imagines much more and. That is the power of the Secret Of the Power Of the Goals.

Arthur Davidson

But really it is not the name don’t mention it nor of anybody, but a word invented strictly by his posicionadora wealth. Harley Davidson: The Harley was born in 1903 in a factory of Milwaukee, where twentyish William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson made his first motorcycle. But the myth is born in the fifty: Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando ride a Harley like symbol of the rebellious spirit and frees of its generation. HELIOS: HELIOS began its activity like a familiar company that made hair of angel of artisan way. Later they extended its confitadas supply to all class of candies and jams, fruits and candy of quince. The first establishment was called the Sun. In 1936, they changed its denomination by the one of HELIOS, the Greek meaning of " sol".

Hennes & Mauritz (H& M): In 1947, the Swedish Erling Persson abri a store of clothes only for women, Hennes call (in Swedish means " for ella") in that it reproduced the model of based store of clothes in great volumes of sale that allowed to maintain the prices low, developed in the United States. In 1968, Mauritz Widforss acquired the company and happened to be called Hennes & Mauritz. Hay of Pravia: This is one long history and arises during a trip. There per 1903, Rescuing Echeanda the GAL is lost by Asturian earth and is literally pledged with the aroma that just leaves the cut hay in the town of Pravia. Once from return to Madrid, Sa’inz of Vicu6na comments with Lesmes, his companion in the foundation of GAL Perfume shop which had gotten to become an obsession: to shape in a perfume the memory that kept from the aroma of the hay of Pravia. No doubt jumped to both on the name of a product, then imaginary, that faithful to the image recorded in the mind of Salvador Echeanda was going to be of green color, like the hay, and with a yellow package, to image and similarity of the color of the dry hay.

Manifesting Wealth

Where launching me penumbras of my subconscious mind, I look the edges of sensible absolute the inherent one, to extract the facultieses of the manifesting wealth on my effective, referring soul to the being intelectivo the holy ghost constitutes that me, legalizing in what of authentic really I am. Everything this is part of our experience of life spiritual, that in the particular questionings of one summons search the conclusions in legalizes root of behavior of the truth, for the inteireza of the universal centralidade of the moral composure, assumes its pure and inquebrantvel idealizao in the real model standard of what it could have been the man to the eyes of God. In this angle of the question definitively we deduce that: If we establish the parameters between the certain the made a mistake one then where dimension the certainty can be certain the made a mistake one can be made a mistake? if the certainty leave of being certain by what it is made a mistake then until point the made a mistake one can be certain missed the certainty? Being this the dividing line of bigger understanding when understanding that everything that is certain walks the shade of its error and in what is based as error meets it true light of what this certainty. Where in the parameters of this wrong dimension certain they are not collated enters itself more find yes legalizes it before base of its centralidade, therefore without what this made a mistake certainty if would lose in the deep emptiness and without what is certain the made a mistake one he would continue alicerado in its forged direction. Therefore in this prism until point we can affirm, if basing on a truth, when really certain or we are made a mistake, therefore if on them we appropriate of what it is certain making of our life an error, then the certainty of which we are proud in them to exhibit in the reality is the cause biggest of our fatality, for not acquiring knowledge in them of that the bedding of all certainty veraz is supported in the priority continues of that is in the deceit of the misfortune, that is our life to the eyes of God, that obtains to reach the true direction of what if it prioritizes as certain or made a mistake. Thus we establish that without the certain made a mistake the man would not obtain to live and evangelho would lose its priority, God would leave ahead of being perfect of the men and the Bible would fall in its total discredit.

Therefore the Biblical truth when hindered to march, it is taken refuge in the heart of the believers for the search of the knowledge and goes earning in depth what it seems to lose ahead in surface of the adversities. One day however this obscure truth it goes up of the depths where if it exiles and it appears so strong clarity, that tears the darknesses of the world. Concluding by means of this the following one; Under the light of the sun of justice it converges the shade of all imperfection human being, more it is ahead of this shade that the man knows that it is under the light of the sun and is by means of the light of this sun that the man knows that it is man. Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted in Theology


FEAR the life here in the land and passenger. The life here and shortness. We come back here in this planet to repair the errors of other existences. We come back here to learn and to evolve. To love. To support. To guide.

To pardon. to help. Many times we lose the way we desvirtuamos in them of the day. The life here and expiatria and evolutiva and transcendente. The fear that appears in elapsing of this existence and proceeding from other existences.

Many of them scare in them desvirtuam in them, hinder in them of the way. The fears of the failures, to make a mistake and not to obtain limit in them. The fear to move to exceed to evolve in them distresses the soul. It torments us the spirit, it makes in them to feel weak and inapt to progress. The fear that we bring with us and pra not to estagnar and yes, guiding in, we to show them cominho. The life and a ticket. We live with fear. We live with anger. We live with great power We live wanting more wealth, but social status. We live wanting to be able. We live more wanting more and. Forgetting itself that We must love We must pardon We must help We must be we will cearemos of God We must correct and support. We must be benevolent to have, but pra to give of what to receive. We must have more time to hug to smile to love to see the life as well as it if it presents. We must have the time to be happy. To assist to be patient. To learn and to help. We will only be able to see this beauty when to look at with the eyes of the soul. When we will be able to see beyond what we want and we desire.


After some time somebody a shining idea had an idea -. They had nailed four proclamations in the table. In each I sing one. After that they had moored the two feet of old in the pregos of low the arms of the old one in the pregos from above. They had strained in such a way the old one that the bones estralaram. He was one I suffocate ruined, but they had found the solution. They had lit two candles and they had put one in each one side of arm and two under, in each side of feet. All had started to pray sufficiently, much people cried.

All, however with interest in the wealth of it. The house was crowded of people, my family was not there, but I remained quiet in one I sing, seeing all that fake lamentation. About the truth I thought about also catching one ourinho of the old one. The clock gave midnight. The candles were in the end. The majority of the typical people talked and counted estorinhas of velrio. I was I sing in it, distracted and half sleepy.

is not known for which art of the devil, but it caught fire in the ropes that moored the arms of the old one in the pregos. The ropes immediately arrebentaram the muscles of the old one if they had contracted and it was sentadinha on of the table. He was one run-runs of the devils. Nobody was in the house of it, only saw black running for the door of the front, the deep ones, the window. It had people that she crossed the brook without seeing, others had been stuck in the barbed wire of the yard with the clothes in frangalhos, some erraram until the house way. I, when I gave for me, was underneath of the cover, tremendous that taquara only green.