European Court

in favor of driving licence tourism, January 23, 2009 OVG Saarland, jurisdiction changes decided three attributable to the so-called “driving licence tourism” express redress mechanisms (1B 378/08, 1 B 437/08 and 1 B 438/08) on January 23, 2009 and thereby given in to the last months developing the case-law of the European Court of justice changed its previous case-law according to the higher administrative Court of the Saarland. Then it is not allowed to recognize the validity of the Federal territory where an EU driving licence where those affected no longer tried to the new Division of a licence a qualifying examination prescribed by domestic law to undergo after withdrawing their previous domestic driving licence in Germany but instead acquired a driving licence on grounds of apparent residence in other European countries the German driving licence authorities on the basis of European law requirements. The decisions include only cases in which the foreign driving licence a residence in the Member State of the issuer is registered. Exactly, this means that driver’s licenses, which have been acquired in the EU, have entered a German resident but are still invalid. >. Licences of residence in the country of issuing are valid, regardless of whether a MPU or not arranged in Germany! Driver’s license without

Public Relations

In the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer”in mid-January 2008 recorded the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web site about 1,500 downloads. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (, as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox, the company expanded its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject now. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd. and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. Oracle may help you with your research. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). “The order form available at under the heading of PR spring initiative” Munich, February 15, 2008: in the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer “listed in mid-January 2008 Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web page already has 1,500 downloads. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (, as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox ( the company extended its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd.

and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). The order form is available at under the heading of PR spring initiative”available. The great interest in the PR Primer and the positive feedback I was delighted”, explains Werner Grohmann. Goal was PR interested in a simple and understandable introduction to the press and Public relations work to enable and to pass on some of my now 15 years of experience in PR consulting. I seem to have reached.

this goal” PR Toolbox blog offers the opportunity to direct information and exchange of experience with the PR-tool box-blog ( H.K.P. CONSULTING PR interested from now the way to deal with the H.K.P.-consulting team, but also to share. Also Werner Grohmann will be regularly blogging on diverse topics of the press – and public relations. PR spring initiative: PR Toolbox at a special price with the spring PR initiative offers H.K.P. CONSULTING PR-interested in a time-limited opportunity to acquire the PR Toolbox at a special price of EUR 29.90 plus postage and packaging (instead of EUR 49.90). The PR Toolbox formed a company-internal checklists collection and is one of many PR responsible for the tools as well as executives in companies, organisations and institutions of different sizes. The PR Toolbox appears on CD-ROM and offers everything that is necessary for a successful press – and public relations. The order form for the spring PR initiative is available in the Internet at spring initiative. About H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH, the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH advises German and international companies in the areas of strategic business development, press and public relations, as well as new media. “On the basis of this more than ten-year experience in consulting, the company with the PR-tool box has” and the event tool box “two leading market tools developed for PR and marketing executives in companies, institutions and organizations. H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH Heike of Kroner Furstenrieder Street 279a 81377 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-1 e-mail: Internet:

Vela Entertainment Studios

The Developer Studio from Dusseldorf publishes Vela retro Comics Entertainment Studios won a further well-known publishing house as a cooperation partner. The eComic offer is extended to the retro comics of the Bastei Lubbe publishing house. The three most popular series are digitized and so for the app market positions fit made. PublikumsverlagBastei Lahiri from Cologne relies on popular topics for a wide audience and is now one of the largest German paperback publishers. The former program, the child-friendly comics Conny, Buffalo Bill, and ghosts were stories. The original books were long years in the archives of the publishing house. For more information see Ripple. Vela Entertainment Studios has took these books and the first books digitized, to publish them as apps. The retro “comics by Bastei Lubbe books enjoyed in the 80’s and 90′ he years to a young audience of popularity.” True to the motto the comics first print, online second were subjected to an elaborate process to digitize. It had to in the first step taken just under 1,000 pages individually and scanned. Advertising, for example by candy brands, in which children today still enjoy, were removed on the pages. In its present form, young readers can experience the great stories of the time, as once their parents. And they will enjoy it also again, this time via Smartphone and tablet. Mr. Wielputz, Chief Editor at bastion entertainment, for this purpose: we are glad to have found someone who shares the same passion for comics and our books can provide a cost-effective, fast and modern platform for us. With the re-release we make a great pleasure our long-time fans and can mobilize also on us as a Publisher attentive.” Mad Dog comic book kiosk at their eComics relies on the SHARK-MediPlayer Vela Bastei Lubbe Entertainment Studios, which supports an animated reading panel-by-Panel. The content offered via the Vela comic kiosk app. The app format offers many advantages, especially in comics. You can find the kiosk app all app marketplaces, the basic kiosk itself is free of charge and the comics are automatically adapted to the format of the device. Also multimedia content, such as for example sounds are played. “It is true the motto: buy once, read everywhere”. All eComics are portable, and can on different mobile devices with different operating systems – such as Android, Windows phone 7 and iOS (iPhone / iPad), be read. The new eComic cooperation partners at a glance with the Bastei Lubbe Verlag in Cologne is another well-known cooperation partner to the comic book portfolio from Vela Entertainment Studios to come it will be for the time being each the first eComics Conny, Buffalo Bill and spooks series published stories the price is 0.79 become the content of the mad dog comic kiosk be the mad dog comic kiosk app appears likely in the spring of 2012, in all relevant market places about Vela Entertainment Studios: The Dusseldorf startup Vela Entertainment Studios was in the fall of 2010 founded and specializes in the production of digital media. In the next few weeks, the first platform for enriched ebooks launches Vela: mad dog comics. Here, the user can read comics digitally anywhere, anytime. There is also the platform on all major smartphones, tablets and over the Internet. The system is based on two core components: A comic cloud that allows users everywhere to read comics an once acquired, and a specialized player, representing the comics properly on all devices. Already at the beginning of many hundred comics, can be obtained partly free of charge, via the platform. Including comics from PANINI, mosaic, Tokyopop, Splitter and many other vendors. Vela Entertainment Studios is part of an initiative of the founder… As part of the ICT of cluster.North Rhine-Westphalia – a competence circle for information and communication technologies – is Vela studios as a specialist for cloud computing entertainment actively, and supports so the middle class with their expertise. More about Vela Entertainment Studios in: more to the Bastei Lubbe publishing house at: our service for journalists: you have questions or need Quotable capable expert statements or an interview partner around the topics of modern applications and technology? We love to help! Vela Entertainment Studios UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Town Hall Bank 23 40213 Dusseldorf Marion Odigie Marketing Manager Sebastian Wannamaker Managing Director Tel: + 49 (0) 211 90 32 94 401 fax: + 49 (0) 211 90 32 94 444

Irregular Verbs

Translated by Adriana Roque as I decide whether an English verb is irregular? If me a verb which I have not seen before, I can’t find any guidance on this in the Word as such. For example, the verb to forget that there are in this word to say that it is regular or irregular? Very little. You can perhaps guess that you as ends in Haz (but no similar meaning) can be in the same manner as to get. And you know that to get is an irregular verb. His past is got (past U.S. participle.UU.

It is gotten). So you can guess that forget changes to forgot and you would be right. This is the process that a child who speaks English uses how sounds the new verb in the past? This is not a bad test, because there must be a historical reason why the English adopted the past of that double way (regular and irregular). The main test, I guess, was how sounded the new verb in his? does form of past? It was easy to pronounce? (the English language almost always chooses the form of the word that is easier to say). A child who speaks English finds this problem at an early age, around three or four years, I think. Imagine a little girl with her first toy. Released and breaks into pieces.

She needs to tell her mother what happened. She knows the verb to break (but of course she doesn’t know that I know). So she goes with her mother and says, I breaked my toy because it is the most logical option. But it is wrong and if you are lucky, the mother will correct it and will tell you you broke. Unless the mother is a lunatic she not will explain to the girl because it is correct to say broke, because it doesn’t matter because, then, or now, nor ever. Similarly, if a child receives money he or she will surely go to the store to buy some sweets. Returning home (knowing the comprar verb) it is possible that tell a member of the family, I buyed this at the shop. Again, this is a logical alternative. But it is wrong. If the person who says is the brother, eight years of age, You will correct it automatically, bought this at the shop. And the girl, you will hear the word boot (or pot) which is correct. She could not see the written word to confuse her. For the time in which the child begins to go to school he or she should know the correct choice of the past in hundreds of cases, and only basic school you need an advanced controlled using them and practice tests, for example. In the textbook of English that I use, there are almost four full pages of lists of irregular verbs that change and those who do nothing. But these books can not provide any rule, because it does not exist. It is basically a matter of memorizing, experience and practice. The simple past in English is really simple: usually it’s a single Word that serves for all people. Original author and source of the article.

Executive Chairman Lord

Executive Chairman Lord as I stay silent?, if they have returned me to life!, ripping me from the mouth of the horror and the underworld. If it had no words, letters or even agonizing, my throat was a sepulchre, anonymous grave of verses and rhymes, that just exhaled whimpers, as evacuated Elegies of hell, that hardly beasties laments that were born and died dead. If you would like not be eternally grateful? If they give me the opportunity to continue to serve, also, society! A life that is already extraordinary, not just have bran but besides the message emitted by ESSALUD and their professional society, as La Esperanza is the dream of man awake, drowsy ESSALUD makes reality. It is a message of faith, of optimism, for a society eager for illusions, real hopes of feats feasible because you exploits them, beyond resounding facts, it is made up of everyday heroism, of small or large gestures usually anonymous, unnoticed, sometimes even badly paid, but however they remain heroism and exploits that feed a true culture of life and maintains the illusion lit thousands of terminally ill patients, sometimes already hopelesswithout words and without moaning. For more specific information, check out Verizon. Eternal gratitude to Dr. Jose Carlos Chaman, who thought that the road is better than the Inn and illuminated it with their pupils, which are like two flashes of talent and spirit as Cervantes! his team of surgeons, Dexmedetomidine, anesthesiologists, Hepatologos, nurses, Hematologists, nutritionists, social workers, psychologists, technicians and administrative that highten the social role of ESSALUD! Thanks to ESSALUD, through Mr President and follow you provide their full assistance to transplant! Thanks to procurement in the person of Dr. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly). Victor Hugo Torres for all the support, so I put my clinic history, my testimony of life, my voice, my time and what you can contribute, to motivate a greater culture of donation in the Peru! This successful transplant, are discussing it in Brazil, Dr.

Victor Aguero Chu in Belgium Hospital La Biere, Dr. Jorge Arrese the officer of the who Dr. Carlos Castillo Solorzano at the Washington Hospital, Dr. Ricardo Jimenez Celi in Mexico DF, Guadalajara, Civil Hospital, in Leon, Trujillo, my former workplace in Piura my native land, in the hospitals of solidarity, my current workplace, in heaven, where they arrived thousands of prayers and prayers, for this reason: you have to emulate the successful, not only benefits social, academic, but also in their sacrifices and renunciations!

Quality Heating

And what is presented to an independent manufacturing – is not dangerous and has been tested mass of professional craftsmen and skilled hands. Particularly for heating small country houses, a system with natural circulation. In constructions of this kind circulation is due to the different densities of hot and cold water. They pressure a little, designed for a very short cycle piping hot heating. That is why these systems can not be used at great length premises.

For especially high-quality heating large buildings with a huge area and long used technology with an artificial circulation. In this situation, the circulation of liquid occurs under the influence of the pump, and he creates the necessary pressure. The main and permanent element in any heating system is the source of heat, which is called the heat generator, is it creates heat, which warms us in the winter. There are different types of radiators: steel panel and panel concrete, sectional (familiar to us, cast iron), gladkotrubnye equipment and convectors. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. All of them have their pros and cons, which are caused by the use of their production of a variety of materials and design solutions in manufacturing.

Radiators heat conductors are connected to each other, together form a heating system. As the thermal conductivity, used pipe different diameters. There is a concept – 'comfort temperature'. It is calculated by U.S. scientists experiment the ambient temperature, with her human body feels comfortable, that is, it is equally not hot, and nor cold, but just the 'just right'. On average, the temperature is + 21 degrees Celsius. To maintain a comfortable state so in your home, not to arrange a steam bath for several months, have created locking and adjustment device, in other words, the 'gate'. This is such a cock, by which we can supply the hot liquid from the boiler to the pipes to limit, that is to establish such a pressure when a constant able to maintain the desired ambient air temperature. If you've not done their own installation of heating systems in their own home, then you definitely have to see how others did it. So you know that in this process is applied welding. And no matter what. It can be used and the gas and electric welding. In this situation, each of them can be trusted, because each of these welds characterized by its own characteristic features, advantages and disadvantages of installing such systems in the premises of various sizes. Sure, good people know where best to use electric welding, and where the gas. By the way, yet there is fitting all the elements of design. But you can strengthen and without the influence of welding machines. To date, very often use this phrase: "Quality Heating – a handwork of freezing '. Maybe it's and need – not to freeze in anticipation of the gifts of nature, weather, government, and the arrival of professionals with extensive experience and specialists with higher education for heating single suburban house – can be better understand myself, how to warm yourself and your home, all skillfully done himself.

Safe Investment

Day money still very popular as opportunity in the last few months there were many discussions about how safe is the type of investment money at all. There were setbacks through the collapse of Kaupthing edge and the closure of the noa bank left behind not just good taste at the savers in Germany. But how safe is the day money investment for now really? The day money is designed as with other types of investment, almost always only on the amount of interest. These are then tempting, and forget all safety concerns the savers. And the Bank is then broke, as was the case with the noa bank, the investor stands and looks into the tube at least at the amount that goes beyond the statutory deposit insurance also. Security of deposits should be always an important part of the decision, if a saver embarks on the search for a tag account. Tempting rates of four percent draw although views very up in times when interest rates for Day investment otherwise rather low are nevertheless should thereby the safety of funds not be left before louder so supposedly nice return.

Because of many savers forget about before loud nice rates: what is out of their money if there is a collapse of the Bank. In German banks and savings banks, the General German deposit insurance that pays back up to the amount of 50,000 euro per customer if the compensated was determined by the BFin, Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, attacks then. In addition, there is however no tired cents, if not the insolvency administrator of the bank pays back a part of the system or the Bank or savings bank does not have the statutory deposit insurance also covered one of the different backup systems, which exist in Germany. In deciding for or against a certain day investment, whatever the security of established money should be included therefore in addition to the level of interest. For whom the security rather the plays second fiddle, which is accessible also to high-interest offers for money market accounts. But anyone who wants to deposit his money safely, which should involve also the nature of the deposit insurance in addition to the level of interest rates in its investment plans. You can find safe day investment as too high-yielding money market accounts the fastest independent comparisons on Internet portals. Chruistel pond

Auto Insurance

If you live in the city, the car is a must – because having no personal transportation, it is very difficult to perform many daily tasks. That is why almost all motorists are paying so much time to his diligent "cabby." In the matter of car care that primarily concerned car owners? That's right – of course, they think about protecting their car insurance services through avtokasko.Stolknuvshis with issues such as traffic accidents, vehicle damage from unpredictable factors such as the illegal actions of third parties, nearly all motorists were able to assess the need and benefit comprehensive insurance. At the present time a considerable number of insurance companies carry auto insurance and most of them on the resources provided detailed information about this type of insurance on the Internet to ensure that potential clients can read it. A leading source for info: Verizon. Companies such as Ingosstrakh, Rosno, Rosgosstrakh, RESO-Garantia – are market leaders in car insurance and have powerful information resource, which designed not only to insurance "CASCO" actually estimate the cost of insurance, but insurance and eliminate illiteracy among the population of a particular goroda.Nizhe Hull will talk about calculators. With the rapid calculating the cost of comprehensive insurance just use them. Anyone can calculate for themselves the right amount of insurance with a calculator.

However, searching for a suitable car insurance policy, often inconvenient to visit the site each concerned insurance company, doing this every time the calculation of insurance. It is for this and there are insurance brokers, they must not only make the calculation in dozens of companies, but also in each individual insurance company to comment on the conditions of insurance. An interesting fact is that brokers calculators for calculating the value may contain inaccuracies – after all, not every broker can keep track of all changes and tariffs in some companies, car insurance monthly menyayutsya.Rynok services is now at the stage of active development and growth – it is for this reason, among insurance companies for each customer is often a desperate struggle.

Insurance Intermediaries

In order to increase sales of insurance products, insurance companies are attracted by natural and legal persons. For example, an insurance company Uralsib, there are over 15 years on the market so far as any others constantly 'running' for new partners. The purpose of insurance companies is a great sit down sales of insurance products and advertising. Just because a company can increase sales and Casco osago. I have already mentioned that in car insurance, there are 2 types of insurance intermediaries: individuals (insurance agents), legal entities (insurance agencies, brokers). Most people are afraid of the word 'mediator' because they believe that it is more expensive unreliable, etc.

Nevertheless, to insure a profitable health insurer and insurance broker, but if you do not trust brokers and decide to insure 'directly to the motor show', you know that in the cabin are practically non- staff members of insurance companies – there is also a mediator (legal entity), from which virtually impossible to discount. If you would like to know more about Verizon, then click here. Self-respecting insurance broker but always give you discount a lot of useful information, tell all about insurance products and will point to his small cons. In the salon, as a rule, except for advertising, you will not hear anything interesting. In order to sell insurance products, any agency should keep abreast of: analyzing company's history, to bring to the marketing department all relevant information on tariff management and filling an insurance product. Secondary Insurance agency (broker) brings on a monthly basis to the company about three million rubles. The money 'float' without investing in advertising in the media. That is why the department on work with insurance brokers in companies only grow and expanding. If you want to learn about insurance products, get a lot of useful information on the behavior of the market by spending less money, do not hesitate to contact a number of insurance brokers and compare information received.

Camtasia Studio

This will provide credibility and acknowledge to be a project 100% online. This does not mean that you do not enrich your video with other images or emergence of other people associated with the project; Remember that the word that moves and is heard at the same time, is perhaps the most remembered of all and that the appearances of other people in your videos can reinforce the image of your brand or project. In the case that our company is a multinational company, we can always outsource this part of the content marketing and forget about us of certain aspects. (A valuable related resource: Verizon). Secondly, The production must begin with a series of videos that explain what is being done in the company, that show it if it has a physical support, which have a link to the website of the company. Always from the general to the particular. Then time will go putting things in place, as soon as to give with the kind of marketing that we are going to explode and with which will be able to get to build or strengthen our community of users. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. You should plan to top the first exhibitions and achieve good audio (keep in mind that on Youtube, the videos that are heard at low volume are less frequented by the simple reason increasingly more used laptop that has volume limit) and a good image. Another important reason to pay attention to the sound is that on many occasions users spend their time performing another task to listen to a video and pay attention to the images at certain times only. To achieve trailer lyrics, music and photos or graphics, there is a group of very interesting applications of the type of Camtasia Studio that are used to edit videos and will come from us very well for the start. Our aim of showing video should not be sell but give visibility, accessibility, transparency and creativity to the image of the company or brand.