Smava Cortal Consors WINS As A Cooperation Partner

European online bank Cortal Consors offers smava register as a new asset class Berlin Cortal Consors, one of the leading European direct banks for private investments and online securities trading, March 30, 2010, work with together. smava represents a unique opportunity similar micro-loans to invest directly in secured personal loans from Germany. With smava we offer an innovative asset class, which has strong global growth”, explains Kai Friedrich, Deputy CEO Germany Cortal consors. “” Is also new, that investors in addition to a financial is also a social return “achieve, because other people will support you in your projects.” Alexander Artope, co-founder and CEO of smava: We are pleased that with Cortal Consors a well-known direct Bank chooses our product. This confirms that we have created an attractive segment of the market with our concept. smava the private investors not opens up a market, so far was accessible.” Thus, investors benefit from Cortal Consors directly by the usual banking spread between deposit and lending rates. The investment provides security, because each borrower at smava is checked. Also, there is investor pools, which function as community protection against a possible failure of the credit for the protection of the invested capital.

Results in a good yield when compared to other forms of investment interest: smava investors achieved a yield of 7.3% after deduction of all costs in the year 2009 alone. In addition, a high market neutrality smava offers because the investment is independent of the development on the stock or bond markets. On smava, consumers or independent unbureaucratically and fast cheap funding received directly from private investors. In the three years since Mark started more than 10,000 investors and 3,500 borrowers convinced smava loan amounting to EUR 25 million. is Germany’s largest credit exchange and offers one for borrowers and investors An online platform where they can make money directly to each other. smava is get the smart alternative to banks, because they share the common banking interest margin and better conditions for borrowers and investors.

Borrowers benefit from low interest rates and the possibility to settle their credit at any time free of charge. Investors benefit from a higher rate of return than interest in other forms of investment. In addition, investors receive a social rate of return, since they determine when smava itself, what projects they support. The smava GmbH is a German company headquartered in Berlin, which was started by an experienced management from the financial and Internet area. More information at or. Press contact: Zucker.Kommunikation team smava Tel: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77