Middle East

Hookah smoking is a unique device which has a lot of names. Some call it a hookah, hooka, shesha, huka, nargile, narghile, shisha, shesha, sheesha, nargila, or shishah. In the Middle East was a standard fixture hookah smoking for centuries. Version many of the hookah, but most sources indicate that all the shisha home – still is in India. It is believed that the Indians taught the Persians to smoke hookah, and they gave their experience the Syrians and Egyptians. Later hookah has gained popularity in Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan, later – in Africa.

Hookah (hooka) is a distorted form of the Arabic word hukkah, meaning the round box. The British and other Europeans were trading in India is called a hookah hubble-bubble, the French and the Dutch call it sheesha. When smoking hookah comes gurgling, consonant with the words hubble-bubble and sheesha. Hookah has many varieties. In its simplest form, a hookah is a coconut shell with tube attached to it, which is above "chilim" (a cup for tobacco). Chilim (Chilum or kalki) has the form of a hollow cone which contains tobacco, and on top of it kindled coal. Undoubtedly, the hookah is one of the the most instantly recognizable symbols of popular Arab culture and the demand for water pipes is growing from both locals and tourists alike, as clear evidence of modernizing ancient hookah. In each country, he was exposed to changes and, finally, various routes hookah reached Egypt, where his form was somewhat changed, and he attained the present form.

Electric Equipment

Electric equipment – combined name for the devices and assemblies, supplies and protective equipment used in the production of electric welding. Electric welding uses an electric arc to heat and melt the edges of the welded metal parts or structural elements in place of welding, forming the so-called weld pool. After solidification of the metal bath is obtained weld, with high mechanical strength and reliability. At the moment, electric welding is actively used in construction for the installation of bearing and supporting structures, the laying of oil and gas pipelines, including High pressure, as well as in the automotive, defense and engineering industries. With the help of electricity also is cutting and welding of many metals on the working surfaces of parts. Electric Equipment differs by type of generated current (constant forward and reverse polarity or alternating) and its strength, operating characteristics, the duration of the cycle, so sales of electric equipment must be accompanied by professional advice. Before buying welding equipment, you must clearly identify the types of alleged welding, weld metal properties detail the requirements for weld and other parameters. But in practice, reasonable purchase welding equipment in several kits for all types of work and materials.

The most commonly used, affordable and selling electric welding equipment welding transformers are for manual metal arc welding (MMA), including working from home, even the AC voltage of 220 V. For welding with direct current direct and inverse polarity of the applied welding rectifiers that convert the two-or three-phase AC to DC. For leveling and smoothing the voltage ripple in rectifiers using different filters and semiconductor circuits. The most compact, convenient and modern electric welding equipment are inverter welding rectifiers (inverters), which provide high current stability, independent of voltage and arc length, and fine adjustment of its strength, the resolution to work effectively even with such "whimsical" metals such as copper, aluminum and alloys thereof. LLC "Trading Firm Bamz" sells welding equipment for all types of welding, as well as equipment for flame cutting and welding metals. Working with us, you can not only inexpensive to buy welding equipment with high performance performance and excellent quality, in the amount of parcels to the container, and quickly get it. A wide range of transport companies and extensive experience in sales of products in the country and abroad, we can offer delivering cargo to any destination in Russia and the world. An impressive client base in Russia and the CIS, as well as compromise price for the products give us confidence in the future.

Factory Tile

The composition of the production team includes two companies: the plant, which produces ceramic (Moscow), and the factory of ceramic tiles (Eagle). Our factory tiles – is tuned the production process and strict quality control, is the basis to produce quality products to the highest international standards. Factory Tile KERAMA MARAZZI – a modern equipment and qualified personnel, which makes it possible to manufacture ceramic tiles on the level of world leaders, and prices on porcelain and ceramic tile make less than our competitors. High-quality ceramic tile, selling products at affordable prices – these are key areas of the company. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles from producer – is the most attractive prices for the entire range of products. Buy our products can not only shop through a tile, we offer wholesale products: wholesale ceramic tile Ceramic (Moscow), glazed tiles. Today the company has 20 offices and hundreds of retail shops. Gary Kelly may not feel the same.

Shops tiles KERAMA MARAZZI located not only in different regions of Russia, but also in countries and abroad. As the leading porcelain manufacturers, we guarantee the quality of products at European level. Granite Ceramic (porcelain), ceramic tile manufacturing KERAMA MARAZZI please you original decor, quality, reliability and durability. KERAMA MARAZZI – high-quality ceramic tile and granite, Russia aspires to leadership. High-quality porcelain, ceramic tile (Russia) and at an affordable price level – this is undeniable advantages of trading network KERAMA MARAZZI. Our stores offer a large ceramic tile choice of tiles for interior and exterior finishes: ceramic, floor and wall tiles, polished granite and much more. If you need a wholesale or exclusive ceramic floor tiles, in chain stores KERAMA MARAZZI you will find a collection of various designs and formats for all creative decisions in the interior and exterior decoration.

For Sale granite and tiles from KERAMA MARAZZI – a wide range of textures and formats, a recognized quality, European design and durable materials. Profitable granite: Moscow and the region is in the area of delivery. Manufacture and sale of porcelain and ceramic tiles – the main specialty of the company, so we seek to build our clients the best conditions for cooperation and provide a high level of service. You simply select the appropriate collection, and ceramic tile (Moscow) will be delivered to you in Moscow and the transport company. If you get a ceramic tile or porcelain tile (Russia), wholesale prices fall, the system of discounts and Special Offers!

Medical Germicidal Lamps

Lamps in our lives are ubiquitous, whether ordinary light bulbs invented by Thomas Edison, or modern household halogen lamps, or even well-known sunlamps. But in this case consider the medical tubes, whose market for several years has expanded thanks to the many manufacturers. Medical lamps need doctors in medical diagnosis to the treatment of patients is not distorted color perception, which must be visually qualitative, for example, in the treatment of skin diseases. Such medical lamp can provide the necessary wave characteristics of light and will help doctors avoid setting incorrect diagnoses. The company 'Lit Trading' offers a choice of UV germicidal lamps of different power. Traditionally, many devices use ultraviolet germicidal UV lamp manufactured by PHILIPS (Philips, Netherlands) – such as TUV. Philips lamps last a long time and securely in the offices of physicians, dentists and various other health professionals. Dentists are happy to use capsule lamps, halogen lamps and reflex lamps..

Working Overseas Migrant Workers

According to the experts of the market of labor migration, more than half a million Russians are currently abroad. About 50 thousand of our compatriots go abroad every year in search of work and better life. Among them are qualified as experts and scholars, and ordinary workers, whose number is much higher. According to statistics, only 10% of all who had gone abroad to work, take their respective specialty jobs. In general, these scientists and programmers. The rest either do not have higher education, or can not get in their profession. In most cases, the Russians are looking for overseas job babysitting seller bartender, janitor, etc.

Also, our people are held dishwashers, barbers, truckers, sailors, dockers and clerks. In general, working abroad going people over 35. Few of them speak the language country in which the search for work, or at least English. And this is the main obstacle in the search for a good job. Our citizens often are hired only because they agree on all earnings and do not require high salaries. In the U.S., our people are working mainly in the services sector. In Germany, the Russians worked as a salesman or barbers in the home.

Some installers or repairers work in factories. In Italy, our citizens hold office designers, representatives of trading companies and architects. A very large number of Russians involved in the dirty work – cleaning, washing dishes, caring for the elderly. In Spain, our citizens can be met fairly infrequently. In general – during the holiday season is employment as a waiter and dishwasher. Some Russians are employed in Denmark. There, they mainly work laborers on farms. In Israel, the Russians are so many programmers. In Sweden, our women are most often arranged in a nursing home nurses. In Norway, the Russian sailors working sailors, navigators, mate. In England the demand for Russian nurse, and in France – the maids and clerks. In Canada, our people go to work by sellers in big stores, and in Turkey – the animators. As you can see, Russia supplies to the West not only qualified, but in most cases – the labor force.

Central Market Temple

In the city of interest to the Museum 'Hunyantsun' Victims Memorial KMT concentration camps, the residence of Chiang Kai-shek, Zhang Chzhichzhuna ('Guyyuan') and Kong Xiangxi ('Kunyuan'). From the start of the many river cruises along the great Yangtze River, the thresholds and Fuling 'heavenly ladder "in the county Shizhu. In Hong Kong, the busiest deepwater port in the world, interested in Victoria Park on the hillside 'area of floating markets, "Aberdeen, Man Mo Temple (" Temple of Old Man Mo'), Central Market, 'a paradise for sailors' Wanchai, Legislative Building Council, the Anglican Cathedral of St. John, the former French Mission Building, Government House, the beautiful protected park, covering an area of about 40% of the city, zoological and botanical gardens, beaches Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay and Stanley, as well as ultra-modern buildings of banks and financial institutions. On the peninsula of Kowloon in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong is a tourist center – thousands of shops and bars and Astronautics Museum, the Museum History and famous hotel Peninsula, the park is the 'City, a walled' relics of the Qing Dynasty, giant chess boards, garden birds, greenhouses, exhibition of bonsai and other landscaped sites. Lantau Island is famous for relatively unspoiled nature and Lin Monastery In its giant statue of a bronze Buddha. Separate administrative unit of Shanghai – one of the largest trading cities in the world. In addition to thousands of street trading activities Nandzin Donley, Huayhay Zhongli, Zhinlin Donley, Sichuan Bailey Tszinlin Donley and Nyantszin Force Band as well as areas and Frenchtown, be sure to inspect this picturesque street Sizhou Creek, Old Town Square with the Renmin extensive Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Exhibition Center, the Museum of Art and History, the Museum of Natural Sciences, garden tangerine S (XVI cent.) Garden Purple Autumn Clouds, Jade Buddha Temple (Yuyfesy) and Chenhuanmyao, as well as majestic 5-tiered pagoda Lunhua.

Florian Fritsch CEO

Interview with Florian Fritsch, CEO of the FG.de group of companies, to the sponsorship of the SSV Jahn Regensburg Regensburg, in August 2012: is the FG.de group of companies engaged in diversified level energy-friendly topics. This range by acquiring renewable energy project developments in the area of electric mobility to the geothermal power plant construction. The FG.de group of companies also sponsor is involved in addition to work and developments in the field of Green Energy. In the following interview, Managing Director Florian Fritsch told Regensburg by the exciting partnership with soccer promoted SSV Jahn. FG.de is sponsoring the SSV Regensburg now for April 2011 Mr Florian Fritsch, how it came about and what you personally sponsoring the SSV Jahn Regensburg? Florian Fritsch: The FG.de group of companies was founded in Regensburg. Sponsorship is also such a thing as an affair of the heart for us. In addition I am a big football fan, got himself kicked, and the career of the SSV Jahn Regensburg with track for years. It’s nice that I can do something not only as part of the company, but also as an individual Florian Fritsch with the sponsored Club.

All the more I am that the SSV now plays in the second Bundesliga and that our sponsorship agreement was extended for another year. Although we have left the place on the Jersey after the rise of a new sponsor, but as which we remain still loyal to the Club. The rise was so very surprising. When all joy that brought a few problems with it. How have you witnessed the rise, Mr.

Fritsch? Florian Fritsch: Of course I was delighted, as I said. All FG.de were proud and congratulated. The situation was also difficult, finally had to sought not only a new coaching staff, but also new players because the contracts of many master players ran out.

US Green Card Lottery

The green of the Green Card Lottery of the US immigration emigrate via green card made easy! Young Start-Up company in advance makes it easy now a company based in Austria United States fans a green card, and thus a uneingeschranke work and residence permit, to receive from the United States authorities. What is behind this? The Salzburg-based company offers a “Green Card Lottery”service for private individuals. This service includes the submission of all relevant regarding the Green Card Lottery data in the system of the US immigration. In principle, is the registration with the US Green Card Lottery for every person free of charge and can be done online. Many people that have made this step ready already learned how quickly a disqualification this is performed. Form error as obstacle of the emigration of low shape or period errors meet out to get a disqualification. Faults in the green card application those affected are not informed about a chance of winning for the year as a whole is thus has passed since the draw of the green card winners is carried out only once a year. The Salzburg-based company, however, guarantees a safe participation in the Green Card Lottery. Experienced employees who are trained on this topic not only questions relating to the green card and the corresponding Green Card Lottery but submit the applications of potential green card winner in the system of the US immigration. Odds of winning will be increased this the chances of winning at the Green Card Lottery increases, especially if you pay attention to the high rate of disqualification of almost 30%. “We help everyone who draws a migration into account, to be used as a green card winner needed only a spark of happiness ultimate” says the Managing Director of the young Start-Up Company (www.usa-greencard-lotterie.com).

Iron Mountain Germany

Every sixth company wants big data at all not use Hamburg 6 December 2012. Europe’s drowning in the flood of data. Iron Mountain, service provider for information management and privacy, in a recent study found that medium-sized companies with big data are overtaxed. In particular, you have problems, to make use of the many and always format richer data for itself. Conducted by Coleman Parkes research on behalf of Iron Mountain revealed: of the surveyed managers who are of the opinion, to be able to benefit from the ever-increasing amounts of data White half (52,38%) do not, as they will reach this target. Approximately every sixth company (17.25%) wants to use big data at all not for themselves, there are even 21 percent across Europe. Often, the reason for the ignorance is also here, how to exploit the data.

7 Percent of those surveyed said even its executives see no major issue in big data. In Germany were 153 senior executives within the framework of the study (Europe: 760) in five different industries surveyed from IT, legal, marketing and customer service. With our study, we wanted to examine big data about the hype, the phenomenon. We wanted to find out how think responsible in the information management of big data”, says Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director at Iron Mountain Germany. The good news is: the majority of respondents see great potential in big data and realize that your company can benefit from the large amounts of data. “Many fail but right at the beginning: you don’t know what to do, the increasing amount and velocity of data in the handle to get and to be able to assess their actual value.” The challenge big data can and should be solved within one day. The information landscape is changing so fast that everything is now right for companies may be wrong tomorrow.

German Companies Run Championship

The beverage producer Christinen Brunnen and B2RUN GmbH & co. KG enter into a partnership of four years. Munich / Bielefeld: Participants of the German companies run Championship be supplied in future Premiumgetranken Christinen. The Unternehmen is a financial contribution in favour of the B2RUN Charitypartners RTL in addition we help make children. Carsten Hess is Managing Director of Christinen Brunnen since September 2012, and he proposes a new, sporty way. This proves, anderem cooperation with B2RUN, which is designed first to four years.

Core partnership is the participants catering to the future ten B2RUN locations with Christinen mineral water and soft drinks. “Why is Christinen” decided for the German company country championships as a cooperation partner, Carsten Hess know exactly: B2RUN moves people, and that appeals to us. During the runs, employees have the opportunity to promote their health. It knits together and provides for a Boost of motivation in the company. We are pleased to take over the Board for almost half a million expected participants in the nachsten four years.

The valuable minerals and SpurenElemente, in Christinen Premiumgetranken plug, ensure high performance. So, participants can start by properly and give everything for their company. Through this post to be part of the event format makes us proud.” Thomas Brautigam, Member of the Executive Board of the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG, is pleased about the new partnership of expertise: catering all parTICipants in one hand, a good brand and the expertise of a leading beverage manufacturer all know we appreciate. “” We are delighted by the willingness that is Christinen Brunnen of bring Charitykampagne continuously help children “want to connect.” B2RUN will pay 10 cents on an account for donations in the season 2013 per an kilometers. This implies an average 6 km running track and expected 100,000 participants Basic donation of B2RUN amounting to 60,000 euros.