Head People

Mr. Idosa was obliged to interoper its wire of thought therefore it does not occupy no social folder in the community according to words pronounced for the secretary of the locality my analyses had left for this principle. It is undisputed that in full century twenty and one, that all days in reporters and periodicals opt in spreading out the information saying or promoting some debates and conversations to give liberty of speech to all and to value the idea of each individual, this Head of locality still takes this as form to become to feel that its contributions and politics go beyond what any for contributo of the growth and development of the community can be the contributions of an individual. Sincerely after all where planet we will place esssa flowing socialstica of ' ' Pobres' ' , people who they do not occupy no folder in the society. In my conception ' ' to be pobre' ' it is not to be an individual with inhibition of thoughts or, to have a humble, frozen mind intimidated to give reasonable contributos, esfarapada, dirty and lean! As she has been most of characteristic style in its physical way of presentation, to oppose this idea I am of the opinion that the best people who contribue for the good functioning and development of a country is the poor people who leave of a intinerrio of the reality and of the consequncias that they had passed in the past therefore, they obtain consciliar the state of current life and the passed one contributing for the success and advance of a joint society, instead of an exploration fantocha that the little of the expression chance its people of contributing in its ideas for the joint communion of a problem that she could more good be exceeded in set, instead of to intimidate the others this that takes to the signal of one me the governao of its ' ' subordinados' ' in its locality, that in mine idealstica source is not compatible nor preponderant for the advance of a society s. .

Mines Poetry

Romanticism in Brazil was fit founding book ‘ ‘ Poetical sigh and Saudades’ ‘ Guimares Gonza’les. In the 1808 with the arrival of the real family to Portuguese Brazil in Rio De Janeiro through the urbanization process, thus becoming European influence a field environment. Introduction In the 1808 with the arrival of the real family to Portuguese Brazil in Rio De Janeiro through the urbanization process, thus becoming European influence a field environment. Romantismo in Brazil found a process revolutionary, of 1822 independence, launched a new challenge, it said that as a nation, and it must construct its proper identity, the beddings of the romantic style are: the nationalism, egoism and liberty of speech. The characteristics of the romance they are: Subjetivismo: the personality of the author is enhanced, in the poetry and in it chats presents a particular vision of the society, its customs and of the life as a whole. The Sentimentalismo author starts to use literature as a form to explore common feelings in the society.

Nationalism: the necessity appears to create an extremely Brazilian culture. Badly alone century or byroniano century: the dark resource is to approach questions as the death, the impossible love and blackout. Indiana: The author uses the figure of the indian as inspiration for its work, approaching the figure of the national aboriginal hero. Escapism: the romantic ones had looked for to run away from the capitalist oppression generated by the bourgeois revolution. The woman of the idealized one as an inspiration source was untouchable, visa as an angel.

The beginning of chats literary Brazilian was in the Romantismo, with the development of some cities, as Rio De Janeiro, where if it formed a public of young of high classroom, what it allowed to the leisure reading romance and seriados. The public was to it looks for of a promulgation literature. The trends of the romance are: Urban romance, related to the social life, with the social and moral causes of the urban development. The prominences: Jose de Alencar (Mrs. Luciola), Joaquin Macedo (the Moreninha, muco Loire) Manuel Antonio de Almeida (Memory of a sergeant of military services) .romance regionalistic, that desire is characterized for the attraction for colorful eo to explore, to investigate Brazil interns. The romantic authors were interested in the life and habits of the agricultural population. The prominences: Jose de Alencar, Taunay (Innocence) Bernardine Guimares (the Isaura Slave, seminarista). Historical romance is characterized by being a nationalist, in the truth increases history. The prominences: Jose de Alencar (the Guarani, the Mines of Silver) Bernardine Guimares (Legend and Historical Romance) Franklin Tvora (the Matuto, Louteno). With the end of the Brazilian romantismo, in 1860, the economic influence, social politics and of literature stop if approaching to reality, the referring to abolitionism poetry reflects the fights, the war of the Paraguay and the ideal of the republic, the decline of the monarchy eo appearance of the social poetry. I castrate Alves influenced the realism sprouting. Romantic poetry is characterized by white verses, the free verse, without measure, estrofes rhymes. REFERENCE BIBIOGRFICA William Robert; MAGALHES, Thereza Cochar. Portuguese: Languages, So Paulo, Current Publishing company, 2003, CAP.