The Internet As A Means Of Communication With Consumers

In modern life, the Internet every year is an increasingly strong position. And while Russia has just only 30% of the population are regular users of the Web, the pace of development of the World Wide Web simply enormous, and safe to say that this will continue in the future. Therefore, the potential of the Internet is very great thing to keep in mind when constructing the communication policy of the company. Of the advantages of the Internet can be identified the following:-most of the Internet audience is young people (16-37 years) with higher education and middle or high income, which for the dominant part of the companies are the most desirable potential consumers, as the Internet makes it quite clear to segment them, the very nature of consumer contact with the brand on the Internet can only be compared with a visit to the store or office, that is, he personalize leaves deep emotional connection, involvement is very important for branding, Internet-can receive feedback from the consumer, it can be used to conduct surveys with minimal cost and thus quickly adjust the policy of the company;-online easily track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by clicks or the amount and quality browsing. The Internet also has some disadvantages:-specificity of basic Internet users also have a negative side – the channel of communication is not effective for users off-line, for example, for retirees. -Effectiveness of online campaigns is easy to follow, if the goal is increasing sales or "unwound" the site.

If it is image advertising, it is much more difficult – have to resort to consumer opinion survey. -And finally, the Internet – it is a huge information base, a place where consumer decides to stay on his site or not, where to go. Do not touch comes to him and he to it. This compares with a shop in a dead-end street – there is no chance that the consumer will go there, casually passing by, he can only purposefully to come back.

Olympic Marathon Champion

And when tallied organized the “sports embassies.” For that exchanges between the world of artistic entertainment and sports highlights, one can surmise that the “fat” took out the idea of organizing “Sports embassies.” For those times had been given the nickname of “scraped” the tour that made by people inside the theater radio companies, such drama gaucho, which is transmitted by Radio Portena, directed by Juan Carlos Chiappe or Audon Lopez. “Fachenzo the damned” was an icon of that style. a Well, the question that Ortiz, organized the “Posta Athletic Junin.” There we were with our adolescent enthusiasm. a In the study of the then Radio Belgrano located in Ayacucho and Posadas, we made a kind of “circus”, and after hearing, we started running swiftly Junin; but wasteland a few hundred meters later near the Law School. From there we took the bus and not stop until General Rodriguez (40 miles later).

The figures of the embassy were: the Olympic Marathon Champion 1932, Juan Carlos Zabala, Armando Pino in the final stages of his career after being one of the greatest athletes in the background, overshadowed by the simultaneity of its apogeoa with presence of two giants in the business as Osvaldo Suarez and Walter Lemos, and the picturesque Ezequiel “Tapita ‘e Grafico” Bustamante, a character that is of the most lovable and memorable as we long ago. The stop at General Rodriguez Zabala was that I wanted to greet Daniel Musso, race car which was very famous in the golden age of Zabala. They could only do so by telephone. From there we started running “in post” is a stretch every athlete and so continue until the departure of Lujan (20 kilometers), where went back to get on the bus, and only place to stay in Chacabuco curve that is nearly 150 miles later. a There we “crossed” the bus company of the now defunct Red, which came the “Gordo” and his young and plump companion. We waved and walked on.

From there, it really started to run as it fell in the afternoon and post, while Carlitos Obberti, almost child, ena cramped by running the floor. . . Junin a Arriving in access, we ran as a group. People thought we were running from Buenos Aires. . . we applauded. and nobody was telling him otherwise. . . a In front of Club Jorge Newbery, in a box in the “fat” to emcee idea (an animator of those) and there a tripod.

Purposes Information

Some of the more common problems and of great importance today of which the management of an organization must be more careful is the reference technological changes, due to but there is one appropriate technology can generate chaos within the Organization and as an example has: the lack of an information system. According to the authors Kenneth C. Laudon-Jane p. Laudon, (1996) an information system aims to capture, store, and distribute information in the environment of an institution and its internal operations for the purposes of supporting the institution and decision-making functions or areas. How the lack of a system of information affects the performance of the functions of a Manager, could be summarized into three: lack of information requiring the institution and those working in the administrative level for decision-making. It affects the control of operations and analysis of problems. It interferes in the creation of new products and services. Information systems are technological and social nature which require a feedback is the product returned to the right person within the institution to help you to evaluate or correct the power stage. Conclusion the management should face with much interest, proactivity, current reality facing the Venezuelan business sector, for this purpose, diagnose are the main causes that are generating the appearance of administrative problems and undertake the actions, strategies to counter in order to not be affected companies in its operation, productivity. Should propitiate give step to an organizational culture that is consonant to a reality that favors him, authentic, where all staff this fully identified with his role and encourage them in such a way to generate suggestions, participation that counteract the negative effects of the administrative problem.


Ahoraya kids are not like before; nor more dunces, but simplementedistintos are not more espavilados. In the presentepueden studies, stay on the floor of their parents until they are financially solvent and they can thrive as people and enjoy life before purchasing responsibilities. But the reality in which they live is, moreover, very arduous. To get a good life not just basic education or secondary education; today is ineludiblecursar College, having a postgraduate or master, being bilingual or trilingual and having computer knowledge. However, increasingly are more businesses that complain that young people possess good knowledge teoricospero have very little practice, something that does not favor the needs of employment.

Vocational training is a good alternative to learn a job, but tampocoasegura a job. Therefore, what is the path by which you must choose? There is no clear answer or none is better than another; It depends on each case and circumstances. Without However, as society, is our funcionapoyar to these young people and not to leave that they are held. In Japan, adolescents and young people aged 18 to 30 are settled in their rooms and decide to disconnect completely from society and the outside world. They are called hikikomori and some of them may develop serious depressive disorders. Here the,(que no tienen ningun tipo de ocupacion) ninis have proliferated and just want to be a few kept. But it should not be forgotten that these vague young people represent only a part of all the youth of the society, many of whom work hard to get a good job and leave the serious economic crisis plaguing us victorious. Original author and source of the article

Pardon Company

Canova. Good Norah.’ afternoon; ‘ (Canova stumbles) ‘ ‘ Mr. Canova! Chord Mr. Canova! ‘ ‘ , Phill with the corpulent Canova in the arms said. ‘ ‘ It for a moment holds! I will go until first-aid infirmary and I will catch the luggage! ‘ ‘ , Norah said, and left in gone off building measures. ‘ ‘ Pobrezinha ‘ ‘ , Phill said. ‘ ‘ It was alone to ask for Mr.

Blake, it is in prdio.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ What you want to say with this? ‘ ‘ , Canova asked, that in as, was of foot, to the side of Phill. ‘ ‘ Blake is in the building? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ It was a little more. You know the heads always you work more than the others. Therefore that they are rich ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ cornos.’ ‘ , it completed Canova. Norah finally arrived until the room of Blake. It sat down table and started to sabotage the email. When it was you give to send, it heard the discharge of the bathroom of Blake, and the door if opening. When seated seeing it in its table, Blake had anger attack: ‘ ‘ But that devils you are making in my room? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ I, I only was He compelled me to Canova to sabotage the company and to change the dates of the campaign.

But it does not make nothing against it is with problems. For many times I tried to convince it to look aid. But it does not hear ‘ to me; ‘ ‘ ‘ Son of the mother! I helped always it here in this company. But you made in good in having counted me. I go to decide this right now everything. Retirar.’ can if; ‘ , Blake bound immediately for Canova. ‘ ‘ Its poor fellow! You are fired! He is one without same shame! Using the namorada poor person to be able to sabotage the proper company. He disappears of my company! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ But ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ But, nothing! ‘ ‘ , Blake cried out. ‘ ‘ You have luck of I not to put a process in voc.’ ‘ Norah did not obtain to look at Canova in the eyes. The taste bitter taste of the shame penetrated in its mouth. It made force to face Canova and it said with the eyes: ‘ ‘ Pardon; ‘ Two Were a shock, Canova did not wait this machete blow for the coasts of the proper one namorada. The pleasure flesh time made with that it lost the job: If he was not cursed mnage with the blond ones, it would have finished with Norah, it would be used and with dignity.

Knowledge Project Country

Venezuela, knowledge society: project country Teodulo Lopez Melendez I said that in the so-called project national Simon Bolivar Prime Plan Socialist development economic and Social of the nation 2007-2013 is the conception of the present regime on man, society and the political project, so it must respond in terms of reflection. I propose, then, another vision of the Venezuelan, to build society and political system which should replace the present. In sum, my vision to begin building in 2013. It is what I will try to. The old speeches are delegitimized. A shortage of the inventors of world.

We cannot allow that Venezuela continues to be an ahistorical territory. To emancipate us from serious problems afflicting us should untie a philosophically emancipatory process. This being human intelligent which is the Venezuelan should organize towards the emergence of a new social order. We must make us attentive to the incitements of the present and the challenges pragmatism of the circumstances having in hand the answers of a renewed political philosophy. The movement should come from below upwards, come from a thinking society, from a global humanism.

The Venezuelan’s this time lives the break with a world that wobbles. What is required is a fluid and permanent exchange of diverse understandings. There to give a common response to the everyday demands of democracy. Many cling to ways deciduous and when least expect you spigot opens and deflate which punctured balloon. Same thing happens to political systems that ignore the renewal and change. They can last until middle age – 50 years remained the Venezuelan political system known as democratic stage – or languish in adolescents and even children. Conceptions which gave rise to the foundations of the democratic system have remained unaltered beyond the convenient and make water. Political organization we know melts pushed towards the closet by an obvious and manifest fatigue that the rulers do not understand and demands own a body that needs to be structured with new ingredients.

Worldwide Economy

Now yes EE.UU can lead the recovery of the world-wide economy? Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of February of 2009 Is essential that all American understands that the battle by the economic recovery must be fought in two fronts. We must make take the creation of use and the deprived investment, and must cause that the credit again flows to the companies and the families. Words of the Secretary of the Treasure of the EE.UU., Timothy Geithner, when announcing the new plan of salvataje for the banking sector. The two good news arose yesterday from the United States: the launching than has occurred in calling the Plan of Financial Stability, announced by Geithner and the Package of Economic Stimulus (call Plan of Recovery and Reinvestment for EE.UU.), but the markets did not react of the awaited way and closed in red, in one of the worse days of the year. In EE.UU Dow Jones lost a 4.6% of its value, S& P 500 closed 4.91% down, whereas it did it to the Nasdaq 4.2% in red.

The little information, mainly related to the Plan of Financial Stability, where for example, one did not need how much it was going to pay the American government by the toxic assets, generated a great disappointment in the stock markets, an evil beginning for a plan that it looks for to change the expectations to reestablish the economic growth. The package of economic stimulus, on the other hand, that contemplates to a total amount of US$ 838,000 million, did not have them easy and was approved by 61 votes to favor and 37 against (as soon as a vote more of the necessary one so that it is approved). Now subtraction that enters the Senate and the House of Representatives agrees the project of final law. .


The Manager of talent human against this perspective, and having clear that organizations rely on to its evolution and functioning of human talent available to, this should be discover skills and attitudes for the benefit of the organization. If a team member does not have the skills necessary for specific job you must discover other special conditions which are required elsewhere in the organization. Similarly make and maintain comprehensive and competent people thus achieving the best performance of each person, even more important to create the necessary conditions for continuous learning, allowing access to knowledge. According to the global economy, this will be the power of enterprise-wide in the future. (Intellectual talent) Obstacles exist in 1. The different way of perceiving situations to distort the media.2.

The lack of interes.3. The lack of knowledge basicos.4. The emotions of the transmitter and the prejuicios.6 receptor.5.Los. The lack of organisation of the ideas.7. The distracciones.8. Not knowing escuchar.9.

The Lenguaje.10. The complexity and congestion of the world in which we live. However, achieving that general manager change his autocratic style that so far has led to a growth of the company, may be the main obstacle.Autocratic style begins to saturate own general manager who sees with despair that has no staff confidence and competence that proceed it, and moreover notes that growth whose curve starts to lean, not worth the efforts and creativity will be ending along with the motivation.In many cases, as it’s family-owned businesses, who really manda is the family of the general manager, whose exhacerbado conservatism, makes to not approve you actions necessary for a given change the radicalism that represents moving from a familiar to a professional management management.In other cases, is the own manager who not quere abandon their autocratic habits, opposing unconsciously, since it mistakenly perceives that you may lose power. Many companies have gone bankrupt by this fact.General manager must make a good self-diagnosis, trying to discover, if he inherited the general management as head of a hidden family power, or the necessary initial growth transformed it into an autocrat who does not want, unconsciously, professionalize the company is a sort of spurious Manager who likes to surround himself with people with low potential for that, unconsciously, do you not shadow.

Merrill Lynch

The role of partners is the develop the agenda and members is the to carry out the actions necessary to achieve the objectives established by the Forum, benefit from the relationships between the members of the Forum. Some strategic partners are: Audi, The Boeing Company, British Petroleum, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Compaq, DHL, Ernst and Young, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Company, Reuters, Price Water House Coopers, Vivendi Universal and Volkswagen.The FEM is known primarily for its annual meetings held in late January in the tourist centre of Davos in Grisons where will engage in discussions on economic and social problems affecting the whole world. The meetings involved Presidents and Prime Ministers of States, heads of major economic organizations, representatives of NGOs, intellectuals and up personalities from the world of the spectacle. In addition to the annual meeting in Davos, the WEF organizes every year a series of regional meetings. It also conducts studies on issues related to the contribution of the global economy to overall development as leaders gather in Davos, a large number of security forces is employed to protect congressmen and to prevent that otherglobalists protesters come to the place of the rally. Since 2001 held in Brazil on the same dates the so-called World Social Forum (WSF) which is understood as an alternative to FEM more important topic on the agenda of the WEF is the increase in the standard of living on a global scale. Among the most recent achievements stands out the adoption of a comprehensive plan to stop the spread of tuberculosis (2006) and a program of the G-8 countries initiated by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005 to alleviate the effects of poverty and climate change. It is said, that there are those who consider the WEF a forum for the wealthy, where economic leaders and large employers put pressure on politicians to assert their own interests the truth who have assisted a significant numbers of participants from different countries with the interest of alternative solutions that favour how dealing with the crisis, specifically, hundreds of political and business leaders from around the world are already gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerlandwhere it is anticipated that they will discuss the recent reduction in rates of interest in United States and the global economy crisis.

Increasing Tourism

Carlos Mora Vanegas finds it hard to accept that a country with so much natural beauty, ranging from mountain landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, seas, plains, unique fauna and feminine beauty, tourism marketing wasted by poor integration of government to promote business, tourism programs that not only you provide cheap tickets, but allows it to develop as tourist activity should be to generate employment, regional development and allow the world to know what the country has natural wealth. There’s definitely a lack of political culture in the management of those who have ruled the country foreign exchange inflows wasting you favor in the economic and development of each region.

There are many cities that could benefit from it, like Merida, Margarita, Caracas, Maracaibo, Place de la Cruz, Barquisimeto, Ciudad Bolivar, among others, unfortunately has not been taken very seriously what is involved in tourism, its scope and consequences, even by the authorities of each state, region of the country that has not taken advantage of its great resources you have. It must be developing a tourism culture in order to activate what tourism benefits when managing and marketing know, take in mind that to ensure a good tourism marketing are required to have trained people, development for that purpose, besides to have all the necessary facilities to allow disclosure as accessible to consumers wishing to avail, satisfactory all the attractions that can be offered towards your rest, joy, tranquility and enjoyment. Rafael Beaoufond shows that will be remembered, that tourism, undoubtedly, is an appropriate means for obtaining foreign currency.