It is frankly embarrassing that candidates and Peruvian political visit to the Embassy of the United States to go to confession about their problems, den alleged lessons of how it must lead a country, criticize his opponents, and even ask for help to defeat their opponents and many do so with the hope that will reach them a billetito for your campaign to be official or through an NGO, ligue les a trip and with the belief that to receive his blessing or approval from us.UU. they will be able to govern the country.Adjectives for those politicians of lackeys, crawling fall them knob, although it would be better to qualify them from homelands for sale. Once we are learning what they will converse with American diplomats, that political rot does not deserve to govern the country, be parliamentarians, or have a public function. Shame having that kind of politicians who, by a sanguchito, a drink or a hamburger sold in the most deplorable way!But very few are saved, now will be the gringos Wikileaks, tomorrow be able to escape the Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan, Chilean, Spanish, wikileaks. And also we will have surprises.

No politician is going to be able to throw the first stone. All are a long tongue for a plate of lentils.They are exporters, traders, well, happens. Total they want to open their markets, sell them more, it is your business. Nothing to do politicians and until I am sure that also have paraded certain journalists and analysts, committing the same sin, but his wikileaks will be disseminated? They run bets!Serve that these wikileaks as lesson for politicians, journalists, for all. The problems must be vented at home, without foreign influence.

It is a shame, I again repeat, that go as gossipy old to tell them their sorrows, to foreign diplomats, who, them, happy, receive information you transmit to their Governments, justifying their salaries. * Journalist. Member of the foreign press.

Health And Globalization

The world in which the rules of globalization with its greedy laws. Global corporations are still running the show. But unlike the industrial giants of the twentieth century, many of the current manufacturers hide behind the social orientation of the business. Cola produces dubious liquid, the impact on human health is still not fully understood.

But spending millions to charity. McDonald’s hoisted on fast food has none of the younger generation. But do not forget to build clinics, to open children’s rooms, organize regular sports competitions. Promote the health of the younger generation, in one word =) Many clothing manufacturers, owners of famous brands use cheap labor from developing countries in East Asia … Everything is subject to the same – to earn as much as possible, no matter what.

It is clear that social marketing, for most large corporations – the cover-up, answer the demands of society. But consumers can not indefinitely cheat. The buyer wants to know: where the product is made, of which, the efforts of some people. Impersonality global brands, their opacity, recent pushes more and more potential buyers. At this time, all goods become more popular local producers. Social friendliness, after-sales contact the seller and the buyer, the producer attachment to a particular region. All of these factors are all greater response in the hearts of people. Especially this trend is noticeable in the largest metropolitan areas, where people experiencing a huge amount of impersonal appeals to him, but, in fact, often left alone with their unmet needs. There are new companies that are ready to show how the process production, what are the ingredients used by those who work in the company. For example, a Canadian firm Blank, producing clothes without labels, has combined his factory to the store. For example, customers can shop through the glass wall observe the production process. Some companies are even willing to give the consumer the opportunity to participate in the production itself, thereby reducing the level of confidence possible to zero (the British Omlet company is selling egg-laying hens in the hen mini, by the way, very successfully). Of course, all this sounds convincing and optimistic, but not worth-at least in the near future, write off global production of monsters from the accounts. They will only invent more sophisticated methods of winning customers. And win them huge budgets for small players in the market will be not easy. But still, there has been a tendency, very clearly. The buyer wants to know, for that it pays. So safe to say that the future for local brands – environmentally and socially responsible.


Much refers to opportunities for generating profitable internet business which has several variants such as the sale of physical products using the internet as a platform for sale, the sale of applications or useful tools for potential customer, the sale of advertising among others. Among those others is the sale of digital products. But how much money people are willing to pay for a digital product? What should be the price which I set to sell my digital products over the internet? According to an interview posted on the FastCompany website, 43% of people spend just between 1 to 10 dollars for digital products on the internet, which is obviously quite low. Another 25% spent between 11 and 30 dollars thus having the majority in these two groups. What the study also demonstrates is that the amount of people who have done this kind of shopping is fairly high reaching 65% of internet users which somehow compensates for the low figures that each one of them on average are willing to pay. In the attached table can appreciate money ranges with their percentages that persons are willing has pay on the internet and as you can see there also just a 7% pay more than $100: these figures are very important if you’re planning to launch any business idea online that includes the sale of digital products given that will be an important part of his analysis this information at the time that set the price of your product.If you set the very high price perhaps their sales will not be that awaits and you can not earn money which has projected beyond that your product will be good or not..

Software Software For Funding Guidance And Financing Advice

Funding advice to current funding database are our core business. The consulting software InvestInform helps you reliably your funding – and financing discussions. We offer modules, which can also be combined in desire: information service (looking for funding), financial calculator (calculations including before due date calculator), trade financing and construction financing. Access to current funding database with large document pool, the intelligent menu guidance, automatic calculations, design freedom for additional financing modules, understandable and appealing printed pages for the end customer is all modules together. We involve the entire business logic relating to funding and financing also tailored in your corporate applications or your homepage. ComFiP (components for finance and public funding) is a framework of system-independent program and database modules, developed and designed for easy integration into any application was. ComFiP optimizes the financing of investment in the commercial sector or in the private housing sector and it is open, with or without taking into account public funding. We conduct funding research for yourself or for your customers. You us as possible details of a planned investment in an online ausfullbaren questionnaire on our website. Based on your information we provide you with a funding plan with the following scope: all relevant documents to the researched programmes, at least one, often several funding proposals, current condition tables and a detailed overall comment. Contact: Lisa economic information service GmbH Mollendorffstrasse 49 10367 Berlin Tel.: 030/577 981-0 fax: 030 / 577 981-18 E-Mail:

Site Promotion Articles

Publication of articles has been the main method of promotion of the site on the Internet, relegating to second place the registration site in directories. Link to the article many times more influential links in websites. The really high-quality Directory of sites on the Internet is not too much, so do not waste your time and money. Recently I came across an ad – “‘s register for a few minutes your site is 16,000 catalogs for 20 rubles.” As they say, no comment. Web site promotion using paid article directories has also become less popular, unnecessarily, a large number of quality free directories and popular articles, most of them are “white” is do not require Setup the links to them on your site. TIC paid directory of articles and especially directories that require the installation of links, always goes down. Using articles can be promoted not only the home page, but internal. The article will help to get inbound links to your site, and with ready-made key words.

High-quality paper always attract to your site will not only search engines, but the extra visitors. Novice writers on the Internet taken to help a lot of intermediaries to create articles (not writing, namely, the establishment – it’s writing can not be named) and their placement, but the really high-quality product had a mediator can not. The most is an effective method of self-writing articles and placing them in separate directories. List of free directories of articles, mainly on issues – business and the Internet, I would like to offer you. Watch it and you can download it here.

Selling Citations

In today's world it is impossible to conduct, or a business without a website on the Internet. Anyone can visit the site and see the product catalog, prices, read the agreement on cooperation and learn about ways to pay for the goods. That is, find out all the detailed information about your company from home and make a decision – to buy the goods from you or someone else. The site – a person of the company. The question of the creation of sites is clear – the more expensive will be the site, the beautiful design will be and the more it will attract the attention of visitors. But here's how to bring visitors to the site? Since search engines are considered authoritative sites in the SERP based on references that link to those sites, get links was an essential element in optimizing Web sites and a major factor in search engine promotion. A logical continuation of the process of getting links to become a paid receipt from through exchanges of links. Link has become the main instrument for a person who is promoting his site and wants to see him in the top ten search results.

To facilitate the process of buying options and to avoid controversy and webmasters Advertisers began to appear on the stock exchange sale and purchase links. One of the first appeared on the market service sales options MainLink, and continues to occupy a leading position in this field. The system was created enormous number of functions under a variety of tasks, from assessing the links to a fully automated for mass purchases. On the interface site the best specialists in the field of usability and design. The interface is easy to used and implemented in Russian and English languages. Keep buying links in the system can a person familiar with the basics of site promotion, and beginner.

Domain Names

Domain names are well-chosen domain name will be an excellent complement to efforts to attract traffic to the site. Register a domain name that is easy to remember. Stay away from difficult to write domain names. Also, avoid domain names with hyphens and numbers. Ask yourself: "Will people remember my domain name?" Test your domain from your friends, family and existing clients. Ask them about their views. You may love the name of his domain, while others will have difficulties with spelling, or remembering it.

If you have to buy a domain that is not easy to write, get the same error and its variant spellings. Domain names are cheap to registration. If the domain name is the possibility of errors in their writing, very often domain with the wrong spelling is worth it to buy them. By a small investment, you can ispyravit spelling of your clients. Make your domain name is easy to read.

Which of the following is easier to read? or capitalizing the first letter of each word helps the reader. Easier to read are easier to remember. Do not buy a domain zone. NET, if. COM-version is not available. Having a domain zone. Net you will lose revenue for your business, which will acquire a business that owns it. COM version of the domain. Directories are added to their sites to directories. There are several major directories that you should consider, but do not ignore the niche directories or smaller. Inclusion in this directory will cause the link to your website. Moreover, links from relevant categories directory. ent Partners wrote in a letter to supporters. Another advantage of links from directories in that they are one-way links pointing to your website. Such links are considered more valuable than reciprocal links. Hosting Reliable hosting company should be part of your strategy to create traffic. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking a search result that leads to a web site that does not work. The choice of a failed host may result in loss of traffic. You work hard to drive traffic to your website. Do not let nenadezhnymhostingovym company to cancel your efforts. Some directories offer free listings, while others-only fee. Paid listings are usually leads to rapid appearance of your links, while Free can make you wait months or even longer.

Goodyear Runflat Tires

With Runflat tires remain on the route a flat tire is not always very annoying, especially if you in a hurry or have an important event. Be it business or pleasure, a flat tire is always associated with a loss of time. It doesn’t have to be. Excitement due to a tyre failure, that was yesterday. It continues today carefree with the right tires. Despite flat feet at a speed of 80 km/h and up to 80 km wide. This is made possible by the new Runflat technology. The emergency running characteristics is achieved reinforced side walls with Runflat tyres by Goodyear.

These prevent a plate off the tire pressure loss or rupture (jumping off of the tire from the rim). The weight of the vehicle is then absorbed through the reinforced side of the tire. This amplification is guaranteed a good transmission of steering, braking and driving forces. The driver hardly noticed the difference between the non-pressurised and the normally-filled tires. Mature flat, no spin, no break out, no accidents.

A good Feeling. Instead of the trench just to the nearest tire dealer. Many new vehicles are now, already at the factory, equipped with Runflat tyres to the joy of the future owner. Through the use of Runflat tires is the spare wheel, Jack often not very user friendly, as well as the, necessary to change the tyre, tools superfluous. With a Goodyear Runflat tire under the vehicle has not only more space in the trunk, but also have a good and safe feeling. Who’s driving Runflat tires saves further costs for spare tire, Jack, or sealant and Additionally the fuel consumption is reduced by eliminating this puncture tool – less weight means less fuel consumption. More space, less fuel consumption and a safe driving experience. What development opportunities the Runflat technology? The run concept, Goodyear sees a considerable development potential. Tires with the base system of the Runflat stiffened sidewalls in the merger with the Luftdruckkontroll system has proven its reliability already many years. Many well-known tire manufacturers test further technical innovations on the Runflat technology. “An intelligent tire” the modern RFT and GPS technology will open up here new possibilities. Would it be great if your tire air pressure monitoring system reports a puncture, at the same time, your vehicle’s GPS system locates the nearest service point and she is the shortest route in the workshop. There you are expected already, as also the workshop was automatically informed. A new Goodyear Runflat tires available for you and provides for a quick and safe journey. Julia Sandor

Portuguese Translators In The Federal State Of Hesse

Portuguese translator, translation for the translation of official documents that must be submitted to authorities and institutions come German translators and translator to use legally registered and therefore empowered to the official translation. Because of the federal system in Germany, the translators have different names or titles. “In the Federal State of Hesse these translators carry the designation generally authorised translator for the courts and notaries in the land of Hesse”. The translator confirm the correctness of their respective translation, by installing their stamp and the language for which the translator is authorized, must be specified on the. Such certified translations are required by the various documents. The authorised translators create, for example, Portuguese German translations of birth certificates from Brazil, Portuguese German translations of Brazilian Ledigkeitsbescheinigungen, certified or confirm in Portuguese translations of divorce. Customers who are looking for a confirmed Portuguese translation, often contact a translation agency which authorized Portuguese translators are busy. This translation agencies work both for private individuals and business customers.

The Portuguese native speaker take over, including contract translations into Portuguese, translation of extracts from the commercial register German Portuguese or balance sheet translations from German into Portuguese. Here, each customer has the choice between European and Brazilian Portuguese. Documents, which the translation are provided for the foreign example, for Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Madeira or Mozambique must often in addition to the normal authentication or confirmation of a judicial legalisation, depending on the country of destination as Apostille”or Legalization”is called, get. The service of obtaining this certification of parent is also taken over by translation agencies. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

Pixi * Apps Framework Of Mad Geniuses GmbH Wins Innovation Price

The bvh has declared for the first time the best service innovation out of the circle of his preferred business partner. The product was ‘ pixi * apps’ the mad geniuses GmbH won out. Munich, 23 April 2012 the bvh awards the Innovation Prize from now annually on new products or services that were introduced specifically for the interactive trade award year in the market. “With his product, the pixi * apps”, the mad geniuses GmbH it has taken exactly the spirit of the times, the bvh has wanted. “pixi * apps” is a framework developed by the mad geniuses GmbH, allows online retailers, the pixi * to extend functionality for personal needs at your fingertips.

Individual demand functions from online retailers such as industry-specific extensions, new payment types, marketplace connections or interfaces to third-party systems can be programmed as a single app. “About the pixi * Appstore” can Saravanan (www.pixi.eu/ app store) * customers 10 days free trial apps, apps book or unsubscribe. “In addition to extensions directly from the mad geniuses is the pixi * Appstore” above all a platform on the service providers and partners own extensions around 250 customers of mail-order software can provide. While the partners even determine whether the apps are offered free of charge or to even set prices. pixi * customers will receive a monthly billing of the booked apps. To ensure the quality of the offered apps, each new solution goes through a comprehensive certification.