Wall Street Rally

Wall Street: End of rally? 3 July 2009 this bear market rally spring in United States seems to have come to an end. Bullish acceleration from the minimums of March of this year (minimum in 13 years for the S & P500), hardly responded to a deceptive movement of suba, without solid and very characteristic of the market in low foundations. The U.S. financial system needs a genuine revival, more than an injection of funds. A deleveraging (reduction in the level of indebtedness) and not the generation of stimulus packages to inflate assets is healthy. The banks have been massively subsidized by the U.S. Government. What inevitably leads the printing of currency in excess is higher inflation, a weakened currency and higher interest rates.

The financial system is falling down and the U.S. Government should react and convert debt to equity (equity) to produce a more stable environment, said yesterday on CNBC Nassim Taleb, author of the book The Black Economist Swan, a classic in the financial literature that describes the catastrophic effects of improbable events. If banks go to visit mortgage borrowers with a smile and pose them a drop in your monthly payments in exchange for taking the 60 / 70% of the property, that would facilitate the orderly process of debt relief (deleveraging). That each sector that has a lot of debt turn it into equity. Taleb added that that has been done, but requests that it is done systematically and at a mass level to clean up the system. You can have green shoots, or as you want to call them, you can have a temporary relief, but we are still in a world that is breaking. We are in the middle of the crash. So if I have to predict anything, it is that this will be worse, not better. Economic indicators in the United States – although some not so negative – are still very weak and the fall of activity in Asia, in Europe, in world trade remains strong.

Eagle Ford Investors

Brilliant start of placement of the US oil and gas Fund VII KG Stuttgart, February 23, 2010. Today, the energy capital invest has paid off the upcoming distributions to investors of the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG as well as US oil and gas Fund VI KG. Overall, approximately 2 million euros to the investors of the two current Fund of energy capital invest were swept out. Due to the very positive developments in the funds we are pleased the payouts even slightly before the scheduled time to make, so Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. The payment to investors of US oil Fund IV KG is already the second brochure intended reduced; This time in the amount of nominal 12 percent. Thus, less than a year Vorabausschuttungen got parts of investors of the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG by up to 17 percent.

The profits of US oil Fund IV KG were generated through the sale of option rights on the extraction of natural gas. The US oil and gas Fund VI KG was the early artist bonus of up to four percent as planned paid off. The results show that the energy capital invest Fund concepts go up in all respects \”, as Rahim.\” Perfect conditions so for those currently in the placement of the US oil and gas Fund VII KG. Now seventh participation, in less than two years, the Stuttgart-based energy company offers a special concept of security to investors for the first time. Already in December 2009 were from the initiator of mineral extraction rights with a cost of over three million euros to the production units McMullen purchased 1 and 2 in the Eagle Ford shale and indirectly injected into the Fund. According to the contract, primarily all profits from the exploration as well as the proceeds from the the end of the term up to the maximum payout for investors is reached at planned sale of mineral rights are the fund company.

Work With Cloud Solutions More Efficiently

cloud-ch.ch security, and IT offers expertise Kreuzlingen comprehensive service, hosting service, 23.04.2013: when on the Internet lately very much is reported about a service, then it is probably the famous cloud. The speech is becoming more common for applications and services of users here can accommodate their data in the so-called cloud, and reap the benefits. Indeed, many companies use the unlimited storage of data in the Internet to have space on the computer or to make demanding modern. “The private cloud” solutions from the Switzerland are actually one of the best solutions on the Internet. What does that offer cloud private users and companies? The cloud is a technology in which data or applications in the Internet are moved and no longer work with classic resources.

Users pay only the services which they actually use”said URS P. Bernold, Managing Director of cloud-ch GmbH. The diverse audiences that offers interesting Possibilities. A home user could lay for example his traditional Web domain hosting in the cloud and work with the latest resources, to implement Web pages, forums, or blogs. A hosting service settles so only the services that the user will actually take. This means savings in costs and the flexibility in the realization of various projects on the Internet. It works with similar virtual hosting – is but still a little more flexible.

And that gives companies many interesting possibilities. Applications and the IT infrastructure to the Internet shift it is no wonder that many programs now rely on virtual hosting in the cloud. Especially in regard to the own resources and costs, this is a significant savings can mean”so Bernold next. The companies can here your PHP for hosting in the cloud move, as well as programs or entire infrastructures. Mail server, data server and the classic drop – all this is possible with the private cloud Switzerland. Many But people have reservations about the new technology. You have the fear that the high standards for safety in the traditional Web domain hosting in the cloud can no longer complied. It works also the hosting service in the cloud with the highest technologies for safety. A great advantage is for example in resilience. If indeed something in the cloud should go wrong, the data are provided simply on another node. For companies such as private users, this means the availability of their data by 99.9%. The data that will be provided through the normal hosting PHP can absolutely secured thereby, there is no external access to the data”, so Darren finally. The cloud is so not without reason the modern leap in Internet. Each of the many benefits of the technique can convince yourself with the offerings on this Web site. Company Description: The cloud-ch gmbh based in Kreuzlingen, Weinfelden is the Swiss private cloud provider. The company offers business customers innovative, high-availability, and future-oriented communications solutions in the private cloud. Our data centers are located in the Switzerland will allow us to offer you a wide range of services. In terms of security, availability, and quality of service for private cloud, housing and server we can meet highest demands with the modular components.

Professional Footballers

Football player Hansi Muller: the lawn on the rostrum from the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2013 is imminent. On 23 April are millions follow again FC Bayern-fans the football game against FC Barcelona, live or in front of the screens of the world. Football is the sport most popular in Germany. Six and a half million people are members of one of the more than 27,000 football clubs. That represents about 8 percent of the population. Football and lectures is about genuine passion and pure joy to the round leather. Millions of people in this country looking forward banned games the output of the Federal League on the weekends. Polarized football, football can unite people or divide.

Hardly a sport manages to trigger such deep emotions in the audience. No wonder that some of the earlier successful professional footballers are today very popular prominent guest speakers for the economy. A prime example of a speaker in the field of professional football is Hansi Muller, the speakers agency 5 star Speakers will be represented. The former football champion and vice world champion is today a successful keynote speaker on the topics of sports, motivation, authority, leadership, appreciation, and teamwork. This valuable knowledge he has in long years of use on the lawn at football matches acquired hard, intensively trained and practically applied. Speaker Hansi Muller knows the meaning of working teamwork in football, and in the company 5 stars better than anyone else. To make team work successfully is the biggest challenge on the football field as well as in the boardrooms. The inspirational football passes today his experience and his expertise from his long international career in professional football in his motivational lectures to his audience.

Speakers Knut Kircher also 5 star among the football stars. He provided right on the football field as a Bundesliga referee and former FIFA referee. As a special highlight of his football career, the DFB said Knut Kircher in the May 2012 to the referee of the year. In his lectures, Kircher his experiences on the topic of decision-making, communication and leadership are practice-oriented further peppered with entertaining anecdotes from many football games also Erich Rutemoller, former head of training in the training at the DFB and member of the DFB sports competence Committee succeeds today as speaker in terms of football on the way and demonstrating so convincingly, that the fascination of football more than ever is. In his lectures, manages Rutemoller to establish the bridge between business and sports and draws constructive and inspiring parallel from both areas. The presenters from Hansi Muller, Knut Kircher, and Erich Rutemoller football 5 star are mediated by the speakers agency speakers and connect the world of football on the rostrum ideal of the business and show the parallels between football and business friendly and useful way. Thus they inspire their listeners to customer and Employee events and other events.

A Practical Guide To The Crisis

And once again return to the title. So: Title: 'Handbook of light' in capital letters below: A Practical Guide to the crisis Preface This handbook is not intended for electricians, he just does not contains information on the electrical circuits and similar components. Directory of Light is a manual for beginners businessmen, managers, executives. light word in the title implies a beam, and by whom, and solar light. The light of life.

The purpose of this handbook is to transfer the experience of a professional manager who has gone and knows it. By these words 'path' and 'knows' we'll come back, and while we wish you success in reading this book and application of acquired knowledge into practice. Why are all the same directory? After all, the text book. From the author: In the usual references specific data collected and arranged in order. Our task is to create a universal reference book on issue of concern to us. The text of the book each of you will find similar situation and will decide how to proceed.

Simply to say, we 'open door', and you decide which of them to enter. To tell you the total confidence that we have opened all possible door for us no obstacles exist. Please be advised that to go on the general path should not be. Each of you is a person unique. You build your own house and arranges his life. Know that you have Nobody can take away. Otherwise, we will talk to those ignorant that you put an obstacle. This book just is not an instrument of penetration of its path. This book can be a shield, but in no way an instrument.

Barcelona Electricians

The environment, is a question concerns that us all, knew you who an electrical system badly made or very old can spend more up to ten times than one in optimal conditions? He is for that reason that is necessary to give maintenance and to optimize our electrical systems, thus to be able to have friendly conditions with the environment? If what you look for you are an Electrician in Barcelona, he must consider that they are individual with an ample preparation in the branch, that goes to the vanguard with the new devices, it is by them queElectricista Barcelona and Electricistas Barcelona, it makes his available for any necessity that have you related to the electricity. Electrician Barcelona and Electricistas Barcelona, owns a team of technicians professional and experienced, able to change the electrical system of their house, for this way saving energy, fixing to faults and short circuits. Also Electrician Barcelona and Electricistas Barcelona owns technicians perfectly enabled and coordinated by engineers to assure that service that is lent to him is of first quality. If it requires an Electrician in Barcelona, it considers solely to those who have a preparation, they are able to repair and not only to install, but also to optimize the operation. It thinks neither a moment to it the more and it pngase in contact with Barcelona Electrician and Electricistas Barcelona to transform its expensive receipts of light into economic and friendly receipts with the environment. It does not contract any Electrician in Barcelona, I looked for the best ones, those than they do not own only the practical knowledge, but also to those who they are coordinated by an electrical engineer, which conjugated they form an equipment that it innovates in its home. Electrician Barcelona and Electricistas Barcelonaest conformed by a team of technicians, engineers and administrators who take care of their calls to the brevity, being the facilities reviewed in first instance by an engineer that give explicit instructions to the technicians who using all their experience years of study and qualification they repair not only the facilities electrical but also the faults of apparatuses that you solicitd to them, without forgetting to mention the accessible costs and friendly with its pocket and economy, because to help him in any sense it is the priority.

Social Media An Important Tool For Attracting Customers

Social media are an important marketing tool social media for many companies, known in the German-speaking world as social media, have become for many people a place where they can interact and share. Particularly in the younger generation, there are now hardly any people who are not active in any form in social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Social media but today not only a virtual meeting place for individuals for many companies social media are an important communication and marketing tool. The importance of social media should not be underestimated Facebook alone has more than 800 million users. In German-speaking countries, according to latest surveys, the largest social network has a range of 50 percent.

Twitter is a platform on which one should be present as a company. According to its own figures, Twitter has a volume of half a billion “tweets” per day. These numbers alone should be enough for business reason, on at least one actively to these platforms be. Who has a company and want to use social media as a tool to win new customers, has a number of goals. One will be increases the visibility of the brand and build a positive brand image. Furthermore, users of social networks to should be animated to share content that is relevant for the company. In addition to bind the customer to the company. Last but not least, the number of visitors of the website of the company should be increased.

The special thing about social media compared to “traditional” media such as television and radio is the interactive element. While there is no interaction of the viewer in television advertising, companies using social media can communicate directly with the customers and vice versa. In this way the customer can express their concerns and wishes, and the companies get a very accurate picture of what product needs have the customers. You would be well advised to take the concerns of the people and not from the top down to treat such an approach angered customers and driving them into the arms of the competition. The multimedia plays a large role in social media. While it has only the written word or the tone available in the print media and on the radio, you can use the combination of text, images, and videos on platforms such as Facebook. This is far more effective than television or radio advertising in the long run, since the users own decides what he wants to see or read. In social media you can take on current events such as sports events or elections. In this way, the customer is involved in the discussion and actively takes part in the action.

Evolution Ended Intranet Crisis

New social business platform provoke employees to cooperate the intranet is dead, long live the intranet! After it is now often degenerated to the pure drop brings the Freiburg software producer United planet the internal corporate network now back to life: the new social business platform Intrexx share provoked the staff to work together and puts an end to time-guzzling meetings and annoying internal emails. With Intrexx share goes a step further than other solutions, because it makes even software programs able. Freiburg, the 25 April 2013. The good old intranet is in crisis: rather than to provide information clearly, it now often serves as storage for anything and everything. The original benefits such as processing speed, transparency or brainstorming, and the resulting increase in the competitiveness of it remained on the track. The software company United planet now offers companies the solution to this dilemma it is called Intrexx share and repeals the internal cooperation is a completely new level. Intrexx share is a social business platform that utilizes the principle of success from Facebook and co. businesses.

Direct news feeds completely replace the cumbersome internal communication by E-Mail and reduce the need for time-consuming meetings. No matter, whether information, documents, all pictures or videos quickly and transparently via feed is transmitted and can colleagues commented, tracked and will be distributed. Because Intrexx share is also available, not only the employees in the Office, but also the colleagues are bound in the Home Office and out-of-Office. This is a decisive advantage which Intrexx share provides virtual work spaces in which they can be exchanged without delay about current project stands and jointly develop new ideas regardless of location and time of day just for project groups. In contrast of to many other social business exchange is solutions, which often come from the United States, because the data on the protected completely safe Corporate server, and not in the cloud.

FARAD Insurance

“Best-of-wealth management is a ‘ private insurance solution’ with the best asset managers in the German-speaking area of monetary assets, apply flexible on the capital market and still tax-protected” be. This concern employs more and more especially after the introduction of the flat tax on the majority of investors. The financial sector has responded and offered as solution-based capital forming life insurance increased investment funds. The innovative Luxembourg insurance broker FARAD international goes with his concept best-of-wealth management”new ways. Background while capital gains from conventional portfolio investment, mostly in the form of interest, dividends, gains since 1.1.2009 regularly subject to withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if any church tax), are income incurred under a funded life insurance, either only when actual inflow through termination or after the due date of the final withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if applicable)Collects Church taxes). During the contract period, no withholding tax is done so.

In middle-age payment, i.e. under the conditions of a minimum contract period of 12 years and the payment of insurance benefit after the age of 60 beyond just half of the difference between benefits and contributions in the amount of the personal tax rate when the policyholder is taxed. Thus, half of the income remains tax-free. And paid the insurance, so in death insurance benefits including all income achieved over the period of insurance the insured person (s), is einkommensteuerfrei. “Flexibility and diversification brings the highest return for investors of particular importance are the criteria for a tax-compliant standard” asset management. Such exists if a LV-based investment limited exclusively on publicly distributed shares in investment funds or internal insurance funds, which the characteristics publicly-available funds are reflected. The protective umbrella of the life insurance but then leave the investor in the rain when he brings an existing investment account as insurance premium, may issue instructions to an asset manager appointed by the insurance or even the asset manager has been charged by the investor (policyholder) or the insured may obtain a change of the asset manager.

Particularly Lucrative Investment

Special Fund class for large investors, the German society for real estate (DGG AG) offers an exclusive offer for selected investors in their wealth management participation in a NPL package. Currently offers the German market for NPL homes exceptionally good chances are high profits from a NPL portfolio to carry out with the help of a sophisticated and professional follow-up. Make a fortune, basic need of many people is still despite the devastating effects of the financial crisis. What has changed significantly is investment behaviour – away from speculative investments towards safe investments, even if that means fewer returns in May. The German company experienced investors now offers the opportunity to achieve attractive yields the best possible security for Grundbesitz AG. Non-performing loans is the asset class of DGG AG, in which interested large investors from 250,000 euros can participate.

It is not a fund or a blind pool. The target investment is precisely defined and notarized secured, also just set the investment period. Many will be surprised about the demonstrable return on investment and the value of the investments. Then the DGG AG interested in more information, is pleased about your contact.