December Insolvency

Providing the customers with fast Internet is still guaranteed Hamburg, 20 June 2013 the Ark NetVision GmbH (Arche.Net) has submitted a request for opening of insolvency proceedings in the District Court of Wilhelmshaven. The provisional liquidator was appointed the insolvency professional lawyer Reinhold Horn of the Hamburg firm Munzel & Bohm. The law firm aims, the network operator Arche.Net by means of an insolvency plan to redevelop and the continued operation of the networks and the completion of projects to ensure started. The Arche.Net is currently continues operations. Our rapid growth resulted since 2010 until today, that we no longer could make sure the current projects of its own cash and cash equivalents”, says Wolfram Jeske, Managing Director of Ark NetVision GmbH. A multi-month search was not successful so far for investors.

At the time be discussions with several interested parties and expected more requests,”says lawyer Reinhold Horn. His aim is to the company Based on a bankruptcy plan to be developed in the short term to redevelop and to ensure the continued operation of the networks. There are also several, mostly already started projects to broadband in different provinces. With redevelopment and preservation of Arche.Net designed the possibility, to successfully implement these projects. If the bankruptcy plan by creditors accepted and confirmed the Court, has a good chance to get a majority of the jobs and to provide in the future high-performance broadband customers. For the creditors, the implementation of an insolvency plan means a significantly higher rate than compared to the rules bankruptcy proceedings to expect. The Ark NetVision GmbH founded in December 2001, (Arche.Net) based in Wilhelmshaven, Germany is one of the pioneers in the broadband for rural areas and specialist for the construction and operation of regional broadband networks.