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a long-term business idea, there are relatively many Internet platforms where people can meet, have already ideas or solutions to problems that want to already build company or start network projects. Unfortunately lacks still on the appropriate Unternehmergeistern that try something completely new and not shy away from just the construction efforts and especially the enormous efforts to become known, – lacking Mitmachern wayward people, visionaries, pioneers, inventors, on with entrepreneurs,… or more easily formulated, the old world needed many workers, the new world needs many entrepreneurs, visionaries, inventors, pioneers,… and already the idea of the common learning environment brings us to. All people can meet here, that want to develop their talents, passions and values and generally learn more productive to deal with information and knowledge and want to simplify this complex task, cooperating constructively with others. Therefore, people so fine it go to help, that they can find meaning and joy in their lives.

Together much simpler, a corresponding Internet learning environment should be created in the project. As a basis for discussion and for targeted food for thought is the book, the course and the teaching / learning concept of the visionary. What great value/benefit provides the common learning environment? The participants can interact with other people who are also looking after their own individual task, their individual needs, wishes and dreams and quite generally more productive to deal with information and knowledge, and profit from the experiences and insights of the other participants. The path is easier to go along with others than alone. Those who have desire and time, can actively in the further development of this Internet platform on the basis of a rough concept. So the learning platform later optimally can evolve in the sense of all the participants, she must are maintained by people that this task with joy and professionally run. Of course, the visionary for these tasks looking for suitable partners.

People who can sign up either is via the contact form () or via eMail). Read the free eBook and the introduction of the eMail for the business idea “an Internet platform for life entrepreneurs”. Learn more about the business idea can be found on the website of the visionary (). Martin Glogger

Dusseldorf Euroweb Internet Agency

International site award for bridal shop successful cooperation of Haldensleberin Ludmila Sperl with Dusseldorf Internet Agency”, writes the people’s voice on Thursday. The International Academy of the Visual Arts’ in New York has the site of the bridal shop by Ludmila Sperl from Haldensleben with a silver award of distinction’, considered an honor award in silver. On the Haldenslebener is entrepreneur although proud, the Cup is not available in their business, but is passed Dusseldorf Euroweb Internet Agency, which developed the page especially for Internet-enabled smart phones.” Full service Internet service provider Euroweb had won early may jury nine awards from Dusseldorf following the vote at the New Yorker. Three of these awards have been awarded for sites had euro Web designed for medium-sized companies from various sectors, including in addition to the Web site for the Saxony anhaltinische bridal shop the Ballet School of bargele from Dortmund and the mobile website Site of homeopathy practice Dr. Sander man from Mannheim. Since the nationwide success of the mobile Internet phones (smartphones), it is nowadays increasingly important also to have a mobile website for entrepreneurs: people use the Internet more and more mobile, traditional websites are but too often not the display on mobile devices fonts designed for and pictures are usually difficult to detect, the data sets are too big and strain the patience of Internet users, which cancel the operation in the worst case before the site is fully displayed. Mobile sites meet this development on the other hand: be rebuilt quickly because of its lower volumes of data even with weak Internet connections and are specially designed for the handy devices such as Smartphones or Tablet PCs designed.

Ludmila Sperl had recognized the signs of the times and wants early, help to keep up technologically. The New York jury did. In a few months the handmade Cup is flown in the same design agency produced, the famous Oscar film award has given its shape. About Euroweb the owner-managed Euroweb Group headquartered in Dusseldorf is one of the leading, cross-industry businesses Internet agencies in Europe. The full service concept includes in particular Web design, corporate videos, online marketing and other Internet services. Since its inception in 2001, an extensive service network in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Bulgaria with more than 40 locations and 650 employees was rebuilt. The Euroweb group committed socially by the specially established Euroweb Foundation and the Euroweb sports funding, among other gymnastics star Fabian Hambuchen promotes.

Freelancers Requests

Madrid. 03/09/09 Under cover of the data of the Ministry of labour and immigration and affiliation to Social Security made public today, unemployment continues to grow, and every day becomes more difficult the situation of Spanish families and the self-employed entrepreneurs of our country. CONAE, the National Confederation of self-employed and microenterprises requests harder that never its participation to recompose the social dialogue and to give presence to self-employed entrepreneurs and microenterprises, they constitute more than 85% of the Spanish business Census and are those who generate wealth and employment. And it is that as says Salvador Garcia Torrico, Chairman of CONAE, not you can stall social dialogue in economic crisis and less with the figure of 3.629.080 unemployed, with which we have raised today. If this situation is not remedied with direct and effective measures that will help restore liquidity, employment and, as immediate derivative, the revival of consumption this will, in late October, an authentic social and economic disaster stresses. Moreover, from the National Confederation of self-employed and micro-enterprises, ask may have into account, now more than ever, organizations like ours, representatives of that 85% of the business census, self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises in our country, are indicated. We can not take anymore we can not endure more than you ignore us within the framework of social dialogue, we can not endure more than you ignore us in deciding economic, social and employment, we can not take anymore without the necessary liquidity to survive the crisis and we can not endure more dimes and bickering, sterile dialogues and lack of real measuresurgent and consensual, while economic activities are still closed and business and family dramas are multiplied, is more the employer of self-employed and microenterprises CONAE predicts that if different positions that are not corrected before the end of this year permit the desired and green shoots, microenterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs could be injured of death.

It will be a genuine economic and social disaster that affect virtually the whole of the active population, and may assume this extreme one of the greatest economic and social disasters of our history. Nuria Coronado Sopenasalvia Comunicaciondirectora___Avda. of the industry, 13. 1St plant. Local 2028108 Alcobendas, MadridTfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566www.salviacomunicacion.

Young Entrepreneurs

The federal student company contest starts in the next round and searches now student companies who want to demonstrate their potential to January 13, 2012 starts the new round in the federal student company contest. All real student company from Germany, regardless of which type of school they belong to, can take part in the contest and present their business idea for a broad public. We are looking for nationwide dedicated students, creative business ideas and their independent and successful implementation in short: we are looking for and promote Germany’s entrepreneurs youth. Student company can free log on to and with a descriptive profile convince classmates, friends, business partners and other interested persons of their business idea, to get as many votes as possible. Because that is what is special about the federal student company contest: the success of all participants is determined by the voting on the platform on the Internet every day. Registration and participation in the Competition are free of charge. The federal student company contest media is an action by Muller. The 20 best student company of in Germany are determined online voting until late July.

A jury then selects the ten nationwide winner, which will be awarded with significant prize money of EUR 8,000. In student company young people experience economic basic knowledge in theory and practice and learn initiative, responsibility and teamwork, what significantly will assist the entry into working life”, as Federal Minister of Education Annette Schavan, patron of the 2011 contest. In the previous round of the competition, the 10 best student company from six German States to the award ceremony in the Bundestag were invited to Berlin, where she had the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and representatives from business and politics and to make valuable contacts. About the federal student company contest: The federal-student company contest is an online competition for all real Student company in Germany, regardless of which type of school they belong to. In student companies, young people experience economic basic knowledge in theory and practice and acquire valuable soft skills such as initiative, responsibility, and teamwork. The federal student company contest wants to promote young German entrepreneurs and assist young people already during school hours to acquire entrepreneurial thinking and action and to inspire the themes of self-reliance and entrepreneurship. The project was initiated by the Miller family of companies 2010 media life.

Wallace Tel

Also in this country, some agencies have begun to switch from traditional advertising to marketing on the Internet in the form of social networks and offer their services on beautiful Web pages – without prices and maturities. We’re Anders: We make clear offers that are easy and affordable. They are aimed against all things to small businesses, self-employed and SMEs who can not afford it, an expensive gloss to pay marketing agency. With us you can support social networks from 149 euros a month. Inquire today and are already in a week in the service of your choice online. More information and prices please visit responsible for this message guerrilla marketing Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224/924255 guerrilla marketing Nastasi deals since 2008 with the proliferation of online content in social networks, low-priced and targeted online marketing. This is first and foremost for small businesses affordable and allows you to the possibilities of the Internet – the world presenting of your services and goods. Thereby, the company operates its own health portals with great success.

Headquarters of the Family business is responding at Heidelberg, the small and young company quickly and directly on trends and entails the necessary know-how in the power supply at discount prices. The use of brand names is in the scope of the services to be provided, the brand names are legally protected and used in this message only in Panel on the services to be provided. Guerrilla marketing Nastasi holds no shares in the companies mentioned. Keyworte: Social services, corporate services, company in enter social services, low-cost services, facebook, Twitter, blogger, WordPress, entry entry service, care, company Facebook maintain, social website in the business, marketing for social networks

Wuppertal Tel

Due to many years of experience, WASI are known the various individual and technical requirements of connection elements, as well as the manufacturing capabilities. This saves time and money for the client and provides guarantees on quality, availability and price. The product range of WASI standard includes several ten thousand articles which are constantly in stock or quickly obtainable. After more than 50 years experience in the industry has the program of standard connections more than 200 DIN standards as well as other 200 standards that are defined in the WASI House standards. The in-house standards are the result of repeated requests from designers and developers. Make an extended standard as a result in terms of stainless steel connection technology. The advantage is that these items as stock items are available at WASI anytime soon. Includes special requirements to standards the product assortment special under other metric screw connections, direct connections and stampings, punching and bending parts, dimensional and turned parts.

The range of DIN-like parts and customized drawing from the most diverse materials and elements made from special materials. To WASI can either in coordination with designers work around existing DIN-parts or it completely new elements are produced in various techniques, where in addition to the stainless steels A1 to A5, for example, hochkorrosionsbestandige – and heat-resistant materials such as duplex steels, Hastelloy or titanium are processed. To get more information to the WASI product sparten, under product categories/produktsparten.html. About WASI: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG is a global partner of the system when it comes to stainless steel connections.

WASI is with the wide and deep range of a world market leader in the trade with stainless steel fasteners. 6,000 customers in 60 countries are indicated with fasteners of the stainless steels A1 to A5 in all Strength classes, various special materials and supplies with aluminium profiles. The 1961 founded company since 1978 to the Wurth Group and employs over 230 people at two sites in Wuppertal. WASI facilitates the complete supply chain management and supports the procurement process by connections with technical expertise and customer-specific delivery requirements.