Flight Planner At Siebert Aviation Supplies

Who has large plans, take time to,… already Sophocles and who has great flight plans advised not only sufficient time to prepare, but also the current VFR flight planning software to help. The new flight planner version 6 available, which automatically detect air spaces, airfields and NAV-AIDS on the interactive ICAO or VFR/GPS maps easily and quickly calculate sections are in the online shop of Siebert’s aviation needs. Seamless rollers and zoom to a perfect card handling guarantee, the expression of a freely selectable card section is possible, as is the creation of a route proposal with the help of the Auto-route feature. Each Flight Planner is used on a pen computer or notebook right away as a moving-map system.

Planned route and flown tracks are represented by the extended Google Earth features of the new version 6 in 3D. Version 6 also informed with current webcam view about the weather along the planned route and provides the retrieval and displaying wind and Precipitation forecasts free of charge. Also the NOTAM service regarding all current, temporary changes in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is free of charge. All maps and the extensive database are compatible with sky map, subscribers of the data service by pc-met their information using a built-in delivery schedule by GAFOR and METAR. System requirements for the new flight planner is a DVD drive and Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The flight planning software comes with a detailed printed manual and is available in the online shop of Siebert aviation requirements ICAO cards as well as Jeppesen VFR/GPS maps.

For the Flight Planner without cards as a supplement to the SkyMap navigation systems with valid card licence 169,00 euro to be scheduled, with maps for Germany electronic flight planning cost 259.00 euros, which is version Europe Centre for 398,00 euro available. A fast and convenient flight preparation with the Map Pack in Germany and neighbouring countries is possible for 379,00 euro Air travel throughout Europe can be prepared with help from Jeppesen VFR/GPS maps for 559.00 euro. Sieber aviation demand promises its customers not only a perfect and convenient electronic flight preparation, but also a perfect airfield, aircraft and aviation equipment and plant as one of the leading providers in the industry in Germany and abroad surrounding customer satisfaction through competence and experience, a high storage and shipping capacity, and personal contacts.

Bayer Managing Director

The Wiesndascherl pinkbavarian regensburg unique and more… Obertraublinger designer created bags for BBs Oktoberfest. The Wiesndascherl pinkbavarian regensburg unique and more… Beate Bayer on the culinaria at Pusch kitchens active compiled with the Gabriel WeightWatchers models your pinkbavarian-regensburg-uniqueWiesndascherl n and more for the first time. Super bag fashion.

“Unique made in Regensburg.” So you can get the latest creations by designer Beate Rosa Bayer on the point. Our bags are big, but not too big, they are casual, but elegant. Adjust to the Dirndl as well as jeans. To underline the uniqueness of your carrier. The Wiesndascherl was developed especially for the Oktoberfest.

It should make women unique and provide space for the basic necessities at the Oktoberfest. The weeks of development of have been really stressful. Develop forms, cuts capture and digitize, design build, choose fabrics and combine. Make prototypes. But that’s nothing new for Beate Rosa Bayer. She is from the compartment. As studied Pockets were always your passion clothing technician of the TA Hohenstein. And what woman loves no pockets. I develop and design your own. So Beate Rosa Bayer. Pink flags of each of the Paspoltasche as well as the high quality, made in Bavaria Loden and fulling material, from which the bags are. Each must be a catcher, conspicuous and pick your winner make your carrier into the spotlight. Underline the uniqueness. “It is the task of pink BBs. Beate Rosa Bayer: everything must be at the end.” The pure passion and desire of a perfect creation. The bag label pinkbavarian unique regensburg was founded in 2010. In this extraordinary place in Bavaria in Regensburg. A world heritage site. In this historic as creative place, with Italian flair, which served as source of inspiration already numerous artists.You will find this flair in each of pink. The creations in the Gabriel Gewandhaus in Regensburg in Mrs Bundschu are bestauenen and to have. For the designer the hot phase is now”. Working towards at the Oktoberfest. Where many of the Wiesndascherln your owner, unique to make unique.


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Global Contemporary Services

The quality of the referring services to the companies is necessary in any situation. Today, the world with its fast changes has been responsible for not the survival of some companies for the most varied reasons, as the bankruptcy for loss of quality of services and products or the launching of the one best one or more cheap. When we deal with the quality of the sector of bars and snack bars, some aspects can be cited, the infrastructure, the forms of boarding to the customer, the product, amongst other essential characteristics for the captive of customers and the success of an enterprise. In the present article it is our intention to demonstrate that it fits to the entrepreneur to develop its activity thus this is well-being for the population, inasmuch as this, each day, becomes more demanding. The quality of services relating you business is needed in any situation. Today the world with its rapid changes have not been responsible will be the survival of adds companies will be different reasons, such bankruptcy due you loss of quality products and services or the release of to better or to cheaper.

In considering the quality of the sector of bars and eateries, several aspects can be mentioned, the infrastructure, how you approach to customer the product, among to other essential features you the captive customers and the success of an enterprise. In this to paper we demonstrate that it is our intent you develop to their entrepreneurial activity only this is welfare will be the population, because that every day becomes lives demanding. The world is passing for a phase of fast changes and these have threatened to the survival of the companies for the most varied reasons, between them, the loss of quality of a product for the launching of another one better and more cheap.

MPC Ship Fund Fund

Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenues the crisis of ship funds has in 2012 as expected on pace – and the number of ship funds bankruptcies increased. Also shipping funds of the emission House MPC are affected by the crisis. Charter revenue under the plan, suspended dividends and residues in servicing the loan. The recording of up to 50% of the ship mortgage loans in Japanese YEN, which has resulted in significantly higher interest payments and an increase in the debt (in USD) due to the decline of the dollar against the YEN value addition in MPC ship funds. MPC Fund 131 – MS “Santa-R ships” MPC Fund 208 – MS “Santa P ships” MPC Fund 283 – “MPC open fleet Fund”-Santa B ships MPC Fund 287 – MPC reefer fleet Fund 1 MPC Fund 311 – “MPC reefer of fleet Fund 2” MPC fund 376 – “open product tanker fleet” MPC Fund 395 – “CPO North America ships 1″ MPC Fund CPO North America ships 2 with many MPC Fund ships is there in the present situation only a matter of time, until the banks non-performing loans advertise and exploit the ships. The investors, whose Kapital is usually lost remain on the track. Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenue trigger of the current crisis were rising along with the development of the world economy fluctuations of ship transport prices. For the use of ships to paying rent and transport prices – subject to Charter rates and freight rates since always been cyclical fluctuations.

This known and obvious fact were often hidden in the design of ship funds and the advice of investors by their advisors. Corresponding risks were not mentioned in our experience in numerous talks regularly with clients. Currently attainable ship revenue (Charter and freight rates) are flying low.

MCM Investor Management

The Germans are unsure of themselves. Meanwhile, 42 percent of employees assume that their retirement later not to life is sufficient. Magdeburg, 22.10.2013. These are four percentage points more than in 2012. Only 18 per cent of the 5800 respondents believe the pension well or very well to earn their living. Three-quarters of people think poverty in Germany already today widespread. Nine out of ten respondents expect future growing poverty in old age.

However, seem to be not very ambitious the Germans to take out life insurance: due to persistently low interest rates, nearly half of all workers will no longer expand private retirement savings. Life insurance have namely lost much prestige due to the low interest rate environment. Only 11 percent think she even particularly profitable”. Therefore, only five percent of Germans still plan to complete a classic life insurance with capital payout. Only nine percent of the professionals, interested in a private Riester pension who want to build their retirement savings. These are alarming figures.

Real estate are, however, in the course. This is the result of the Postbank study pensions in Germany”, which was released on Monday for the tenth time. Your own four walls is the most popular form in Germany now by far, to provide for old age. Every three workers who increasingly want to ensure, wants to build a house or an apartment, or buy to move there themselves. This is almost more than five years ago. Reasons were favourable financing possibilities and the rent-free housing for the elderly. Ranked savings as well as the purchase of real estate are two and three of the popularity scale accordingly, to rent out. About two-thirds of Germans see the own four walls as the ideal form of pensions”. Who a is not directly buy real estate, but by the system”would like to benefit, is right at the MCM investor Management AG. It has also small investors”the possibility in the profitable real estate market to invest. Professional advisors such as MCM investor Management AG can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments are also taken into account.

Managing Director

With b2invest, b2invest.ch, a new, independent Swiss platform of Internet will start immediately, to bring companies with investors and business partners. An entrepreneur looks exposed often elementary questions: How can I realize my business idea and fund my startup? Can I trust what business partners to strategically expand my business? Where can I find an adequate successor in the context of a pending succession? How do I find more franchise partner? Where can I find prospective buyers for a sale of the company? The new Swiss platform b2invest offers a solution for all these issues in the development of the company. On the one hand, companies can publish their needs for funding or business partners easily and anonymously in a listing. So requests in the areas of Start-Up, succession, business expansion, business partners, company sales or franchise can be abandoned. On the other hand, interested investors and entrepreneurs can These categories as well as filtering and search capabilities will find quickly interesting offers.

Built-in message system can be exchanged mutually anonymous and clarify questions in detail. Ultimately, the entrepreneur then decides he himself indicates what potential partners to hold direct talks and negotiations. Only when the ads, a low, one-time fee will be charged for the entrepreneur. An once switched display is not automatically renewed and no other costs or commissions apply. Up to Rionegro, b2invest in the part of the public beta phase offers the possibility to switch for free listings with a maturity of three months. The Managing Director of Sequoia global GmbH and founder of b2invest, Matthias Wunderli, knows the challenges of today’s market. Now many companies raise fresh money rather through the free capital market than about the banking sector.

Since the financial crisis, banks are very cautious in lending. On the other hand, private as well as institutional investors look for attractive investment opportunities. So b2invest comes at the right time to provide a platform independent entrepreneurs and investors in the Switzerland.” “The founder of b2invest would like to offer more than just” a platform for entrepreneurs and investors in the Internet. We want to build a strong community for b2invest, with which we are in a dialogue – topics to deepen or to discuss the expansion of the Internet platform. On Facebook and Twitter, we are looking for a direct link to our community. In our b2invest blog, we want to pick up on interesting topics related to business and investment, and also guest writers come to Word. Together with our community we want so much!”reveals Wunderli beaming with joy. The b2invest starts off platform immediately in Switzerland, is but also in Germany be available soon. A further internationalisation of the platform is planned in the near future. About b2invest b2invest is the independent Internet platform for entrepreneurs and investors. The b2invest – platform aimed at entrepreneurs who direct and uncomplicated look for investors on the open capital market. B2invest offers the investor the opportunity to find interesting projects and activities and to contact directly with a contractor. Detailed information about b2invest on the Internet at.

Clerical Medical Investors

Clerical medical: Federal Supreme Court opens the way for claims by CMI for more than ten thousand investors who invested in insurance policies, the British firm clerical medical investment Group Ltd. (CMI) with the names Wealthmaster noble investors, have the long-awaited judgements of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) from 11 July 2012 (122/11 IV ZR IV ZR 151/11, IV ZR/164/11, IV ZR 271/10, IV ZR 286/10) different legal opportunities. The Supreme Court said aggrieved investors claims for damages on the one relating to faulty advice in advance of participation in so-called “pension models” such as safety compact (SKR) the Group of snow or snow pensions, LEX concept to retirement system pension Novarent, Europlan, Smart-In concept, euro-wealth plan, individual pension. > more information about damages of CMI investors on the other hand he noted the commitment by CMI regular withdrawals, which promised in so-called “sampling plans” and unreservedly in the insurance policies laid down, regardless of the proportion of units assigned to the insurance contract on an investment pool for the entire in the policy to make period, provided that the intermediary in the consultation with the necessary clarity has explained one such reservation. > the BGH said more information about the rights of investors of CMI-collection plans in addition the market price adjustment practised by CMI to be inadmissible. > more information for investors who have terminated their CMI policies what mean these decisions specifically for CMI investors? “There are two different groups: (1) investors who are still not announced the CMI policy (1a) investors in a”pension “model with a credit-financed one time investment investors, aimed at a pension model” such as safety compact pensions (SKR) Group of snow or snow pension, LEX concept retirement system pension Novarent, Europlan, Smart-In concept, euro-wealth have involved plan or individual pension and still not announced their CMI police, have basically three ways.

Bank Adviser Savings

Today later thinking! There is hardly a day where in the media about the future development of pensions is unreported. Even today promote insurance brokers and Allfinanzdienstleister, as well as the Bank Adviser of they trust, a supposedly solid and secure retirement. Supposedly everything is very simple: best for the birth of a child a fund savings plan with 100,00 euro monthly complete. A Millionenvermogen supposedly guaranteed the child, in a continuation of the Treaty, until the age of 65. But is a significant downside.

The expected returns are not nearly reached! For many years yields well below the rate of inflation or even in the negative. To make matters worse, the Fund average p.a. take 1.75% as management fee. They’re alone in the first 20 years, interest rate of more than 50% of the rendered savings contribution. Responsible parents and grandparents should leave in the interest of the children or grandchildren by this form of retirement savings or at least only a partial amount to invest in such facilities. Especially since Fondsparplane only in the rarest of cases by the children who run away to the retirement age. “The solution of this dilemma is: invest in renewable raw materials”. Already a gift of only one hectare of tropical forest, to the birth, can bring proceeds of over 57,000 euros their child / grandchild, for the 25th anniversary.

Thus the establishment of a family may be funded or but the amount is again applied for retirement. So the tropical wood investment connects a good rate of return while flexibility and predictability. Because the wood investment evolved naturally, regardless of stock market fluctuations and is perfectly as monetary inflation protected. Moreover the income as private wealth management are to be seen and thus exempt.

Rhinoplasty – Nose Shape Correction

Rhinoplasty – nose correction – one of the most popular plastic surgery today. Movie stars and show business are trying to hide from the public the fact that many of the advantages of their appearance – the result of quality of the plastic surgeon. However, in the media meets regularly information about rhinoplasty that has helped many of them find a desired shape. To name just a few names: Gwyneth Paltrow, Dima Bilan, Avraam Russo. The list is long, and you decide whether to include a number of lucky and your name. Do not forget that you have an advantage over the stars if you are not so public, that the newspaper did not raise the noise around your lovely nose – Correction of the forms will be your little secret. And you can smile with pride and a wink at his reflection in the mirror.

Before you finally decide to get rhinoplasty, you to go through several consultations at the clinic. Experts will answer all your concerns, conduct computer diagnostics and modeling of the desired shape of the nose. You have to see the result of the operation, in which will take into account all your wishes to the new form, whether the change in thickness of the nose, shape of wings, removing hump or something else. Rhinoplasty can be performed with 18, provided that there are no contraindications. To have full confidence in its security, you must pass a series of tests in the clinic. After the plastic surgeon will confirm that there is no contra-indications, you are ready to implement plan. The operation itself takes no more than two hours, it is painless due to the general or local anesthesia. The next day you will be able to leave hospital, 2-3 weeks to wear a bandage – will have to wait a while before you can enjoy your new look.