Eastern cultures known chakras for millennia. Even the Mayans already knew them. Know something about them is not so important how to activate them. And you want to enable them because they are the way to fill energy, vitality, success, wealth, power and a long etcetera. What does chacra (or chakra)? These discs or rotating wheels, which is precisely what it means in Sanskrit word Chakra, are mentioned by the vedas, to refer to the energy centers of the body. Seven major and many chakras there are other secondary that correspond to the so-called acupuncture points. Modern science, with its discoveries, associated chakras with the endocrine glands of the body.

This is only an approximation, because technically speaking the chakras (see I use the word with c and k interchangeably) are things that correspond to the upper body of the human being, but this approximation of the glands is quite acceptable as a starting point. These centers, or disks, are presented in shape shape of swirls, turning, by the energy field that surrounds the physical body and is composed of successive layers of energy that vibrate at ever higher frequencies. Each chakra has a front and a back, except the first and the seventh. All of them are United by an energetic channel that runs along the spine. Recall here that we are talking about the seven main. Because if we take all the chakras or swirls present in humans these Irian from under two feet up above the Crown. If the chakras operate normally, they will rotate in a certain sense and it is said that they are open.

When they turn in the opposite direction, say that they are closed. This open or closed is more something related to consciousness. An open farm gives access to some level of information. When does not rotate in the proper direction, the door that leads to this information remains closed. It is important to open the chakras to gain access to certain information and associated special power levels to them. For example the chakra of the heart is associated with abundance, wealth and power. Other chakras are associated with clairvoyance, remember past lives, etc. The ajna chakra for example related to travel or astral projection among other things. Practices to activate the chakras ranging from control of breathing to really painful practices. Why most people prefer to live with these farms closed. Fortunately for us, it is now possible to stimulate the chakras of comforting and easy way and in the privacy of your home. The only thing you need to do is use the novel acoustic technology to stimulate every one of your seven chakras main. This technology uses acoustic audio to bring his mind to an altered state of consciousness.


The mindset of wealth is a term that has become very popular in this last period, widely used in the topics of coaching, personal growth, self-help, etc. However, it is actually a concept can be applied relatively easily to all aspects of our life, we say that it is a seal that we can print to our way of thinking and being. It is a question of attitude, and only depends on us. The mindset of wealth is directly related to the law of attraction, which is part of the laws of the universe and implies that we can attract what happens to us. If we want to make positive things happen we then only we have to think and want positive things, it is more or less like a mirror effect: will rebound on you what you’re projecting.

Now, those who think the mindset of wealth is directly and solely associated with economic well-being are very, but very wrong; THE MINDSET OF WEALTH NOT IS JUST A MATTER OF MONEY. To illustrate this well, go to the meaning as the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy gives us about this word. You have three meanings: abundance of goods and precious things, abundance of qualities or excellent attributes and relative abundance of anything. The big question is: does abundance of what need in TU life to consider which is full of RICHNESS? Most likely the money will represent one of the factors, but it will certainly not be the only. Then, we already have something clear: to begin exercising our minds in order to ensure that our mentality is a mentality of wealth, should no longer put money as a central issue. Health is wealth, family and friends are wealth, inner peace is wealth, knowledge is wealth what should we do to fill our life with wealth? Firstly, stop complaining.

Rich Study Wealth

Anyone who wants to pass a course should study it. It would be unlikely that a person would adopt a course, that unknown, without having studied before. It is logical, then, to study, to pass a course. It is also logical that if a person wants to become millionaire should study the wealth. As well as someone who wish to approve a symbol not approve it without studying it, so someone who does not know something of wealth nor achieve enrich themselves. Study the causes of poverty, approves this course. Who studies poverty becomes poor or remains in poverty, or helps others stay poor.

This may seem little logical to some people. See it this way, if you study the mathematics course, it is unlikely that approve the course history. If you begin to study poverty, you get that. If you want wealth, then you must study the richness. The study of wealth is the study of the abundance. Wealth is in everything, therefore to study the richness you are studying the same universe, because the universe is abundance. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt says that to be rich you must be one with wealth. The secret is to be what you want to be said.

Wealth is the natural state of being. Why then are not everyone rich? For the same reason so not all are healthy. Although the body is born healthy, many people strive to poison him. The same thing happens with abundance. Although all have abundance, many are keen to contaminate the abundance, that is own by nature, with thoughts of scarcity, fear and pain. To regain a healthy body requires some effort (exercising, eating light, changing eating habits, drinking water in abundance, etc.). Not because the effort is natural, but to counteract the irresponsibility of have previously fed with garbage (for dramatic effect only). The same thing happens with abundance, success and happiness. To regain that status of wealth, of happiness, of success that is natural to people, is required to make a small effort to return the State’s original fullness. This effort can be somewhat hard. For example you can work until tiredness to be convinced that it is entitled to something. Or take the direct way: Act on your subconscious mentality. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt brings together deep knowledge with the simplicity of Word, to build a work full of positive energy which will eliminate those mental toxins that keep you away from the wealth of his subconscious mentality. If you read this fascinating book, not only will get health, wealth, success and happiness, it will also be released patterns and memories that bind it to its past. I am happy, I am rich is not only an expression of wealth, is the same wealth.

How To Use Audio Binaural To Achieve Wealth And Success

You know you want something and wondered how you can get it. You’ve perhaps heard that you to get what you want is must think about it repeatedly, to get it. Repetition works to get anything that you want. If you use affirmations to focus on what you want to it is likely that you get wealth you want, the success he craves, the happiness that you deserve in a very short time. The most powerful statements are statements in reverse.

These assertions are an agreement between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind and therefore the assertion that is obtained using this procedure materialise very quickly in his life. If you set statements or goals using other methods maybe failed what they want and may need a little help to manifest what you want. What many people do not understand fully, is that to achieve what you want, it should be displayed and repeated that is desired to awaken a sense of achievement, an emotion of having already achieved what you want. It is difficult for many people feel that they have something, when still has not appeared in their lives. Feeling arises spontaneously have already created something mentally and have taken possession of it but only in the mind. But that feeling of possession, that security of having achieved something, can be carried out if certain appropriate areas of the brain are stimulated. As well as drinking alcohol activates certain areas of the brain that produce a momentary euphoria, or eat foods that we ate when we were kids activate certain areas of the brain that makes us feel good, there are certain areas of the brain to activate them induce a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of possession of something that is desired. The question would be then how inducing this state of achievement, having already achieved what you want? Does act directly on the precise area of the brain to induce this state of achievement? Science has made tremendous progress in his knowledge regarding the Chandler and moods.

Thanks to that it has discovered that the brain is easily affected by the sound. For example, it is known that classical music induces States of bliss in some people in some people. The studies led to the discovery of tones or binaural pulses, which are a special type of audio, Binaural audio. In this type of audio unite two different tones in a same audio. Each tone aimed at one ear specific, is therefore required to listen to these audio using headphones. The brain receives two independent sounds and then binds together them into a single sound. That final tone is completely different from the originals and produces the desired changes in the brain. For example that tone can be controlled to achieve deep States of meditation, to wake up, to emulate the effects of alcohol, and to achieve the feeling of accomplishment that makes it possible to practically feel what you want. Feel what you want, you know that you will get it soon because you induce the feeling, the emotion of being owner of what you want. Any effort of manifestation, any effort to achieve abundance, success and happiness It will produce better result if you use binaural audio.