The East

The master then in gave the lesson to them: When an eye so firmly settled in the final objective is remained, surplus only one eye to find the way. Of that day in ahead, I perceived that you can focar yourself in the objective, but keep the other intent one in the way that you it will go to take. But why nobody explains this? Therefore the world occidental person is very different in its conceptions in relation to the east. Here it is all focus, conquest, money, income, success, and all the tools that function must be of short term, seno its ' ' discpulos' ' they finish for giving up the experience. Ahead of everything this, only uses that one formulates special: One day of each time, keeps the raised head, looks at for the horizon, but if it does not withhold in it, the future, the objective this soon there, it trusts, it looks in the retrovisor and it sees the things that you left you stop backwards, are as lies, but also if it does not withhold in them, after all already it passed, this it goes to make to direct to it more good, only it looks at for front, in the holes whom the road possesss, you has the ability to skirt each one, creating one personal technique of as to prevent them, this is to learn with the proper errors, God in gave to these three periods to them, past, gift future, each one as a purpose, of one forms integral exists one necessity to accept all, and uses them in weighed way, learning with what it passed, making better choices in now, and visualizing a future better. Chen master said that the great secret is the balance and zen recited me a poem, Haikai call, it he said that this to assist would go me in the agreement of much thing and that I meditasse in this: The focus simply foca the life is a horizon the perception is the focus of the horizon


Always everything kept in heart, in part dark and shady that had little access, a black, cold part and empty that did not make sensible to remember that it existed, wise person who was there, but she was not imported with the content. Currently it is dismissed, and the word ' ' atualmente' ' already this outdated to express the state of unemployment of Jose. It has much time Much time, time enough to cause you intrigue in its house, Jose does not work, ' ' it does not work, not backwards nothing here pra inside and still it drinks drips, unhappy! (to the shouts), corno! (to the berros), drugged! (baixinho so that the neighbors do not listen and discriminate the family Hisses) I do not know where he was when ' ' Good, this age the incentive that our hero had of the wife to continue the drudgery and battle to hunt (remembers the parabola of the lion versus the tiger) job, that results in wage in the end of the month and as an extra bond, respect! I must explain the reason for which ' ' poor fellow, corno and drogado' ' it is as much dismissed time. This there from above was typist and never imagined (babaquice, not? Well scoffing and ironic laughs) that one day would have a machine as this that use now that, took it the job, exactly the fellow workers warning, it adored to listen to ' ' trec. trec. trec. Fliiiiiiiiiip.' ' It in such a way liked these barulhos that until today, exactly dismissed, like to be writing, same that it does not make the lesser difference in its life the fact to write but by itself already it is joy reason since it exerts the old one I officiate and makes of it a typist better, that ' ' corno' ' Not? Good, when it said that Jose never would have imagined the fact to be dismissed must admit that errei and errei ugly, truth is that it until imagined that in a well distant future, could be dismissed, as all already had been or will be, but this future one was something so distant for it the point to believe, naive, (as who it believes that woman to be former friend of and leaving with it time in when and coming back late does not have problem none, laughs.) that when this day came, it already would be pensioner and be able to dedicate the collection to it of butterflies and to the culture of a pretty garden where he would have red roseiras, roses, whites, purple and all that nor I know that they exist and that all day would wake up of morning and would give one for the wife and another one would tear into pieces and catch the petals to place in an aluminum plate all kneaded, where would serve for the loved wife, bread, coffee and cigarette and it would look at, would smile and ask for to a kiss to each 20 or 25 days that this happened. It wakes up, Jose! Donkey! Imbecile! Trouxa! I ask for pardon to the donkeys for using the word ' ' burro' ' to offend Jose, the word best in this situation would be: Human being! Nor this, has still the one best one to make with that Jose has waked up and if feels offended deeply: Unemployed!