The Unacceptable Stability

Bad Distribution of the Wealth: Here it is the Problem biggest of Brazil Among others For Adilson Motta, 20/05/2011 a country has poverty when scarcity of resources exists or when, although to have an acceptable volume of wealth, them badly they are distributed. Already other authors affirm that, the poverty exists when a segment of the population is incapable to generate income enough to have sustainable access to the basic resources that guarantee a quality of worthy life. These resources are: water, health, education, professional qualification, housing, feeding, income and citizenship. Amongst the developed countries, Brazil occupies 9 place in per capita income, 25 in ratio of poor persons and, in 2011 7 is considered bigger economy of the world. According to IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research), Brazil is not a poor country, but an unjust and extremely different country, with many poor persons, is what &#039 says the Study; ' The Unacceptable Stability: Inaquality and Poverty in Brasil' ' developed for the same institute. As data of the research, in 1999 had 14.5% of the Brazilian population living in families with inferior income to the line of poverty and 34.1%, with inferior income to the one of the line of the poverty.

This respectively corresponds the 22 and 53 million people. Comparing with the previous year, it had a small increase: in 1998 it had 21,7 million beggars and 50,3 million poor persons. Situation 2003:53,9 millions of poor persons lives in domiciles with inferior per capita income (one room) of the minimum wage, reaching 31.7% of the population/21,9 million poor persons and beggars live in domiciles with inferior per capita income minimum wage, reaching 12.9% of the population. The poor population of Brazil represents 30% of its total population, while in countries with per capita income similar, this number is of 10%. In accordance with this comparison, Brazil must have only 8% of its population in the line of the poverty.

Success in Business

It wishes to lower of weight? It wishes to undo of a pair of pounds? It wishes to feel more healthful? The health is beauty. A thin body is beautiful, attractive and desirable. The life is beautiful and deserves to enjoy itself to fullness, but at some time of its lives, some people realize of which they have won, without realizing of how and when it happened, some pounds of more. When they have themselves on weight, it is easy to resort to the diets. But the diets have an enormous problem, and is that it is due to resort to the power of the will. And the force of the will requires a tremendous effort to lose a pair of pounds only using. After the effort, it is possible to be seen then a thin body and sexy, to only discover a pair of weeks I demoted that all the previous weight has recovered and inclusively a little but.

Why it happens this? Because its mind works on the basis of mental images. When you reduce with diets, you lose weight at corporal level, but its mind, its subconscious mind, could still continue having an image of you with overweight. And in the long run its mind would take the mental image that it has of you to the practice to the physical manifestation. Therefore to lower of weight of natural and permanent form, it is necessary that you reduce of weight at mental level, that you take in his mind the image that wishes to have: a thin, strong body, sexi, beautiful. When you manage to create that image than she wishes, then its body would take the form of its mental image. It is here where the majority of the people fails in obtaining their ideal weight, because they do not manage to take to his subconscious mind the images than they wish. And this not only is applied to its silhouette.

Also it works equal with the money, the relations, the success, the happiness. To create an image is thing relatively easy, to impregnate its mind with is the image is what could not be so easy if does not count on the appropriate methods.