The economic crisis experienced by different organizations in different ways. Someone cope more easily, while others simply will not survive the crisis. And if in the context of the crisis is not correct to compare the development company now food industry, for some reason, and one of the company profile of the successful / unsuccessful in very different ways. Why? The truth is that the crisis is not in every case must be completely written off by external factors – political, social, economic, market … In some cases, an equally important role played by internal factors: the low efficiency of labor plus the inflated ambitions of staff, overstaffed, inflexible management, high level of commercial risk. The crisis – is a state organization, in which it can not go on living without undergoing some internal changes. On the mobilization of teams Nothing unites people as common challenges and common enemy.

So the enemy has now become a crisis. Those who remain with the company after the reductions are to each other as a moving closer. Questions for those who are responsible for the fate of their organization. Do I need to unite people in such circumstances, artificial? Hardly. And to help communicate more effectively? Yes! Do I need an additional "mobilize"? (On the market surged on a wave of programs "to mobilize teams") believe that there is not in this key to success. Feeling Vulnerable, driven by fears of losing that is, the staff is making great efforts.

But whether you want to support? Yes! Changes on the changes – the key word. Creativity and flexibility given the chance. And organizations must be able to change. Constantly. And this is development. The constant stretching, moving beyond the comfort zone. Many organizations change was worth before. But now, when the crisis came, for They became evident that change – not a matter of choice, but an urgent necessity.