Recruitment Agencies

Sooner or later, any employee may have to change jobs. This may be dictated by how the change of marital status or move to another city, and the need for self-realization, further professional development or salary increase. Often one of the reasons for leaving is psychological fatigue, which usually occurs after 5 years of work in one place. However, regardless of the real reason, any employee may, sooner or later submit his resignation. Even if the decision to leave was made in advance, carefully weighed and thought through many times, parting with the team and the transition unaccustomed to the new place of work – it's always stressful. Prepare for this difficult step, or to reduce its negative effects to a minimum will help you advice in this article. First of all, do not rush to put Statement on the table head. First, a must personally inform him of its decision.

By such a conversation needs to be prepared. By calling or visiting the recruitment agency specialized sites, you can collect information about at what salary and title can expect an employee with your qualifications. This will help make your conversation with the head of a more constructive. If you are a valuable asset is probably superior offer you more favorable terms in order to keep you in the state. Perhaps after such a proposal will not have to leave the familiar walls of the office to achieve its objectives. Remember that it is the chief should be the first to know about your intention to leave the company.

Current Market

If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next year, so it could flip a coin, because I do not know. If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next month, and again, it could flip a coin, because I still do not know. If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next week, again, might as well flip a coin, because I do not know. And if you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time tomorrow, I'm sorry, but I Sa NO! But? if you ask me if the market moves up or down in the next few minutes, so I'll have a definitive opinion. Why? Because if I can find the current status of buying and selling in the market now, then I can make a reasoned and fairly accurate estimate of what the market will do in the next few minutes and moments. My prediction is not based on a formula secret, not based on some measure of sound esoteric, or in a complex mathematical equation. No, my assessment is based on the current state of supply and demand.

Predicting long-term evolution of markets is a guessing game. All we have to follow is the past, all they reasonably can do is assume that what has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Basically it is this trend, making the assumption that the past equals the future. In my world trade, the only law that works is the supply and demand: if there are more buyers than sellers, then the market will rise, and if there are more sellers than buyers in the market will fall. It does not matter one iota why buyers and sellers. Never mind that an operator has chosen to sell now, because the period moving average has crossed the 14 September period, or because you have lost your shirt, either by making a profit, or because it is simply boring. No, I do not care why a operator has entered into a buy or a sell order, only the care are, by his act, coupled with buying or selling pressure. Malcolm Robinson LIFFE Pit Trader & Electronic Trader

Silk Route

With the collapse of the state at the end of ix. in the Southern Urals began to form a favorable environment for economic-commercial and trading activities Russes. Created conditions for hunting, fishing and trading with nomadic peoples. In the lower reaches of the Ural River to move off of 'Silk Route' from China across in Byzantium. Pechenegs In IX-XI centuries. Land of the Southern Urals, as well as the neighboring Slavic countries, were subjected to constant attacks of the new nomads – Pechenegs. Pechenegs – the union of nomadic tribes, formed by mixing the nomadic Turkic people from the Sarmatian and Finno-Ugric tribes.

Traditional places of encampments were lower reaches of the rivers Volga and Yaik (Ural). Pechenegs is under expansion of the communal-tribal organization, engaged in nomadic pastoralism. They were the princes and the people meeting, engaged in trade. Legkokonnoe troops were armed with bows and arrows, spears and less saber. Along with the constant raids on the Slavic lands, their troops plundered the land and the Southern Urals. However, these nomadic tribes faced with an already firmly entrenched there Scandinavians-rusami. Gradually supplanted Pechenegs Russes to the east. Subsequently, some Pechenegs oslavyanilas Part Polovtsy obeyed, and some settled in the territory of southern Europe.

Direct descendants Pechenegs considered to be a modern nation in Moldova – Gagauz. Polovtsians During the same period in X., The population of the South Urals are under pressure from – polovtsev-Kypchaks. These Turkic-speaking tribes are ancient ancestors of the modern Bashkir. Polovtsians in the xi century came from the steppes and the Irtysh in East .


New juicy fruit with pulp weighing about 400 grams may be collected during the whole of April, they are also very well kept. The first large shipment of 'Saga Ruby' grade and whose trademark has been officially registered, will go on sale in early May of this year. In Europe and Asia, there will be no glaciers, and in Africa – un wildlife experts are concerned about rapid melting glaciers – on their data, the rate of melting has doubled in 2005-2006 compared with 2004-2005. According to the un in the years 1980-1999 the average annual melting of the ice was 0.3 m, reaching 0.5 meters by 2000, and now speeded up to 1,5 meters. Most dramatic process of glacial melting observed in Europe.

For example, the Norwegian glacier Breydalblikkbrea in 2006, lost more than three meters, which is 10 times more than in 2005. Threatening glaciers observed in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain. In the zone of the Himalayan Mountains, many glaciers may disappear altogether, while maintaining the current level of warming that critically affect the lives of millions and even billions of people scientists say. Do conservationists also have their anxious fears. In their opinion, after 20 years in West Africa, there will be no wild animal: all of them, or eat, or slaughtered. From 60 to 80 percent of all protein foods in region are precisely due to the inhabitants of forests and savannahs. Kill and eat everything that runs, flies or crawls – monkeys, snakes, porcupines and even lizards, Pangolin.

June Placement

Laboratorios Almirall Technical Analysis Review of IBEX 35: step by step. Continues to rise, while respecting the channel short-term and as we are so calm and confident when we least expect, will cut. Lest anyone think I should change my opinion on the weekly analysis, much less, but you can not go forever without stopping and / or light trimming. Otherwise, it will be harder and sudden fall. Cintra: in the short run continuously with light cuts into the environment from 11.50 to 11.40 euros. The look is still good and maintain long as it retains the 11 euros.

Below this elevation may continue to cut up to 10.70 but showing signs of weakness would make me doubt their actual behavior. Laboratorios Almirall: stock market opened on June 20 with strong revaluation on the price of the IPO placement after which he was cut for several sessions below the placement price up to 13.12 euros. From there, prices at the consolidated level above 14 euros (price placement), has been moving upwards to the environments of 17, which is finding resistance. The guideline guiding their movements upward from 14.20 euros, was drilled on 22 October and recovered days later for a new attack at 17 that has not been successful and where it comes from cutting in the short term. This day also showed weakness in the value and would not surprise me that the selling pressure continues beyond the 16 euros, targeting bass in the vicinity of 15.70. It only trades above resistance at 17 euros, we could terminate the current phase of weakness.

Help Graduate Students

My girlfriend – graduate student, who towards the protection needed to translate into English, no more nor less than 10 articles (a total of 60,000 characters). Traditional for all graduate students: time for a no money must be saved, and the quality of execution, of course, was to be at the highest level. The text was not that complicated, but not quite simple. Organic Chemistry Since I have free time anymore, I volunteered her help in choosing a translation agency to find out prices, opening hours, ability to do so with a minimum expenditure of time travel and so on. Ideally, arrange translation of "without leaving home." On the Internet, easily found a list of offices and translation agencies of Dnepropetrovsk.

Everything they promised impeccable translation of documents, texts, often of any complexity. Many have their own websites, but unfortunately, the information being presented is not always clear, moreover, during personal conversation suddenly found out some subtleties. For example, the extra cost. However, let's take turns In the morning I called the translation ". Phoned quickly, but the girl who talked to me, was a kind of breathless, as if running.

However, this did not prevent her to answer my questions without embarrassment, and the information I have received a fairly complete. I am told that the cost of translation 35 hryvnia for 1800 characters, but perhaps will increase 10% over the fact that the text of the chemical. More precisely the amount promised for the transfer to say after a preliminary calculation by send the text.


How to learn to read quickly, and same time, thoughtful? How not to reread the text several times? How not to fall asleep on the first pages of boring text? You want to find the answers to these questions? And it also happens that you just need to convey information to others, it is necessary that they understand it, hearken to its essence What interested them to what you say? How to make them listen? How to make sure that they are not just heard and understood, but went for you, make your decision, your point of view? How to convince them to what he said? And one more thing now there has been a trend that you, dear readers, probably knew. Many people have a high enough level of income, they have appeared free money and a desire to invest, invest in a serious, ambitious project to create a "foundation for the future." Sound familiar, does not it? And now we think together about what we all want in life Personal growth? Certainly yes! Each of us strives for continuous self-development, self-improvement The achievement of harmony? You can not live comfortably without finding harmony with the world and society, with family and friends, and of course same with myself Prosperity? Do not you aspire to success, prosperity? And does prosperity is not their sign? Financial success? Is it possible to achieve without all of the above goals? Financial success – One of the main tools to achieve them. .

New Domestic Car

Flour a similar choice faced by every prospective car owners. Is rather difficult to choose, because all sides friends and acquaintances prove their point of view: – That I have on my 7-ke, (8-ke, 9-ke, etc.). Dtsat years already, nothing breaking down, only to change my oil and gasoline is shipped. – I had a bowl, so I was under him every weekend he lived, and now bought a Mazda, (Opel, Toyota) and troubles do not know. – But why do you car? Money is not impossible to satiate – spare parts, fuel, taxes Go foot health useful! Owners of cars abut on the reliability of their cars, a negative experience with the domestic auto industry. The owners of Giant and other Russian vehicles pay attention to cheap repairs, spare parts, ease of design. After can be repaired anywhere, even in the field, with no tricky instruments.

And, strictly speaking, it all depends on the previous owners, can easily ruin a good foreign car on our roads over 30000km, and someone may pass on the classics 250000km. It all depends on the quality of roads and driving conditions. Do not pay attention to the fans of their machines, they are all made of metal, and he is known, is not eternal. I will try to compile the most complete table pros and cons of the parties: Plus (+) The old foreign cars Representation Reliable Affordable price, compared with the new Comfort behind the wheel of Great choice among brands and models, a complete set. Minus (-) Machines often have a professional Past Machine – a cat in a bag, even a professional inspection can not detect hidden defects Old body loses its strength against corrosion. Long delivery of spare parts There is no guarantee plus (+) Not expensive new domestic repair Cheap Ease of repair parts can be repaired very Warranty Cons (-) Outdated heavy-fuel assembly is bad legacy design small environmental impact. Possession of the domestic vehicle well developed knowledge of the materiel. A couple of years you will know about the device is not worse than car mechanics car service. Used car is better to buy through a friend that would know exactly who and how it went. As the first machine best buy any old Lada, because on the road dpp completely different than in the textbook. This will learn to keep your distance, overtaking other cars, to communicate with the Traffic Police-Schnick, and many other useful things.

Central Bank Bank

All this only goes to the benefit of the gold market to the extent that, as more investors understand why it played such an important role in the history of money "- predicts Julian Phillips. Metal accounts – a bank account into which the accounting of the funds is in precious metals 999,9 standard. In Russia at the present The bank provides the opportunity to open accounts in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. When you open a bank account is credited to the customer paid the amount of gold based on its current value on the world market (for quotations of the London market or the selling rate of the Central Bank). Because the gold does not leave the bank vault, the grounds for vat do not arise. When you close an account the bank pays the investor the value of gold his account at the current price. Opening and closing jms banks charge a commission that usually does not exceed 0.5 – 1% of the value of the metal.

Depersonalized metal accounts as regular ruble and foreign currency deposits are certificates of deposit and current. Escrow account is opened for a certain period. The owners of the accounts are paid not only on more expensive precious metal, but also due to interest that accrued on such deposit is not money, but in the metal. Escrow account is designed for investors who want to make a safe investment and are not going to use the funds for several months, and the current is more suitable for those who want to do short-term speculation in the market of precious metals.

English Moscow

This is because the technical experts in the course of their work are often faced with a foreign equipment. Rules of operation, description, instructions are not translated into Russian, and learn this stuff has to own. – If a person can communicate fluently in English, it would cost 200-500 dollars more – says Tatiana Katkov consultant recruitment "UNITY – set. – Rare specialist, for example, the head of the design of ventilation and air conditioning with a foreign language and good experience can expect to gain in 1000 dollars. Accountancy in price when the development of the Russian construction market to foreign investors want and office staff. It turned out that the English-speaking accountants with experience in the industry are also difficult to find, as representatives of the rare professions.

Especially in demand by foreigners chief accountant with a high level of language skills for work in the offices of foreign companies who give reports for consolidation (ie association) at the head office. Here English is needed not only to create the ifrs, but also to explain to the representatives of the central accounting abroad. In a question-answer forum Lawrence Ellison was the first to reply. Much easier to find on the market, perhaps only English-speaking clerks, logistics and purchasing managers. Companies who build turnkey offices, demand experts with knowledge of French. This language is usually required at the final stage of work – on stage registration of premises. Fashion is largely dependent on the Parisian trend: furnishings, fabrics, decor items are often delivered to Russia from France. Foresight in English Moscow specialists-builders who want to make a career and get the unique experience of working in a foreign company, realize that English gives them a big advantage over his colleagues.