Billet Products For The Winter

So it has historically, that in our country the existence of two types of national entertainment – the war and the battle for the harvest with the harvest. All segments of the population pot pickles and jam, because in every home in bulk delicacies made to suit every taste. Although the acute need for this if not, because it stores a year full of fresh or canned fruits and vegetables, however, every woman without fail pripaset couple of jars jam, zealous owner – pickles and mushroom – salted mushrooms, collected his own hands. In the villages of the same piece for the winter come with scale. The abundance of stores indicates prosperity and wealth. What to do, it's a tradition. Our ancestors have since time immemorial were able to save crops and diversify your diet salted and pickled vegetables.

In Russian chronicles dating from V century after Christ, found mention of the old recipes. And the present methods of preservation have been scientifically argued in the 19 th century French chemist Louis Pasteur, who discovered yeast and molds. With the development of civilization means preservation were further developed and became more sophisticated, but sauerkraut, pickles and mushrooms were pets in every home. But in a home-made is important not only to adhere to established rules and do everything in accordance with the scientific point of view. Naturally, to have theoretical and practical skills necessary, but most importantly have proven favorite recipes, and invest in them except the herbs and spices of your own soul.

Jeans Everywhere

Dmitry Medvedev on March 2 came out in jeans to the Red Square, where there was a gala concert in honor of the presidential election. Wardrobe of the modern person it is hard to imagine without at least one pair of jeans. They-incarnation comfort and practicality have become more than the clothes of American cowboys. This is a sign of a hippie, and a symbol of the incredible prestige gold of Soviet youth. They are independent of age and social status, sex and physique Almost all people. Traditional fabric from which called 'denim'. Classic denim dye – indigo.

Initially, the indigo dye to mix the ashes. Of course it cost expensive. Therefore, originally bought it is not very wealthy people. The secret lies in a special denim weave. External Through Coloured Rustic Candles, and the interior – no.

This allows you to manipulate color and reach the 'elegant wear. " Now, almost every designer has a line of 'registered' products from denim. Creativity Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagepfelda or Jean-Paul Gaultier vivid confirmation. Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior and many other fashion houses in each collection give place jeans. Many stars of show business was opened as craving for jeans. For example, the multi-platinum rap artist Jay-Z Shawn Carter, released a clothing line, which is dominated by denim material. In Russia, jeans became sew fashion house Valentin Yudashkin. Now in any fashion jeans. Straight or flared, narrowed or broad, the hips or high-waisted stretch denim or present, of all colors. In recent years, denim has undergone many changes. It can be rough, soft or silky. Her special rub, overstrain, make patches of other colors. To make the brightness of denim adorned with decorative stitches, beads, embroidery, applique, sequins, prints. All these efforts are made for the unique, individual style, to which all aspire.

The Weight

Rule 2. Observe! Even if you pronounced "owl", try to fall asleep no later than 24 hours (at least, make it a time of passive rest). That night, the most intensive processes occur regeneration. One sleepless night can throw you far back on your athletic goals. If you have difficulty falling asleep, your sleep is restless and Flashing – try to determine the cause of this, and if possible eliminate it. Do not forget about anger management techniques and psychological and emotional relaxation. Rule 3. Restore! Your goal is to increase muscle mass? Then the "heavy" workout at the same muscle group should be conducted only under the condition of their full recovery, otherwise your training will take place in the catabolism – breakdown of muscle tkani.Sposobnost recover for each of us individually.

Someone just two or three days' rest, but someone will have little or weeks. Different muscles also need time to recover. And this time, each of us must clearly define for themselves. Index willingness to muscle for a new job with the weight – if the implementation of the working approach you feel that you could add another one to two reps. Rule 4. Take! During high-intensity workouts take complex antioxidants and (or) adaptogenic sredstva.Antioksidanty – (vitamins A, E, and C, acting synergistically in the complex), contribute to tissue regeneration and protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, the number of which increases dramatically during strenuous nagruzok.Adaptogeny – natural products that enhance the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects, for example – eleuterokkok, Rhodiola rosea, Leuzea, ehinokok, ginseng.

Maxim Zvyagintsev

The provision of such land sites even with a view to eliminating "defects" land legislation does not provide. As a result, the situation is still "stale air", although we have suggested some ways for its practical resolution in the training course. In our opinion, one of the painless way out of this situation is to secure a land law procedures for the regularization of the existing facility through the land spread to her rules to clarify the size and location of land boundaries. This will allow adjacent property owners, without violating the rights of third parties, join (add on) to their land unused adjacent land, formed as a result of "defects" of land administration. With regard to clarifying the limits of land borders, then they certainly can not be arbitrary. According to Methodical recommendations for the subdivision of land management facilities approved by Roszemkadastrom February 17, 2003, the discrepancy between the area of land established by surveying, and the area specified in title or certifying documents must not exceed the allowable difference, calculated by the formula: 3,5 M_t square.

root (Rdok) square. m, where M_t – mean square error of landmark sign, shown in table number 1 guidelines (numerical designation depends on the grading of land), Rdok – land area in hectares according to information from the title or certifying documents. In land management practices often happens that in the formulation of a land plot cadastral registration and filing in connection with the inventory in the House needed a list of land use planning documents (surveying Plan), from the owners need to be approved by local authorities of the project boundaries accounted land. This practice is legitimate only in respect of land granted from the state or municipal property after the enactment of the Land Code (paragraph 4 of Art. 34, Section 7, Article.