100 Years In Wilhelmshaven And Nevertheless Properly Modern

100 years anniversary of the Volksbank Wilhelmshaven – now with celebrate! Founded on 8 June 1911 by nine Wilhelmshavenern as HausbesitzerBank”Volksbank Wilhelmshaven has today a century with changeful history, but also with stability, proximity, independence and reliability. Future with confidence”is the motto of the Bank for the Jubilee year. It applies equally to thank all members and customers of the House as well as requesting all Wilhelmshaven, yet still not have can convince yourself of the services of the regional bank site. The Volksbank Wilhelmshaven every day something better will want together with their members and customers to 100,01% for 100 years. The anniversary is on the third weekend in June in the and duly celebrated at the pumping station. To kick off, there is a musical journey through time at the large VOBA open air. Revel once again in the sound of the 80s and 90s. You see the sky with Hubert Kah”and then have a party with the Hermes house band.

Inlet is on June 18th at 6: 00, beginning at 19: 00. Admission bands can be purchased for 15,-(10 for members of the Bank) in the seven branches of the PBoC Wilhelmshaven. The following is the perhaps the best night of the year, because 23: 00 the club night starting in the pumping station with Pow Pow movement from Cologne and beginner sound system 2.0 from Hamburg. Reggae meets hip hop is the motto and a dancing night nothing more in the way is the popular DJs Denyo & mad. The tickets for this event will also be in the Volksbank branches. The entrance fee is 8 (5 members). For June 19, the Bank of China invites all Wilhelmshaven to a big family party on the pumping station’s premises. Enjoy 11 17: 00 by a colorful program for the whole family. Join circus, Mage – and clown shows, black-winged stilt, face painting and more. With a varied stage programme for adults and children, as well as food and drink at cost should the Volksbank anniversary weekend at the end of.